Tuesday, January 27, 2015

St. Louis Trip

Well now that I'm finally getting some energy back and sort of back on track with life, I thought I would finally share why I missed HHM the last week. We were in St. Louis for a hockey tourney, that was also part family trip.  It was a wonderful trip for several reasons:

*St. Louis is a cool city

*We had a lot of fun and good family bonding time

*the weather was heaven while there - upper 50's and sun!!

*My posts I pre-scheduled during all that time went well, so I guess I know how to do that - yay!

St. Louis Missouri was about a 12 hour drive from where we live.  The hockey tourney went very well (we won!) and the weather was so mild. Almost 60 a couple of the days, lots of sunshine, no snow and it really felt like Spring. It was very hard to leave that let me tell you! For those of you who have never been to St. Louis, or are not from the states, here's some info for you.

I'll let the photos do a lot of the talking for me. One of the first things we did was see the arch. My hubby and I have been there before so it wasn't our first time in the arch, but it was for our kiddos.  They were a little nervous going up (you go up in tiny little cubicles with seats for only about 5), but then they thought it was really cool! We had some fellow hockey folks' kiddos with us too (also in the photos).

My Crew

Some other hockey players and family "holding up" the arch. Lol

Looking straight up at it

Can you tell my daughter was still a little nervous (biting her nails)
Looking straight down - you can see shadow of the 2 sides of arches meeting on the ground

View from one of the windows out at the city and the Mississippi River

One of the other really neat things I wanted to share with you that we did was the City Museum.  It was the most unique Children's Museum I'd ever seen. It was built in an old shoe factory and was part beautiful old building, part museum, part junkyard (to play on!) and part something out of Harry Potter! Lol  You can read about the museum here.  Get ready for more photos:

Walking into the museum you see an old plane torn apart (you could crawl through and walk around in the sky) and a bus hanging off the top of the building. Unfortunately, the top outside floor was closed for the Winter but I guess there's even a ferris wheel on the top.
Walk in a whale

A unique aquarium

The many floors and some of the architecture

Gargoyles keeping watch

Lions keeping watch. Lol

Life sized tops you could sit in a roll around a while.

You crawled through a cave that came out to this: 3 and even 10 story spiral slides you could go up in and slide down. Looks like a Harry Potter movie doesn't it? Lol

Giant organ by the slides

These are just a few photos of what was inside - now some from outside:

Castle turrets to explore

A giant ball pit to play around in

Walkways in the sky
A tree house built on a "tree trunk" of recycled railroad ties

Enter the crazy forest and tree house if you dare

The wonderful use of recycled materials was so interesting and we couldn't get over how much the stuff looked like something kids shouldn't play on - yet they were very respectful of it and had such a fun time! They also had many wonderful museum workers keeping watch over all areas. 

I also thought one of the neatest parts of the museum was what they told us when we went in, as it could be a good motto for life: We don't give out or believe in maps - we just want you to go explore!



  1. What awesome pictures - and a super family trip!! I LOVE the photos of the arch (I have been there a long time ago - 90's I think)...the one with the shadows of the sides coming together; the people "holding it up"; and I LOVE the unique Children's Museum...it looks super FUN!!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. It was a blast Barbara! And it was so nice as our hockey schedule permitted us a lot of free time to go explore. Definitely recommend that museum - it was amazing!!

  2. I've never been to St. Louis, but I've heard nothing but good things about it. Sounds like a city with lots of spirit. Looking down from the arch made me dizzy!

    Ya' know, I'm not embarrassed to admit I like children's museums more than adult ones. I love the interactive nature of them. We took the Grands to a children's museum a few months ago and I'm telling you hubby had to drag me away from the Connect Four wall game! LOL

    Thank you for stopping by and supporting Beau Carrie. I so appreciate it. (((Hugs)))

    P.S. Your family looks so beautiful and happy, as do you!

    1. Don't be ashamed and embrace that child within loud and proud Doreen! Lol I let my freak flag fly at the kiddos' museums too and love them best myself!!

      I highly recommend a trip there if you ever head Missouri-way, definitely worth a visit. xo

  3. Looks like a very fun trip! Glad your hockey team won; congrats! The St. Louis Arch looks like a neat place to tour. We saw it once, but didn't have time to go up into the inside. The museum looks fascinating! That is quite the organ.

    1. If you ever get back - you definitely need to do the arch Bethany! It was really nice as we stayed at a hotel within walking distance so just walked over (you could see part of the arch from our hotel window). And the museum was amazing! So worth the visit!

  4. Oh my gosh, my littles would LOVE that Museum! Definitely one they'd like to be locked in overnight! [And HOW HIGH is the arch?!]....so glad you had a lovely time!!!!!

    1. Oh my goodness Helen - your Littles would have a BLAST! So fun and so much to do and take in. And that was without covering the top floor that wasn't open for the season!!

      The arch is 630 feet high (you can see Annie pointing to the sign in photo of her and me). On windy days you can even feel that top hallway sway a bit - it was calm when we were there though. ;)

  5. Wow! What a wonderful time you had! So many great things to do and see. I would be far too scared to go up the arch, but it was great to see your pictures from the top! xx