Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Wednesday Wonder


Ruby went to the groomer and got a pretty pumpkin pom pom collar and a "candy bark" treat for this lovely Halloween month. And she was happy. ;) 

Darker and sometimes rainy mornings now mean candle glow and a jack-o-lantern night light.

The pontoon is officially out of the water and in my leaf strewn driveway and ready to get cleaned up and put in storage. 

This darn cold keeps kicking my butt, so please forgive me being so behind to visit. I will catch up and see you soon! Sending you all HEALTHY thoughts!


  1. We've had colds over here too - mine isn't bad but Bob has felt crummy. Hope you feel better! Ruby is so cute!

  2. I love Ruby's pretty collar! So nice to get a 'candy bar', too! She has such a sweet face :) It's a sign of the season to put the pontoon away......We took down all our deck umbrellas and the canopy. Summer is over....but I so love fall! Sorry you aren't feeling well. Hope you are getting some rest. Love the view out the window. Rainy and cool here, too. Sending hugs and get well wishes. xx Karen

  3. What fun you have over there with Autumn, Thanksgiving and Halloween. Ruby's collar is a treat to see. My daughter has put up her decorations on the house too. We are hoping to go over next year to see the spectacle.

  4. I think Ruby should have her own blog. At least give her her own Facebook page fer cryin' out loud! Look at that face! Bad mommy, baaaaad mommy :).

    Feel better sweet cheeks.


  5. Ruby is so purdy! What a sweet face, she's obviously quite aware of her charms. I think my perpetually scruffy pup could easily fall for her ;) His fur has that devil-may-care look (being an Aussie). Your candles glowing inside against the dark drizzle outside sure looks cozy. I just changed back into shorts & sleeveless top to take the kids outside. The thermometer shows 30C, but it's directly in the sun at the mo. It IS warm though, and I was sweating in jeans & long sleeves...ugh. I want fall in the worst way! Seeing the boats wrapped in pastic down in our harbour makes a definite statement for summer being over. I wonder if some families are keeping their boats open just a bit longer to have Thanksgiving dinner on them this weekend. Lots of cottagers are heading north for their 'closing up' weekend. Hope your cold clears up for good real quick. Hugs,
    Wendy x