Friday, March 24, 2017

Fun New Meals

Hello Friends! 

Yay it's Friday! I hope you all have some lovely plans for the weekend. I know one thing on the agenda of my lovely Annie girl and myself is seeing the new Beauty and the Beast movie! It looks so good! ;) 

However, for my 5 things today I'm going to share about the new food service my Hubby and I decided to receive recently. I know there are many kinds out there, but after doing some research we decided we wanted to try Blue Apron.  They have ingredients prepped and sent with recipe cards with how to prepare the dishes. Here is some info off of their page: 

So once you sign up you can set up your menu for each week. We are doing the 2 person plan (there's also a family plan) - as our kiddos can be less adventurous so we thought it wouldn't pay for that many ingredients. For a little less than $60 a week we receive the food and recipes for 3 healthy, balanced, but flavorful (gourment-like) meals.  You can read up more all about it for yourself here. 

So once I signed up I looked ahead at several weeks worth of meals and chose my menu. I specified in my account what kinds of meals I'd be okay with them sending (ex. fish, pork, beef, chicken, vegetarian, seafood)  I thought this would be a great way to introduce my family to some different kinds of foods too. I had fish on my list initially, but have since changed it - as I thought my Hubby and son would be more adventurous about trying it, but it's clear that's a not going to happen. I'm the only fish eater. So I changed it as it's too much food for those meals for just me. But we've found out we like the flavor of sweet miso, we've tried freekah, and had other flavor adventures that have been a lot of fun so far! There are many "common" kinds of foods too - just with some different fun ingredients at times. Like coming up there is a white cheddar and kale quesadilla with fried egg on top. Or a shiitake mushroom burger with miso mayo and roasted sweet potatoes. And a spinach and fresh mozzarella pizza.  So I'll share what the box was like when it came and then I'll share some of the meals we've received so far.

These are photos of the panels on the box, then I pulled all of the ingredients out (it's a refrigerated box): 

In the box was a lot of fresh produce, packs of meat/fish, and these "knick knack" bags labeled according to what meal you were making.  It held all the extras like pickled jalapenos, little bottles of vinegar etc. 

And then of course the step-by-step recipe cards for each meal. I found them very easy to follow. So here are some of the meals we've enjoyed so far:


One of the first meals I made were these pork tacos with jalapeno pineapple salsa. They were really yummy! I marinated and seasoned some cabbage first and made a jalapeno (I did ours pretty mild) pineapple salsa for on top of the flavorful pork mixture. I warmed up the tortillas in the oven as directed as well. The above photo was of my own plate of tacos that night. 

Cotija Mexican cheese was perfect on these.

Here's a photo of the salsa after I made it.

And the pork mixture.

I didn't take too many photos of the other meals when I made them. But I will say that they all turned out like the photos and they have all been very tasty. 


This meal was sweet miso butter chicken and carrots with kale and a side of freekah. 

Here's the photo I took of my plate after I'd eaten some. My son enjoyed this meal with us and we thought it was very tasty. Sweet miso paste is put in with butter (they provide wonderful European style butter packs) to make a yummy pan sauce. The freekah was a lot like quinoa or brown rice - which I like, but my boys were less impressed. I also had cut up some cantaloupe we had so that's why you see that on my plate. 


This meal was seared smoky cod with roasted potatoes in an arugula salad. I'm the only one that ate this one. I forgot to take a photo but it turned out so pretty on my plate. And it was probably my favorite meal I've had so far. It was SO tasty!! I even had pink lemon squeezed on my fish. I've never had pink lemon before. Lol 


This one was fontina and beet grilled cheese with mixed citrus salad. Also very tasty - although my son said he didn't care for the beets. 


These are the meals next up on my fridge right now that we haven't made yet. A pesto pasta with a butter lettuce salad with creamy lemon dressing. And catfish with black garlic mayo and jasmine rice. 

**I would say that overall we have had a very positive experience so far. I love the variety. I love that we're trying different flavors and types of food. We're eating healthier. And I love that it comes right to my door.  I love the quality of their fresh food. They provide everything other than the oil (like olive oil) that I'm cooking things in and salt and pepper.  I also like that if you're using a fresh herb they send just the right amount- so I don't have a big bunch of parsley going bad & getting wasted in my fridge. The 2 person meals seems to work out well for us. If my son is interested in trying it too (our daughter not so much yet), my Hubby and I just share some of our portions. 

I am receiving nothing for saying this. This is purely me sharing what's up in our home recently and how we're liking it. However, Blue Apron sends all customers "free meals" they can email to others. I'm not sure how it works - it doesn't say other than to say that we can share free meals with a friend and we just need to provide an email. If you are interested in this let me know or email me and I can get your info and have it Blue Apron email you. I happened to have received a promotional flyer in the mail and that got our first 3 meals for only like $25 (I don't remember the amount exactly). 

I'm sharing this with Carly and Tricky of FAST for Five on Friday. Thanks for taking over guys! 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wednesday Wonder


This pretty little gardener is living on our piano and I love to see her house light up through her windows at night. ;) 

This one flew into my plant. Can you see her magic sparkles behind her? She's enjoying the view outside - probably of the bunnies that keep visiting the yard. 

As I was putting out my Spring decorations I noticed that I had these visitors as well. It's the time of year to start thinking about gardens and flowery goodness I guess it's only right fairies would be back to say hello and Happy Spring! 

