Monday, September 28, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday

Hello All! Here we are back to Monday! It was a great weekend and I even caught a glimpse at the super moon, as my daughter and I were out with our binoculars last night. It was pretty cool! 

We went out with some friends earlier in the weekend. We all had a lovely dinner and then back to our house to visit and play some cards. This time it was cribbage - we like smear too. It's always Girls vs Boys of course! Unfortunately, we have to say the boys won this round. Lol! We'll get them next time!! 

Also, yesterday was gorgeous in the upper 70's and sunny and my daughter and I took Ruby on a long lovely FAll walk. So nice. But on to today...


Gray and cooler today. A little drizzly this AM, but the clouds are just kind of hanging there and I see some blue skies beyond.  Sun may show up and it's supposed to get into upper 60's at least. Then rest of the week looks cooler and in the upper 50's to lower 60's. And some areas a little north of us are supposed to see some frost the next couple of nights. Yikes!! 


We had a treat this morning.  My Aunt was up visiting this weekend and stayed at my Mom's house. My Mom then spends the weekend with her and another of her sisters that is local and they do this each Fall (a Sisters weekend). So my Aunt is heading back today and thus is still at my Mom's. I took my MIL this AM then, so after my daughter and I picked her up, my daughter asked for McDonald's breakfast since she still had enough time before school. So it was a treat!! 


Gray and calm and still. However, I can see the landscapers working away! Due to 3 days of rain last week they weren't able to finish, and so are back today. Hopefully if all goes well they may finish up today with what we're getting done for this season. They plan to be back in the Spring for some other projects we have lined up.


Listening to pretty music as my MIL colors and I work on my post. We visit and she loves to stop every couple of minutes to show me how far she's accomplished on her picture. It's really sweet actually. Reminds me a little of my kiddos when they are young and so proud of their work. 


Just a couple of dishes, but not too bad. We've been doing them by hand as our dishwasher went kaput this weekend. Ggrrrr! So the one good thing is that it's keeping me up on them and not letting them accumulate much. Lol  Stocked up on paper plates to use for now, which helps too. The new one is ordered and will be here in a day or two. Thank goodness! I guess I'm just too spoiled! 


My son doesn't have school today, so I'm getting him to a hockey session that was added today since he and my nephews are off.  My Mom will have my MIL this afternoon. Then later I need to grab some groceries and run some errands. 


I'm so excited because my new Susan Branch book came! I absolutely loved her A Fine Romance: Falling in Love with the English Countryside book, and now she has out The Fairytale Girl.  I love her artwork and her blog you can check out here. She had a giveaway a while back and out of like 4,000 people I was 1 out of a lucky group of 6 to win a copy! I'll be making myself a nice mug of chai tea and diving into that today! Yay!!


So much fun because a lot of the reality tv shows we like are back on. So as a family we like to watch Survivor and The Amazing Race and Shark Tank. My hubby still loves Bering Sea Gold and I like my cooking shows. 



MONDAY: BBQ chicken pizza on whole wheat crust, salad 

TUESDAY: Taking the leftover rotisserie chicken from the pizza and using it to make mini chicken pot pies in my muffin pan, leftover salad, fruit 

WEDNESDAY: no religious education so my crew has hockey...will be simple night - maybe Subway or sandwiches at home.

THURSDAY: Slow cooker bacon and corn chowder, blueberry muffins

FRIDAY: leftovers, or pick up dinner

*Going to make brownies or else easy crazy cake for a dessert this week   

*And on Thursday I'll be making a pasta salad to bring to school for conferences night - our PTA feeds the teachers since they are there all day and then all evening.


Lots of fun projects. I picked up some goodies for some planned fun non-scrapbook projects to work on. Also, work with my Mom to help her with a baby scrapbook album as a gift for someone.


I will probably share the mini chicken pot pies I'll make this week. 


I loved this tip I saw on Valerie's Bertinelli's cooking show from this past weekend. If your hands smell from chopping garlic - just rub them on your stainless steel faucet in your sink and it will go away!

Love this "twilight time" photo I put on my instagram

Can tell it's the transitioning of seasons - geranium hanging in there, and I picked up some mums this weekend to decorate the front when the landscaping is done.  My daughter picked glitter pumpkins. Lol


I'm linking with Sandra of Diary of a SAHM for Happy Homemaker Monday.


  1. I LOVE your twilight photo!!!! Also, I must have the recipe for the slow cooker chowder. Have an awesome week!

    1. Thanks Joanna! I'll post that slow cooker recipe soon! ;)
      Blessings to you. xoxo

  2. I’m interested in the chicken pot pie recipe. I love chicken pot pie!! My two sons know that I have been getting recipes from you, and of course they love them all. But I had to break the news to them that you are a Packer’s fan :| They were like UGH!! But I don’t think they will hold it against you…the food is just too good ;)

    That tip is crazy, I wonder how it works? Love the quote too!! Hope you have a fabulous week dear gal!! xx

    1. Oh good gravy - this made me laugh so hard Carrie Ann! Lol!! I'm so glad they at least don't hold the Packer thing against me. I mean everyone loves Aaron Rodgers at least, right? ;)

      I don't know - but I've actually seen little "bars" (like a bar of soap) made of stainless steel that you can buy for this very reason, so there's obviously something to it. I'll try it the next time I'm chopping garlic for sure!

