Saturday, October 29, 2016

A Lovely Autumn Walk

I know I'm so late with this post, but I still wanted to share some lovely walks I shared with Ruby on a couple of fine Autumn days not too long ago. However, it seems like overnight around here a lot of the leaves have it's not quite as pretty anymore. ::sigh:: The signal of the end of another Fall season that I will miss so much.....until next year!! ;)


Of course we start out in our backyard where we tell Ruby to quit chasing the squirrels up the trees and that it's time to get her collar on and get ready for our walk! She knows the word "walk" and comes running immediately and gets so excited she bounces around like a bunny until I get her collar on her.


And then we walk along several different roads around our neighborhood and down along the bay itself. I love crunching the leaves and pine needles under my feet. Such a satisfying sound! These photos were over 2 different walks. One was a walk that was earlier in the day and a brighter day in general. The other walk was around sunset time and a darker day - that's why the brightness and trees may look different in each photo. I feel blessed to live in such a beautiful area with lovely parks and streets to stroll with my Ruby.


And of course right along the bay itself. There's one road that has such a perfect lookout spot, and so of course it's my favorite place to grab a photo opportunity!! You can just barely see our dock way off in the distance and in more upper right of this photo.


There are many lovely and very charming homes in my neighborhood. And I love the driveway in these last 2 pics. They always dress up their mailbox, the little area along their driveway, and then they have lamposts up their lane that they hang flowers from in the summer and leaf baskets in the Fall. 


And of course there's no place like home! After a lovely walk I always love to walk up our own long driveway lined with big pine trees (sorry forgot to take a photo from there). And then you come up to our address sign (I discreetly covered our address with the "leaves").  Please excuse our driveway - my hubby recently repaired some rough spots with tar until they can come and redo it next Spring. We also have landscapers coming next Spring to plant and decorate around our address sign. I think it will be pretty cute!  And of course I'm keeping it real with kiddos' bikes and hockey net out. Just daily life her folks. ;) 

Now this weekend we're getting ready to hang up our spooky Halloween decorations and put out our jack-o-lanterns and have them glow. I can't believe Halloween is Monday already!! Have a wonderfully cozy late Autumn weekend my Friends. Thank you for joining me on my walks around the neighborhood. ;) 

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  1. Lovely autumnal moments to share with you from your part of the world. The weather is definitely starting to turn here now, and I am not a fan as I know you are not either! Thank you for taking part in Five On Friday, hope you are having a great weekend!

  2. You certainly live in a beautiful part of the world. Your Autumnal walks were a delight, you certainly captured the essence of the season with the beautiful colours. Happy Halloween.

  3. You've captured some beutiful images Carrie! I especially love the one with the bright orange maple and the sunset by the lake.

    Too bad you hid your address. I was planning on crashing you next pontoon partaayyy, and while I was there thought I might kidnap (dognap?) Ruby. I'll just have to figure out another way I guess...


  4. You've had some beautiful walks through your neighbourhood Carrie! Love the photo with the sunlit birch trees (way up at the beginning). One thing I taught my dog early was to "sit" when we clip on his leash. Our previous dog was complete bonkers with that and I thought I'd try it with Cody. He's always been good with it even though he's bursting to get outside!
    You have lovely homes in your area. I like the last one with the dark bricks ... looks very snug ;)
    Your own home reminds me a lot of my parents' country home, and I love the dark grey. I'll bet your kids get a lot of use out of that huge parking area.
    BTW I use a Canon EOS camera, but don't use the manual settings as much as I should. I've tried and tried, but seem to be lacking in this skill, so I usually play with my photos afterwards on the computer (just with the simple photo editor that came with windows8). Thanks for visiting me Carrie, and have fun decorating for Halloween!
    Wendy xox

  5. What a beautiful area to walk in! I love the pictures. And you really have a beautiful home!

  6. Oh my friend you are making me so nostalgic as I read this - oh how I miss a U.P. fall! Such pretty pictures!

    LOL we always tell Whiskey, our golden retriever, "It's time to get dressed" and she knows it means to come get her collar on for a walk.

  7. it is absolutely stunning where you live