Monday, October 26, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday


Good morning dear Friends! 

Another week has begun already. The time is flying with lightening speed to Halloween now - and my daughter is SO excited! I think the teenager is too, but he'd never show it of course. Lol! He's too cool for that now. We've been preparing more...and so more of the Halloween decorations have been coming out. Great fun! We had a lovely weekend and accomplished lots. We did more yard work and my hubby did some leaf blowing (AGAIN), but this time it might hold up better as many of the leaves are off the trees now in our yard (sad face). We also had some lovely family time - with a belated bday dinner for me at my Dad & step Mom's home. So lovely.  And then a nice dinner out last night with my Mom and my in-law's as it was my Mom's birthday and my in-law's anniversary yesterday. They've been married 52 years. Pretty cool, huh? We actually have several dates in common between our families. I always tell my hubby it's because 'we were just meant to be'.  Lol


Cool, gray and rain on and off.  No rain now and no wind, which is nice. The bay looks so calm and peaceful. It looks and feels like one of those very late Fall days. With so many trees bare now and the skies hanging heavy and dark. Only in the 40's today. Need to go put on a favorite sweater kind of weather.


A piece of leftover pumpkin chocolate chip bread from the weekend and a cup of coffee with natural sweet cream creamer.


Gray and gloomy out, but just makes it feel that much more snuggly inside. I haven't seen as many geese flying over lately (maybe many have left already) - but there was a big group swimming on our bay this AM. They made a pretty sight on the calm water - reflecting in it like looking in a mirror.


Ok, no judging - but right now I'm listening to the classical Christmas station on Pandora. It was just a day that called for it! Plus, I'm only a week ahead of my rule. I usually never let myself listen to holiday music until the week after Halloween. Plus, it's classical so it's really almost more like listening to church music. Lol I lit some new candles I got for my birthday and they're sitting right next to me as I type. A yankee autumn wreath one and a spiced orange and cinnamon soy candle. It smells amazing and I'm definitely in my happy place. 


A little bit of pick up after the kiddos' clutter they've left around before heading to school, but otherwise pretty tidy yet from the weekend cleaning.  Throw in laundry - OF COURSE!


I will have my MIL to care for soon and I'm thinking we'll snuggle in around here a bit and she can help me with a bit more Halloween decorating. We'll do some coloring together and work on some easy puzzles I recently picked up. Then later today I think we'll run a couple errands to get some walking in since it's icky outside, and always nice to have a change of scenery by later in the day.


I haven't ready my book all week and have been more into catching up on my People magazines and I purchased my first holiday magazine to read - again don't judge me! Lol


I finished catching up on Good Wife - LOVE that show!! But we still have shark tank to watch, I have a few episodes of the Voice to catch up on - and some cooking shows.


MONDAY: sausage, egg and cheese sandwiches on Hawaiian buns that I will toast all together in the oven & a side of breakfast potatoes, fruit

TUESDAY: ham steak, baked potatoes and Normandy vegetable blend (carrots, cauliflower, zucchini, squash)

WEDNESDAY: didn't have pasties last week so maybe this week, or something else easy from the freezer as it's a busy night of sports and religious educ for kiddos.

THURSDAY: slow cooker meatballs & sauce over penne pasta, garlic toast & salad

FRIDAY: probably leftovers - be prepping a bit for Sat's Halloween fun!

* Annie and I will be doing our yearly tradition of baking cupcakes. She has usually liked something cute and sweet. My little Girl is growing up, though, as she just wants ghoulish stuff this year!! (sniff)  Even her costume is creepy too (stay tuned) So we're making severed finger cupcakes (eewww), and a meat, cheese & cracker platter and a tray of veggies and dip that will have spiders crawling over all. We'll also do a tray of apples with caramel toffee dip that will have worms sharing in it. I will get photos to share next week!  We always have several friends & family come share in Halloween with us and we order pizzas too.  I keep a big pot of apple cider simmering on the stove. So much fun!


Still the usual things - scrapbooking, some cross stitch, and some future projects I'm still sorting out.


An easy fried ham steak recipe I haven't made before.


When I do my apples and dip platter each Halloween I always toss the cut up apple slices in some pineapple juice. They won't taste like pineapple, just apple, but they will NOT turn brown. It works brilliantly!!

more Halloween decorations showing up!

first thing this gray morning - I lit my new candle and watched the glow chase away the dark

The trees are getting so bare - still a little color in the shrubs though 


I'm linking with Sandra of Diary of a SAHM for Happy Homemaker Monday.