Image result for fairy quote

Monday, March 20, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday

Hello Dear Friends! 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! We had volleyball action this time. Annie's tourney was a little out-of-town so it was a 5:30AM wake up call here yesterday morning. ((yawn)) It was fun to watch her in action, though, and I got to watch the sunrise and it was a stunner yesterday! 

Also, we were productive around here with house chores. I started getting more of my Spring decorations out and hope to finish today. My Hubby worked more on our laundry room and hopefully we can finish it up (for the most part) by next weekend. We also had some nice relaxation time, watched some movies and just had an all around nice family weekend. Now on to this week!


It's the 1st day of Spring! Yay! However, in the northwoods today it's going to be mild (around 40 degrees), but it's gray and blah out there.  Looks like some chances of rain (or rain/snow mix) this week too with temps primarily in the 30's or 40's. Might get a bit of sunshine a few days too. Here's hoping! ;) 


Lemon Isagenix bar and cup of coffee.


Listening to classical music while I work on this and watch all the animal action outside my tv room windows.


It's gray and I'm tired of looking at my patchy - part snow, part grass/muddy ground out there. Spring around here is always muddy and messy! However, I'm loving that it does look like Spring with all the animals being so lively. I'm currently watching lots of chickadees take turns on the birdfeeder, as well as a bunny munching grass out in the yard.  A squirrel has come a few times to steal a few seeds the chickadees drop on the deck.  A pesky big black crow has come a few times to pick on the bunny and I've chased him off. I sure don't care for those birds. Ggrrr. But good morning critters one and all! You help it feel like Spring!  


Definitely some chores need to be accomplished. The usuals - dishes, another load of laundry, tidying up some clutter from the weekend and finish putting out the decorations so I can put those bins away. 

ON TODAY'S (& this week's) TO DO LIST:

Spring decorating. Appt about my daughter getting her braces on - yikes! Volleyball practice. Time with my MIL. Visit and meal for my FIL. Errands. Work on several projects I'm in the middle of in my crafting world. My Kiddos don't have school the end of the week due to conferences - so I'll look forward to having some fun time with them. They're also off for Spring break next week - so it'll be busier next week too! 


I'm currently reading a book about different personality styles for changing eating habits and getting healthy. Got side tracked with this and hope to start the Cursed Child after I'm done with it. 


Cooking shows. Timeless yet to catch up on. Grey's Anatomy to catch up on. And I'm excited that Dancing with the Stars starts back tonight! 


MONDAY: breakfast for dinner

TUESDAY: soup and sandwiches

WEDNESDAY: Blue Apron delivery - breaded catfish with black garlic mayo and jasmine rice 

THURSDAY: green garlic pesto pasta with butter lettuce salad and creamy lemon dressing (I love pesto so much - excited for this one!)  B.A. meal

FRIDAY: fontina and beet grilled cheese with a mixed citrus salad (B.A. meal)  

**I've been enjoying our Blue Apron meals and I will share more info about them this week ;) 


Scrapbook catch up - other paper crafts, laundry room project still in progress too.


More new Blue Apron recipes - I will share info this week!


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Mommy likey - Lol! 

Beautiful sunrise (in a blur out the window on our way to volleyball)

My Girl in action! Got some overhand serves in this time - yay! And in bottom right shows her on the floor after diving for one...she loves that part! My little jock. Lol!

Some of this started happening around my home and I plan to do more today. Welcome to you Ms. Spring!!

This morning called for a Spring green candle with my coffee

Lots of critter action out my window this morning also sings of Spring!

Image result for Spring image inspiration
I hope my northwoods will be laughing with them soon! Happy week ahead to you dear Friends!! xo

I'm sharing this with Sandra of Diary of a SAHM for Happy Homemaker Monday.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hello Friends and Happy St. Patty's Day to ye! 

As you can see from Felix the Frog's greeting in Annie's garden - we had some fresh snow fall on us last night. So it's a winter wonderland St. Patty's here in the northwoods.  I thought for my 5 today I'd share some fun pinterest ideas for this fun holiday. It's only right on this lovely March 17th? Plus, the Hubby and I both have a wee bit 'o the Irish in us...and obviously passed that on to our Kiddos.  So all the more reason to celebrate! 

Luck O’the Irish Breakfast Sandwich: It’s not St. Patty’s unless you start your morning with something green. These cute scrambled egg and green pepper breakfast sandwiches are a simple way to kick off the festivities!:

What a fun way to start your morning! With a green pepper shamrock on your breakfast sandwich! You can find this pin here.


Fruit Rainbow with Lemon Dip:

Or maybe this fun rainbow would be a better way to spend your morning calories? Or just for a fun snack! There may not be a pot of gold under this rainbow, but that lemon dip looks like a winner! You can find this pin here.

Pistachio Poke Cake:

And this fun green cake is on our menu for this evening. Annie and I are going to make this after she gets home from school today. ;) You can find this pin here.


An indoor Fairy Garden:

And I'm so inspired by this cool tree and of course a bit of fairy folk. When I think of Ireland I think of enchanted woods and the magic of the fairies. I love that tree!! You can find this pin here.


St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Paper Plate Mask Craft for Kids! So much pretending to be a Leprechaun for St. Patrick's Day! -

And I love this leprechaun mask! How cute - I want to stick my face in there and pretend I'm a magical wee person. ;)  Someone take my photo! Lol I think kiddos would love this craft. You can find this pin here.

I'm joining with Amy of Love Made My Home for Five on Friday.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wednesday Wonder


Ruby all ready for someone to come snuggle.

Do you like my bird action shot?? 

Can you find the camouflaged bunny?