Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Holiday Fun has Begun!

First of all, I have been trying to work on the comment reply notification and I think I found on the dashboard where that area is, but it only allows me to set it up to put my email in to get reply notifications. I didn't see anything that offered plug ins?!? I will continue to work on it and may need to email a fellow blogger pal for more specific directions. I've done searches on how to set this up for blogger but still no luck.  I won't give up though and I will prevail! Lol  Then email subscription is next. Stay tuned...
But what I wanted to share today was some fun we had yesterday with some holiday moments. Let the season begin!!
After school I picked up my daughter and her friend and we went to our public library for some after school fun. The Girls played checkers and browsed through all kinds of fun books and picked out a big pile! The library was all decorated for Thanksgiving and I love their "forever tree".  They always have it there and decorate it for every season. Right now of course it's full of late Fall goodies...scarecrows, leaves, little paper turkeys and gourds.  So cute!

FYI - took these photos on my phone so hopefully still pretty clear.  Earlier in the day my mother-in-law and I went over to my mom's to help her put up her tree and get the rest of her Christmas decorations up (she had already started a little).  We shared a nice cozy soup and sandwich lunch and then got to work! My Mom lives in an adorable duplex apartment and so she doesn't have tons of space.  Her tree is just the right size for her living room.  My Mom and I came up with this fun color scheme tree a couple of years ago.  She really wanted a white tree and wanted lots of blue and teal kind of accents. We chose to make it kind of botanical with a leaf garland and poinsettias and hydrangeas to accent it. Also bulb and snowflake ornaments and soft pastel lights.  Very girlie but we love it!
I'm not sure why this collage turned out smaller, but I think if you click on it - it will show up larger.  I wanted to show a little closer detail of the decorations on my mom's tree.  She has a nice cozy chair to sit and read by the tree with a pretty angel pillow I had given her.  Love a little nook like that.  I had come up with the ideas to do hydrangeas on the tree (love them!) by breaking apart some artificial ones and hot glueing them on to some clips that I had glued onto little pieces of felt.  We talked about looking for some pretty birds (maybe white?) to add to the tree with some kind of fluffy feathers on them.
So the holidays are starting to enter my world and thoughts a lot more these days! Deck the Halls...fa la la la la!!


  1. One of the residents in my nursing home has a tree up all year long too. Her son is an art professor and is talented at decorating it for the season. She enjoys it.
    Your moms decorations look nice!
    I have my whole family coming for Thanksgiving so no early tree for me.

  2. I love going to the favorite sections are the craft sections and the cookbooks! The girls look very happy playing checkers and your Mom's little tree is adorable - very girly! I am also hosting Thanksgiving this year, so no early tree for me, but I am gathering lots of ideas.... It is hard to figure out all the technical things related to the blog. I still haven't figured them all out! I am a 'no-reply' blogger (so I have been told) and I keep trying to fix it, but no luck yet. I wrote down some directions and will try again when I have time. You can click on your photos before you publish them and make them bigger. You will see a tool bar pop above them that you can size them with. That's about all I know... he he. Sometimes I discover something by accident. That was one of them. xo Karen

  3. Hi Carrie! I really like that white tree - it's beautiful.

    I wish you well with your blog- it is tricky at first but you will get the hang of it in no time.

    Thanks so much for your visit and sweet comment today! Nice to meet you, ma'am! : - )

  4. Thanks for stopping by Ladies and for the great comments! It's appreciated more than you know so I don't feel so alone out here. ;) I'll forward the compliments to my Mom too and she'll love it!
    Karen - great tip on the photos!The post I did for today I was able to enlarge the pics just that way. And that's where you find me in the library too...the cookbooks and crafting areas!