Monday, October 24, 2016

Happy Homemaker Monday

Happy Monday Folks! 

I sure hope you had a wonderful weekend! It felt like a nice extended weekend here - as my kiddos didn't have school last Thursday and Friday due to conferences. So please forgive my blog absence at the end of last week. I was living in the moment and spending those days with my kids.  My Annie and I even had a fun shopping day at the "big mall" in our area. We took care of getting the rest of her Halloween costume stuff, even found her winter coat and hat & mitts for the season, ate at the food know all that fun mall stuff. ;)  

We also had one gloriously warm day on the weekend and got out and enjoyed that. We went out to dinner with some great friends of ours and then came back to hang out at our house and play cards. Just one of those wonderful Fall weekends. I will be back to posting more this week though. I will get recipes up and I will get to 5 on Friday this week too.  But for now the week ahead...


Sunny but cool. Might hit 50 today, but more likely high 40's. Looks like lots of days in the 40's ahead.  True northwoods weather for October has arrived. We'd been so spoiled with all the warm lately...but I think it's really gone. Lots of leaves all over and lots more empty trees. Can you hear that whimper?? It's the sound of me begging Fall and the lovely trees not to go! 


Okay, I was bad today and had a pumpkin donut and some coffee. Don't judge. I'm mourning fallen leaves! ::sigh::


I see my son's new truck! Yes, my son has a new vehicle - even though he doesn't officially have his license yet. He has one more on the road training and then he can get ready to take his test! Pray for me, I'm frightened!! I like this truck's so cute! I keep forgetting he kept telling me to quit calling it "cute". (insert eye roll here).  It's cool! It's manly! Anyway, it's a smaller F150 and I love the color. It's a deep orange - almost to the red kind of color. Here I'll take a pic right out my window right now for you:

Cute, right? Oops - there I go again!


Okay, really true confession time. I'm listening to some Christmas music on Pandora right now. I hear you judging me again out there - stop that and I'll explain. I was being a really good efficient girl this weekend and working on my Christmas cards and I needed to get in the mood - so I dabbled into Christmas music territory. And I just needed a little more of it this morning. It makes me happy people! Plus, after Halloween - which is ONLY a week away - it's free reign to go to Christmas goodness in my book anyway. I start ordering gifts, planning menus and listening to Christmas music. So there to you grinches! ;) 


Did a lot of clean up over the weekend. Still laundry catch up as always. Some tidying up - but overall in good shape.


I need to workout and do my house chores. I'll bundle up a little and get Ruby out to play and run around in the sun. I'm going to haul out my scrapping stuff and start catching up more too. I've been such a slacker there. I got my Christmas cards done already, but I'm still years behind in my scrapbook! Yep, that's me. I'm excited because my Mom wants to start doing a crafting day together once a week!! She has lots of friends and likes sending them cards for various things, but can't afford to go crazy buying them all the time. So I'm going to help her, with lots of my MANY materials, in making some of her own. And then I can also continue to catch up on my scrapping stuff too. Double fun!! 

Also on the list this week. Visit my MIL several times. Grocery and errands day. My son has an appointment one day too...and he begins his high school hockey practices nights this week. Let the season begin!  


Nothing really at the moment - some magazine catch up.


Dancing with the Stars, Timeless, Gold Rush (with the hubby), The Profit, Shark Tank, Westworld, This is Us, The Good Place, Hallmark stuff - oh and I've been a longtime follower of Grey's Anatomy.


MONDAY: pizza and pasta buffet. We have leftover pizza from the weekend, I'm going to make a little pasta bake and a big salad.

TUESDAY:  turkey melt sandwiches on toasted cranberry english muffins, roasted potatoes side dish and veggies

WEDNESDAY:  our traditional tacos (bring some to my FIL) - but also planning to make some slow cooker shredded taco chicken with it too.

THURSDAY: leftovers - including making chicken nachos or quesadillas with the shredded chicken

FRIDAY: either out for dinner or chicken almondine (if we go out I'll make the almondine this weekend)

** This weekend we'll do soup of some kind (I think I have some Trader Joe butternut squash soup to use up too) and I might bake a new recipe for homemade rustic bread. This week I plan to bake either chocolate chip pumpkin bread mini loaves to share  with neighbors- or chocolate chip pumpkin muffins.


I got the photos I took of my kiddos out in the Fall the leaves all edited and already put together my Christmas card on shutterfly and ordered them! One thing off the list early.  I still want to make some photo canvases up for the house too. Scrapbooking and card making coming up!


