Friday, November 28, 2014

Christmas Card Inspiration

Happy Friday! Hope my U.S. friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I definitely ate too much and I'm still full from yesterday (but it was totally worth it!!)
Most years my Mom and I go shopping for some black Friday deals, but laying low this year. I think I may do some online shopping...and wait to do some ordering for cyber Monday.  I might tackle heading out to the stores Saturday though. If you're out shopping today, hope you stay safe out there among the aggressive hoards you may encounter! (I'm only kind of joking) Lol 
I may be behind on my holiday shopping this year (at least compared to some) - but I have my Christmas cards completed already! Yay for checking one thing off that giant Christmas list.  I began thinking about ideas I wanted to do for my cards last week and then late last week I took the photos and got that ball rolling.  I'm very pleased with how they turned out and will show you this year's card closer to the holidays.
But today I thought I would show you this:
This is a photo shoot I took of my kiddos a few years ago for our Christmas card then.  We had started decorating our tree with lights and then got the idea to have my kiddos wrap up in them and goof around and have some fun. Even our dog Ruby cooperated pretty well!  I think just playing with a string of lights was an easy and fun/festive way to add a holiday feel to a photo shoot.  It definitely wasn't staged as you can tell by my kiddos' casual clothes, but I love that it just captured a fun moment in time and made for a cute card. Just thought I'd share in case it might spark some creative inspiration since we're rapidly jumping into the holiday season!  My photos and card for this year were definitely more staged, but also turned out really sweet.
Here is the finished card from the above photo shoot (from 2012) however:
This is the front and the back of the card - just shown side by side.  I went on shutterfly and found a fun bright lettered card and I also loved that the words matched the feel about being "merry and bright". I thought it was a fun touch putting one of the goofy pictures on the back of the card too.
I love shutterfly and they have a lot of card options & designs to pick from, and they are easy to use. Just plug in your own photos and have fun getting creative. I know Christmas card giving isn't as popular as it used to be which I think is sad. I completely understand with costs of things these days, but there's something so special about sending a little something "from my house to yours" and to get that special Christmas card in the mail from a dear friend or loved one.  I still hand write out all my envelopes and send an extra letter to those really far away that I don't get to correspond with much otherwise, like a relative in Poland & I send each other a card every year.  It's one of my favorite things I look for each holiday season.  What do you think about the Christmas card debate?


  1. Well done you for having your cards all sorted! I love your card from 2012, it is a lot of fun! I have cards bought and ready to write, but I really need to write and send at least the overseas ones this week and then get a move on with the others. Time seems to have got away from me this year! I hope that you enjoy sending and receiving your cards! xx

    1. Thanks Amy. I hear you! I need to get going on my international cards too. Sounds like you're doing great - having your cards already too. Now just need to sit down with a mug of tea or cocoa with carols softly playing and make them out with love, right? ;)

  2. Hi Carrie! I love this idea for a photo shoot with your kiddos! They are just precious! I know what you mean about Christmas cards going out of fashion these days and it really is sad. I am hoping that this trend will turn around and people will see how wonderful it is to have a beautiful card come in the mail. I have not chosen my cards yet, but I always try to find a lovely scenic card (with a bit of glittery snow :) I have saved all the cards over the years in bundles with the year and it is so fun to look through them - some are from loved ones now gone. Those are the best ones. I hope your Thanksgiving was lovely - I am just now able to sit and visit my blog friends after resting up xo Hugs- Karen

    1. Thanks Karen. ;)
      If I didn't do pics of my kiddos for a card I would do something scenic as well. Or something spiritual depending what I would find. What a truly beautiful and meaningful tradition you created in keeping those cards. How special it must be to go back to them so many years later, especially from the lost loved ones, and see their handwriting and remember them in that way. What a spectacular idea!! (I'm giving you the thumbs up right now dear Gal) xo