  1. So not judging. I've had the overwhelming urge to put on some Christmas music here too. :)
    Also, I love me some candles and definitely need some fall-ish ones.
    Have a beautiful week, friend!

    1. Then I hope you go for it and listen to some Joanna. ;)
      Wishing you many blessings. xoxo

  2. Not judging but I'm definitely not ready to join you in the pursuit of Christmas. I'm barely ready for Halloween. We've been so busy that we don't even have the Halloween decorations out this year and now I'm debating if I want to mess with them (having a lost tub of decorations doesn't help). Love the photos! Hope you have a wonderful week.

    1. I totally get it Jean. I've had years like that too. Definitely don't stress and just do what you feel.
      Thanks for stopping by and blessings to you Dear Gal! xo

  3. I swear we could be sisters!
    I loved this entire post!
    Last year, at exactly midnight on Halloween, Madison came down with her Santa hat on playing Christmas music!!!
    Can't wait!
    But first... Happy Halloween Week!!!!

    1. Haha! Love it Billie Jo- or should I say "Sis" ;)

  4. Christmas music already in my car and Christmas magazines bought and looked at already too! Hee hee! You are always saying that we are similar and that is another thing!!! Oh and yankee candles in autumny fragrances being burnt too! Hope that you enjoyed all of the various lovely celebrations you had over the weekend and that you have a great week ahead and enjoy Halloween! xx

    1. So glad I'm not alone in my holiday eagerness Amy! ;)
      Blessings on the upcoming Halloween weekend too. xo

  5. Ok, now I'M judging! J/K. ;) Though I will admit I don't like to listen to Christmas music until after thanksgiving, and then by Christmas I'm so over it. Call me Mrs. Scrooge lol.

    Many trees have lost their leaves here as well, but there are still so many that are gorgeous! I just posted a few :).

    I like what you tell your hubby about you two being meant to be. I believe in stuff like that too!


    1. I just have this "thing" for Christmas music and I always feel the opposite - that it goes too fast, so I need to get all of it in that I can. Lol!

      Love that you believe in "meant to be" too dear Friend. xoox

  6. Sounds like a busy but fun weekend! I don't listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving, then that's all I listen to. :) But - no judging!
    Your menu sounds good and I love the banner!

    1. Thanks for not judging Mari. Lol!!
      Blessings to you xo

  7. Your mantle looks so cute!
    I'm usually pretty strict about not doing Christmasy things until after Thanksgiving (I hate how Thanksgiving - one of my favorite holidays - gets overshadowed by Christmas ;) but even I'm okay with classical Christmas music this early on! I have to admit, I've been craving a nice sappy Christmas movie to lift my spirits the past few days.
    All your Halloween preparations sound fun!
    Wow, our leaves are only just beginning to fall!
    I love that you and your husband have so many dates in common within your families. Makes for some crazy busy months I'm sure but all the more fun.
    Have a great week!

    1. Also, that Dijon Mac and Cheese - definitely make it for your husband! Mine requested it last night because it's one of his favorites! It's from ValSoCal and apparently it's official name is Cheesy Pasta with Kielbasa and Broccoli:

    2. Thanks so much Laura! I know what you mean about the thanksgiving thing - although that's always a big deal here too. It's my hubby's very favorite holiday, plus it's usually right around (and often right on) his birthday - so double celebration. ;) I think those sappy Christmas movies just hit the spot sometimes.

      Thanks you so much for the recipe link. I can't wait to make this one!
      Blessings to you and your lovely little Fam. xo

  8. Christmas music already??? LOL Hard not to, it's my favorite holiday of all but I am behind this year, usually I'm pretty far ahead but with homeschooling it's been difficult to shop! I'm already feeling overwhelmed with all the holiday planning I have to do. I've never watched The Good Wife but I've heard several people say it's a good series. Is it on Netflix by any chance? Your mantle is adorable! All your decorations are. Have a lovely evening.


    1. Thanks so much Jill! I hope the overwhelming feeling goes away soon. I've had years like that, and I just do much less and don't sweat it. It's truly about the spirit of each holiday - and of course family- always the bottom line and not the decorations.