The rustic bread is a new one. Also the chicken almodine is new to you folks - but it's a recipe I used to make all the time and haven't in ages! So i'll share once I have that one set to edit and post. This week I'll be posting the chicken gnocchi soup (I had to add a twist)  and those chocolate chip potato chip cookies.


A fun way to jazz up juice boxes for Halloween - make them into a mummy! Annie and I did it last year and plan to again this year. Here's a pic of our mummy army last year:


The chicken "gnocchi" soup sneak peek. I couldn't find gnocchi anywhere so I had to add spinach and cheese tortellini. Still yummy! Recipe this week. 

Sorry to those friends on instagram as I posted most of these pics on there. Sharing Fall around here these days in the above photos. 1)The trees had been amazing - now many more fading. 2) Annie and I were supposed to carve our pumpkins yesterday, but she was busy with friends - so we did one quick one with a marker and pipe cleaner. She drew the face - I felt he needed a mustache. ;) Tonight we're going to actually carve the other two! 3)&4) Thinking lots of Halloween thoughts and loving the cozy at night. Annie has her costume all set and we have our menu all planned out. 5) The nights and mornings get so chilly these days - and this morning we had frost our deck!! BBrrrr

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  1. Hello, sweet friend - sounds like you have a busy week ahead! Pumpkin donuts sound so yummy.....especially with these chilly days. Wow- your son will be driving soon! I know that feeling of trepidation. At least he will be in a safe vehicle. All 4 of my kids started out driving in our old homestead truck - a 1984 green Ford Ranger that they called 'The Greenie'. Everyone in town knew this truck.....haha! It's a family legend now! I even found a Christmas ornament last year for each of them that was an exact replica, with a little Christmas tree in the back. I'm sure you will experience some legendary family stories yourself with your new driver :) Fun photos of fall there - love the juice boxes! So nice to get away with your daughter to have some 'girl time'. Those are the best times. Looking forward to your new recipes - that soup looks scrumptious! Enjoy these fleeting days of fall.....sending hugs and blessings for your week. xx Karen

  2. I can't judge you for Christmas music since I was just sitting discussing Christmas gift ideas with a friend earlier this morning. Uh, aren't pumpkins a fruit? You had fruit for breakfast ;) Love the truck, very cute in a manly way LOL. Hope you have a great week!

  3. My CD's are all packed away or I'd be listening to my Christmas CD's for sure! It sounds like you had a fun girls day out which I love! Hope you can stop by:


  4. Glad you had a nice Indian Summer day for the weekend. Those come in nice in your neck of the woods this time of the year.

    Love those cute little mummy idea.

    LOVE your inspiration - it really speaks to me this week! Always one to remember along with my aunt's favorite PUSH (Pray until something Happens) along with Let Go, Let God.

    Have a GREAT week my dear friend!

  5. Busy as usual, I see. Wish I could send you some sunshine. We're having temps in the mid to upper 70's this week.

    I like the look of that soup. Will probably want to make it.

    I just discovered the most delightful website (well, actually a reader told me about it), but you would love it and so would Annie.
    Absolutely delightful, and her messages are spot on. If you don't have time to look right now, I'm going to mention this on my blog next Sunday.

    Have a wonderful week, Dear One, and continue caring for your beautiful family. You're so good at it.

  6. Never judge here, my friend!!!!
    It sounds perfect to me!!!!
    Love your photos and your coziness!
    And November first is when it all begins around here!!!

  7. Sunny and cool here too, but lots of leaves on the trees yet. I had a (few) pumpkin donuts this weekend. Yum!
    Shame on you - Christmas music? :) I still love you though.
    I like the truck!

  8. Ok, I have a confession...I hate malls! Which is a good thing since the nearest decent mall is 45 minutes from us. I'll admit that it can be a fun day out with a tween though :).

    So what's up with the Christmas music?? lol Dont make me come there Carrie!

    I missed DWTS last night (drove to Manhattan for dinner. Yes, it's 2.5 hours. Long story lol). I saw what's her name from the Brady bunch got kicked off? She was a bit boring I think. My money is on Hernandez. Kind of a no brainier.

    Have a great week!


  9. "quit calling it cute" LMHO your sons comment is so funny. and as always your photos are so beautiful-that yellow colored tree ...sigh! and I love that your also listening to Christmas music! We have been listening during our Bible Study, we are doing a new thing where we are coloring in books with verses and sharing/chatting/praying.