Friday, November 25, 2016

Giveaway Winner!

Happy Friday Dear Friends! 

Those of you that celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday - are you as stuffed as I am? Lol  :P  It was a wonderful day with family and the meal was excellent. But my true favorite part is the leftovers! We had turkey melt sandwiches for lunch. To make those:  I toast some bread and then I put some mayo and cheese on one side and some warmed turkey slices, and a warmed scoop of dressing and gravy on the other. Then I put the sides together and warm the sandwich in the microwave just until the cheese is melty. I then open the sandwich and quickly scoop on some of my homemade cranberry sauce. Cut the sandwich in half and gobble gobble. Now that's a sandwich!! I then got some of the bones and extras from my SIL to bring home and I have this going on right now:

I placed the bones in my crockpot and added some onion, carrot and celery, seasonings and bay leaves. I then filled the crockpot full of water. It's been cooking since this morning and I will let it keep cooking for 8-10 hours. I will then strain it and that will be my stock for turkey noodle soup tomorrow. So good!!  

Okay, enough about food let's get on to the blogaversary giveaway winner! My niece and nephew slept over at our house last night and Annie has been off playing with them and some friends in the neighborhood- so I didn't have my helper to draw for me. But guess who is here to say hello and give me support:

That's right - Miss Ruby! Doesn't she looked enthused? I think she's still in a turkey coma too. But she did help oversee the drawing and make sure it was on the up and up.  

I just want to thank you all again for entering and I LOVED reading about your Christmas memories and favorite parts of the season. I responded to each of you as well.  I just can't say enough times how much I treasure my time in blogland and making such wonderful friends of you all!! God bless you!!

I wrote down all of your lovely names and put them in my very special crystal dish that I used for my last giveaway as well. I reached down and took the photo right in the moment - keeping it honest. And I pulled out.....

My sweet Friend Bethany of the blog Liberty or Death!! Congrats Bethany! I'll be contacting you soon so I can get your address and send you your goodies. ;)  xoxo


  1. Yeah for Bethany! I'm so glad for her. Thanks to you for doing this. :)

  2. Congratulations Bethany! Loved the honest photos. haha! Poor Ruby looks so sad. Maybe because she can smell all that turkey and you're not sharing? I make stock from the turkey too and then freeze it in 2-cup portions for making soups etc. With Thanksgiving and Christmas, there's enough to last all winter and more.
    Have fun with the decorating this weekend Carrie! I have so much to do, I don't know what to start on :O

  3. Yeah Bethany!!! I have read your blog too. Great pics of places.
    Blog friends, please pray for my family. My husband got bad news at his last physical, which could adversely effect his employment.

  4. I love leftovers, too! I made similar sandwiches here, only I added some stuffing on mine too :) Have a great weekend!

  5. Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Carrie! Thanks so much...will be looking forward to those pecans!