      I'm not sure if GW is on netflix - but worth checking out. It's soooo good, but best watched right from the very start. ;)
      Blessings. xoxo

  9. Ooohhh the 40’s, yep definitely sweater weather. That is also when my daughter starts singing that song Sweater Weather by the Neighbourhood, lol.

    LOL…Christmas music is Christmas music…but whatever it takes to get in that happy place :-) I was looking through a Yankee Candle catalog the other day, wishing I could buy half the Christmas stuff, is was so gorgeous!! It will be hear before we know it!!

    Can’t wait to see your Halloween treats, they sound….um…worms….spiders….delicious, lol. Especially the severed finger cupcakes :)

    That is a good idea with the apples, it’s amazing how that works. I did try that Wrinkle Release spray, it wasn’t the actual Downy, I bought the off brand, but it does work well. Especially now that I’m washing sweaters and usually don’t dry them, I used it on one my sweaters, and turned out great after I laid it flat to dry!!

    Love the pics!! If it weren’t for the Halloween decorations, I could almost hear the Christmas music. LOL :D

    Have a wonderful week, and a Happy fun-filled Halloween!! xx

    1. Haha! I just love ya Carrie-girl. You always crack me up. ;) I'll save some severed finger goodness for ya. ;)

      I saw that Yankee catalog too - swoon!! Glad you like the wrinkle spray. My hubby should buy stock in the stuff. Lol

      Blessings to you my Dear! xoxo

  10. A happy and funny time of the year, Halloween! We aren't in the same mood here but I can share your excitement! Enjoy the festivities!

    1. Thanks Olympia!! I'm wishing you many blessings whichever mood is working for you right now. Lol ;)

  11. It made me sad, too, when my older boy went from cute to creepy regarding the Halloween costumes. Happy Halloween!

    1. This aging stuff gets tough, doesn't it? I just smile and try to make the best of it and enjoy each stage they go through. ;)
      Happy Halloween to you! xo

  12. Halloween sounds like a lot of fun at your place Carrie! I used to go all out for Halloween when my kids were young(er). Now I um ... turn out the lights like we're not home! Terrible I know, but we only get about 5 kids to the door, and I just don't feel like putting in the effort anymore. I made all my kids' costumes until they went to the dark side and wanted skulls and cheap bought costumes (don't even know what they were!). I would decorate the front door with huge bare tree branches painted black, huge spiders, tattered sheer curtains draped along the sides ... it was pretty cool. I'm kind of waffling about decorating at least a little bit this year. I hold off on Christmas music until December 1, otherwise I just get really bored with it. But Christmas music takes me to my happy place too :) I'm still burning my autumn candle of "pumpkin apple" from Bath & Body Works (my daughter and I each get candles for Thanksgiving and then Christmas). Your trees sure are bare! Ours are still hanging on and some have still not changed colour. Enjoy the rest of your week with your decorating and spending time with your family :)

    1. Thanks Wendy!
      I don't blame you at all for not wanting to go through all that effort. I know those days will be ahead for me some day too, so I just try to soak it all up now. ;) Sounds like you used to make it really cool though!

      Hope you're staying nice and cozy and enjoying your continued Fall color and yummy burning candles.
      Blessings to you!! xoxo

  13. Love these posts of yours! I was listen to Michael Buble's Christmas album yesterday so I'm not judging....! Sniff about your daughter wanting scary cupcakes; my son chose 'zombie pirate' as his costume this year.....not so cute either :(

    1. Thanks Helen! I have that Buble album too - love it!!

      Darn these kiddos and growing up, huh? Maybe we need to move where Peter Pan lives? ;)
      Blessings!! xo

  14. I have a classical Christmas station on my Pandora too! Lots of Kings College Cambridge on there. Your Pumpkin chocolate chip bread sounds wonderful. I like to use mini chips for things like that, but boy are they a pain when all you want is a quick chocolate fix. Lol. Hope the kids have a fun Halloween and that it stops raining... or snowing!

    1. Oh you're such a kindred spirit after my own heart Judy! I know what you mean about the quick chocolate fix too! Lol

      I won't complain too bad about the weather here, as it sounds like your area actually got some snow! Aaaacckk!! I'm just not ready for it yet - and thankfully only continued rain here. Hopefully Halloween is as nice out as they're saying for the kiddos sake.

      Blessings! xoxo

  15. Awww Christmas music! I am getting excited for the upcoming holidays...thanksgiving and christmas!