Sunday, November 16, 2014

Happy Sunday and thanks from the bottom of my Heart!

I just need to thank you all so much for the warm welcome and wonderful words of kindness and support. I cannot say enough how grateful I am for the wisdom of others that are willing to share with me and help guide me, as it sure makes figuring out the blogging world so much more enjoyable. 

I feel like I'm slowly getting there. On a recommendation I'm using to edit my photos so hopefully they will be clearer and easier to see. I'm so grateful for the tip and I've loved using it so far!! I still need to figure out the email subscription for you to follow me easier and how to reply to others' comments so they'll know I replied as well, but this stuff definitely doesn't come easy for me.  All in good time. If anything hopefully I can inspire others, because if you have an interest in blogging and are intimidated - don't be.  If I can do this than trust me you can too!

These are pictures of a section of our stairs that head down to our dock and some of the leaves, pine cones and pine needles that litter the way. It's crazy that this was from just a few short weeks ago.  I need to get out and take some current pics as it sure looks different now covered with 4 inches of snow! However, I'm going to dream on late Fall a little longer as we look ahead to Thanksgiving.
When I get more time this week I will work on adding those other details to my blog page so those that mentioned they'd like these options please check back when you can! Thanks for your patience.  I think I may try linking up this week too. Yikes! Lol
Stay tuned...


  1. I love the pictures! I use Picmonkey sometimes too and it's a fun program. I follow you on bloglovin' which is what I use to keep track of the blogs I read.
    I think you're doing great!

  2. Thanks for following me on there Mari & for checking in. I'm loving the challenge of figuring it out but expressing my creative side too. So fun!

  3. You're doing great Carrie! The ironic thing about blogging, especially in this niche, is we tend to be creative types, but quickly figure out we need to be technical too! Ugh! Not what I signed up for, but it keeps the brain cells clickin' lol

    Glad you like picmonkey!