Friday, July 8, 2016

Five on Friday: Summer Moments

Hello and happy Friday my Friends!! 

As I mentioned yesterday, I've been loving our weather and great fun so far this summer. So today I thought I'd share some wonderful summer moments we've been enjoying so far.


First there was this amazing strawberry pie I made a few weeks ago. I had picked up a pallet full of ripe truly wonderful, right from the farm, strawberries and made them into jam and this pie! I found a recipe on pinterest and it was fabulous! Here's how I made it:

First I took an 8 oz block of cream cheese (softened) and blended it with 1/2 a jar of marshmallow cream, 1/4 cup of sour cream, and 1/4 cup of powdered sugar. I mixed these until they were well combined and poured the mixture into an already prepared graham cracker crust (sometimes shortcuts are nice when you don't want to turn on the oven). ;) 

I cleaned and cut up my strawberries, but then I also cheated by tossing them in a ready made store bought strawberry glaze. Because sometimes you just want to get to the pie! But if you'd like to see the recipe(wth glaze part) I found on pinterest by the sincerely jean blog you can find it here.

Then ta da!! Absolutely mouthwatering strawberry pie. It was so darn good - go find some great berries and make it today!!


Ruby and I have enjoyed amazing sunsets and lovely walks. I've taken my daughter and her friends to the park. And I've helped to take care of and walk my Mom's new puppy Angel. 


I've been enjoying going through my summer scrapbooking stuff and making some summer related paper crafts. 


We've enjoyed some beautiful days out on the pontoon. We recently went with some close friends of ours and their kiddos and the kids had such fun jumping off and swimming the day away. My son has has his driver's permit and has been practicing driving now...and that's even carried over to designating himself pontoon driver as well! Lol


And of course we just had the recent July 4th holiday and I love the tradition that goes along with it. We go to our local city parade and watch with relatives and friends. My kiddos have fun with their cousins and the annual outing to their house to swim, BBQ, have a campfire and they shoot of wonderful fireworks over the water. And then more fun back at our house...that included a big game of pickle ball in the driveway, and sparklers and glow sticks fun. Here are a few fun July 4th videos. One is of the beautiful lanterns we send off into the sky at my bro and sis in-law's house. And another is of Annie with her sparkler and I played around with it so it's in slow motion. ;)  

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  1. What a great five, looks like you had a wonderful celebration always nice to get together with friends and family.

  2. Definitely five lots of lovely!! Delicious pie, celebrations, decorations, doggies, I mean, how good is all that!! So glad for you! Thank you for joining in Five On Friday, I hope you have a great weekend! xx

  3. Looks like lots of summer fun! The strawberry pie looks delicious. Love the scrapbook goodies - so bright and summery.
    Have a lovely weekend

  4. That strawberry pie looks good enough to eat! Oh wait. You did. And I don't remember getting an invite! Hummmph!

    There goes my girl Ruby looking all happy and cute as always. That pup sure has a good life :).


  5. That strawberry pie looks good enough to eat! Oh wait. You did. And I don't remember getting an invite! Hummmph!

    There goes my girl Ruby looking all happy and cute as always. That pup sure has a good life :).


    1. Promise you're invited next time dear Doreen!! That pie was by far the best I've had all summer. I will dream on that pie when we have 4 feet of snow on the ground in 5 months. ((sigh)) - sweet summer. Does it get better? And I don't think Ruby would argue with you about her good life! Lol

  6. Great summer fun and that strawberry pie looks to die for.

  7. This post IS summer!
    And you know my favorite has to be that pie, right?!
    Love your lovely family too. : )

  8. Wonderful pictures; family and fun - what could be better?
    That pie looks amazing! Sadly, my husband doesn't like strawberries and I don't need a whole pie...

  9. PS - how is your mother-in-law doing?

  10. Your strawberry pie looks delicious. :-)

  11. That strawberry pie looks yummy! I used to have a great recipe for one in a regular crust without the cream cheese spread on bottom (my husband is not a fan of cream cheese) but sadly, I've lost it. It looks like you are truly enjoying every moment of your summer. I need you to come decorate my house for holidays and the seasons :) Hope you are having a great weekend!

  12. Thanks for sharing your wonderfully summery Friday Five. Not only did I enjoy seeing the fun you had, but also you reminded me of similar fun times I have had through the years :)