Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Great Lunch Tool & Other Pinterest Ideas


Hello and Happy Wednesday!

I was getting my daughter's lunch together this morning and I wanted to share a favorite "tool" that I use almost daily when I make her lunches. She's not much for hot lunch so I make her a cold lunch almost every day. When I do I use these wonderful reusable baggies. I have one set of 2.

I only have a photo of one as the other was used in her lunch box today, and this one was only left behind because I let her have a lunchable.  I purchased them fromIsland Picnic store on Etsy. They are so nice because they seal with Velcro and they're completely washable. If I need to use them for anything a little more messy (example a messy pb & j) where I'm worried something sticky like jam will get all over, I just wrap a small piece of paper towel around it before I put it in the baggie. I figure it's better to use a lot less plastic baggies and then the bit of paper towel also acts as her napkin for that lunch.  In the past there were many times that I used 3-4 baggies in her lunch each day! Now I hardly ever use a plastic baggie. Over the course of a school year that's a lot less waste in our environment.  I like them better than containers as they fit in her bag better too. I'm not associated with Island picnic in any way - just a little something to share for all the other lunch making mom's out there.


I think I found these baggies when I was browsing on Pinterest. I'm not sure if I "pinned it" on my Pinterest but I think I found the idea there.  It got me to thinking. I've heard several different people say that one of their resolutions this year is to actually make or do some of the things they pin on Pinterest! Lol!  I actually think that's such a great idea as I know I love Pinterest and pin often, but I've only made a few of the actual ideas or recipes. So I thought maybe I'd actually share some of those attempts here on the blog now and then.  In the meantime please feel free to check out my pinterest account and follow me there. It's on the sidebar of my blog.

So how many of you out there make a lot of their pinterest pins? Have you had a lot of success?




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    1. Thanks Amy! They work so well if you're making a lot of kiddo cold lunches and I feel like I'm helping our environment at least a little. ;)

  2. What a great idea!
    I use a lot of ideas from Pinterest. Right now we're busy with planning Heathers wedding and we've used lots of ideas for decorating, flower girl dress, invitations... Love it!

    1. Yes! Pinterest looks like it's the best for wedding ideas!! A cousin of mine was married a few years back and they had a lovely outdoor wedding on their property and used a lot of pinterest ideas and I absolutely loved every one!! How fun to work on that together. I can't wait for you to keep us posted!! xo

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    1. Aw thanks Helen - I'm having SO much fun sharing my creative interest with you wonderful folks! Blessings dear Gal xo