Thursday, April 14, 2016

Easy Salisbury Steak

I made this easy and fast salisbury steak last week. I didn't think of taking photos until I had finished making it though - as I was in a hurry to get dinner ready to take to my in-law's house.  But I did get this shot of the steaks all done in the pan before packaging some up for the in-law's, along with mashed potatoes and green beans. Kind of like old time t.v. dinners. ;)  For being so fast and easy, it was really flavorful and got a thumbs up from my FIL. He's a big meat and potatoes guy and can be fussy at times. So when he gives a good report you can bank on it! Lol  

I found this recipe in one of my magazines and it's by Heinz. Here it is if you'd like to make it for a quick dinner yourself:

Happy Thursday!!


  1. Would you believe I have never made these?!?
    Thank you so much, dear friend!!!!!
    Was thinking about your mother in law the other day, and wondering how she is doing.
    Have a cozy evening!

  2. I'm going to try this one - looks good! Thanks!

  3. That looks great. It's good to have some quick meals on standby for when you're short on time.

  4. That looks very tasty! And good to hear it got the thumbs up :-) xx