Friday, November 14, 2014

Scrapbook of memories


I fell in love with scrapbooking before I had kids - so it was quite a few years ago.  It was when paper scrapbooking was probably at the height of popularity.  I had gone on a trip to Europe and wanted to make a really nice album about it for all posterity.  I had a work colleague and friend that was big into scrapping and she talked me into joining her scrapbooking group.  I had such fun right from the beginning and have scrapbooked my memories ever since!  (**the above pics are from my daughter's baby album from her first Halloween when she was the cutest tootsie roll ever.)

I know that digital scrapbooking is probably more popular these days, and I also do some of that as well.  I love shutterfly and have made albums, gifts, calendars etc from that site with great success.  I completely understand the convenience of digital scrapping. But I still love the hands on creativity of paper scrapbooking and making an album from "scratch" that way.

I have a shelf in a closet full of scrapbooks that I have completed as well as old family albums.  They are such treasures to me and  probably the first thing I would grab if there was ever a fire in our house (right after my kids and doggie first of course!)  I like to start each album with some kind of personal inscription by me, and end each album with a poem or neat saying of some kind that fits with that album or about scrapbooking. I have made heritage albums for my Grandma and other members of my family and made many baby albums as gifts for friends.  I divide my own personal albums into 1)family albums 2)vacation and trip albums and 3)my kids' school years albums.  I also made a baby album for each of my kids' first 2 years (like a baby book).

There stacked in my daughter's closet between her favorite horse and her 1st communion outfit is a pile of bins.  They hold and help me  organize items to put in the various scrapbooks, a bin of heritage albums and 2 very precious bins where I keep the items I will hand over to my kiddos one day.  They each have their own bin with a box with files for their artwork through the years, awards and other special personal items. The bins also hold their baby book, the baby scrapbook I made for them and one day their school years album when they're complete.  I saw a similar idea to do bins this way on pinterest and thought it was such a nice smart organized way to keep these treasures for my children as that is really who all this scrapbooking is for as far as I'm concerned.  My daughter especially loves to read over old albums just like sitting to read a book together. My heart sees and hopes that she will one day  pour over these same albums with her own daughter. Sigh.

As you can probably get the idea, scrapbooking is a great passion of mine that I could go on and on about!!  But I will wrap this post up by sharing that I think one of the most important aspects of scrapbooking is not even how pretty the layout or pictures are, but that some kind of special memory or story or information is shared. I think it's important that I share my thoughts or wishes to my kids (or whomever I'm making the album for) in this way and in my own handwriting makes it even more special.  That is the true heart of the scrapbook in my opinion - the journaling. Kind of like in blogging. (wink wink)
I plan to share more scrapbooking tips, information, paper crafts and personal memories on a weekly basis on this blog. 


  1. Hi Carrie! I saw your comment on Brenda's blog and thought I would stop by and welcome you to blog land. I've been blogging two and a half years and remember well those first few months and how much comments meant (still do!).

    I have a huge project ahead of me of getting a lifetime of photos organized and into proper albums. I was going to use shutterfly, and probably still will, but like you I think doing things by hand makes it more personal so I'm not sure how I will proceed. Analysis paralysis lol

    You live in a lovely area. The lake looks a little like ours. We are in Massachusetts near the Berkshires, which is also a beautiful place to be for nature lovers.

    I wish you all the best on this blogging journey and please feel free to ask if you have any questions about blogging!


  2. One more might want to disable word verification Carrie. Lots of people won't comment or return to a blog that has it. I'm not on Blogger and can't tell you how to do it but it's probably in settings. I'm sure Brenda can help if you need it.

    If spam is an issue, get askimet. It works great. You can also choose to moderate comments. Another thing I do is turn off comments on posts older than 30 days. Most spam is targeted at old posts for some reason so that helps too.

  3. Doreen - you're my angel! Thanks so much for the lovely comments and especially for the great tips!! I think I disabled the word verification and the ability for only google users to comment - so now others can comment (hopefully). Thanks again so much for your help and I look forward to stopping your blog also!

  4. Hi! I saw your comment on Brenda's blog. Your home is lovely! I enjoy scrapbooking also, but my craft room mess is out of control right now so I'm not doing any until it gets straightened up! LOL I also want to revive my blog. I'll be stopping by again. Keep up the good work!

    1. And you might consider allowing people to subscribe to your blog posts by e-mail. That's how I prefer to follow blogs and I think others do too. I'd love to receive e-mails from you!

    2. Hi Dana! Thank you also for such nice comments and the great email tip! I appreciate the support so much. I will work on figuring that out and I'm planning to figure out linking to others and all that other good stuff to look forward to in the world of blogging. Loving it so far and hope to keep learning and growing. God bless!

  5. Hi Carrie, I'm visiting from seeing your comment on Mari's blog. Looks like you've created some lovely scrapbooks. I family friend of mine who lived from 1900-2009 was an avid scrapbooker most of her life, and we inherited her books...there are so many interesting stories in them that she saved. It's a great way of recording history!

  6. Carrie, This is a great blog post and the comments are so fun too. I have noticed that the blogging world is really very friendly and helpful.

    After all my kids had grown and left the nest I was a Memories Consultant conducting classes and selling Creative Memories merchandise for a short time; then we adopted three of our grandchildren the same year my husband was disabled. I had to put all my other activities on a back burner and never took them off again. I still don't have a single family album of my own, but still have lots of CM supplies, so there is hope.

    I loved Bethany Carson's comment about inheriting scrapbooks from her family friend. What a treasure!! Would love to inherits such a wonderful gift.

    Great blog!

  7. Thank you for such nice comments Bethany and pugsmom! I can't say enough how much I appreciate the support at this early stage of the game while I'm still figuring everything out. I'm slowly getting there. Lol

    Bethany- wow what a royal treasure those books must be. I cannot even begin to imagine the stories that must be in there starting from the beginning of the 20th century. Truly just wow!

    pugsmom- sounds like you are a caregiver for the ages. What a precious gift you are to your grandchildren and hubby. I love that you're still holding on to your supplies and I hope you will be able to find your way back to scrapbooking. What treasures you could create for your grandkids someday! I loved CM's stuff so much and was so bummed they went out of business. I still have a lot of their supplies too and intend to use them all up! ;)