      I ended up not having time to make the chicken pot pies - but I'll share the recipe anyway...or else wait and share it when I do make them. If you want it sooner let me know & I'll email it to you. They're really shortcut easy, more about being cute and muffin tin size. ;)

      Happy day to you Doll! xo

  3. It sounds like your weather is similar to ours Carrie. Beautiful weekend but today is a little cloudy. We are expecting some rain tomorrow. Of course...since I'm heading to NY lol.

    Did you know I met Susan last year? Yup, she came to a nearby town and did a talk and book signing for A Fine a Romance. Doesn't that book really make you want to visit England? I did a quick post on it and it's on my blog.


    1. OH my goodness - no way!! I'm jealous you go to meet her! She seems so sweet and fun, and I absolutely love her artwork! That book made me want to book a flight to England like yesterday!! I think her writing is clever too. So far I'm loving her 2nd book too. I'll have to look up that post about her on your blog. Thanks for sharing Doreen! A true kindred spirit. xoxo

  4. Love the photo from Instagram - really makes me look forward to fall! Sounds like you have a great fall menu going this week.

    Congrats on the Susan Branch win - love her books!

    Have a great week!

    1. Thanks so much Tamy! I keep thinking about you and hope all is going well with the pack up and ready for the big move!
      Blessings on today and especially on the "action" to come. ;)

  5. Your weather sounds like what we're having. It's supposed to cool off tomorrow.
    I love that twilight photo!

    1. Thanks Mari!
      I can't believe how chilly it got last night. It was so cold when I let Ruby out this AM. I'm loving the daytime weather though. Cool and a little crisp yet sunny and pleasant and low 60's. Perfect! xo

  6. Thank you for you well wishes. It did rain most of the weekend until Sunday afternoon, but we still had wind. They moved Neptune Fest indoors, but I hadn't planned on going anyway. First time since I have lived here (11 years).
    So one looker on Saturday, because of the rain. Some folks melt, I guess.
    I was hoping that you would share your mini pie recipe. Thanks ahead. I had a mini tomato pie on Sunday from our farmer market. I am not sure how to put the crust in the muffin tin or what ever they/you use.

    1. Keep that chin up Margot - the rain will go away, and the house hunters will come! I have faith!! ;)

      I didn't get time to make the mini pot pies yesterday, but I will probably share my source this week anyway with their recipe and instruction. They truly look really easy!
      Blessings to you and keeping up the prayers for your home. xoxo

  7. Good morning, I found your beautiful blog from my friend Billie Jo. I have enjoyed look to through some of your past posts and I can tell I am going g to enjoy my visits to yiur blog.
    Happy Tuesday!

    1. Aw - thanks so much Kelli! That means a lot. So nice of you to come find me and I love having new blogland Friends. I just love Billie Jo too - isn't she the coolest? ;)

      Please come by anytime. Blessings to you!! xo

  8. It's sounds like you're enjoying the fall weather with walks and glitter pumpkins! You always seem to be having such a great time with friends and family :) I used to make mini chicken pot pies for my husband to take to work. So good!! It was a lot of work, but I would freeze them right in the tin plates. I've been feeling like I'm with a child when visiting my dad at times too. I find myself pointing out things of interest on our walks "look at the squirrel!" " do you see the birds?" ... just like you do with small children. It's not all bad, just a bit sad.
    Hugs to you Carrie, and enjoy your week!

    1. Hi Wendy!
      I'm loving soaking up every minute of this most wonderful and precious, but fleeting season - that I'm able to! ;)

      It means so much to me to have a sweet Friend that relates so well with what I go through with my MIL. I relate so well with the things you share about your Dad too. Thank you so much for that. Big hugs right through the screen my Dear!
      Blessings. xoxo

  9. Glitter pumpkins! Whatever next? I'm going to have get some myself :-) I've never heard of Susan Branch but I've just done a quick Google, what gorgeous artwork. How lucky you were to be a winner! xx

    1. So fun isn't it Alison! Another one of those things that can decorate a pumpkin that much easier than carving it up. Make a pattern with glue - throw on the glitter - that's it! ;)

      I just love Susan (& another artist - Mary Engelbreit). I highly recommend Susan's books. She has fun cookbooks and others too with the coziest sweetest illustrations.

  10. The mum is beautiful! It's so nice to have some flowers that shine the brightest in fall when other flowers are dying.