Monday, November 7, 2016

Happy Homemaker Monday

Hello Dear Friends! 

Happy Monday! It was so nice to wake up this AM and have it be brighter out. I don't like waking up early to such darkness. We had a lovely weekend. I had a fun day with my Mom Friday and we also went and voted early to avoid the craziness Tuesday. (make sure you get out and vote folks!) My son went to his school's MORP (prom backwards)dance with a group of friends and it was so fun seeing him so dressed up. And I took Annie to a family friend's younger daughter's birthday party and we had such fun with them for the afternoon. The weather here has been amazing so getting out for more Ruby walks in 70 degree weather has been lovely... and in November is unheard of where I live. I gotta say - not hating it. ;) 

I also just wanted to take a moment to say that life got unexpectedly busier last week and I'm still overdue to visit many of you friends...and I haven't been posting quite as much. I'm trying to find the balance between life and this blog time - which I love so much for myself. But I'm also trying to do more exercise time and spiritual time for myself too. I typically blog in the morning when I'm able. I try not to spend too much time on the computer in the evenings  - or on the weekends much at all. That is time I primarily dedicate to my family. I also have a few new endeavors that I'm sort of working on that may be happening - and that has, and will, take a little more time away.  I'll share more on all of that once it's all set. 

I used to comment back to all of you that leave me comments and I haven't been able to do that either. Please know your comments mean SO MUCH  to me and I do read them all. I just often do that on my phone or ipad in the moment when I'm doing something else with family in the evening and can't comment back. Your comments go right to my heart and make me feel good and some even crack me up! (I'm looking at you Doreen) ;)  So as a rule for now I plan to only respond when I have the time - or I feel there's something specific to respond a question from you. I hope that's okay. I just love this little blog of mine and the time I spend here with you all. It's such a wonderful creative outlet and an amazing way to make new friends and reach other people. I have my 2 year blogaversary coming up soon and I think I may try to do a fun giveaway then. So stay tuned and thank you so much for continuing to visit me! Sorry didn't mean to ramble on, but I've been meaning to share those things for a while now. On to this week!


A little cloudy and breezy and in the 50's. So lovely for November! It may even hit 60 today and looks mild all week. Just crazy to me! 


Had to fast for lab. Just munched little granola bar. Will eat early lunch.


I see trees rustling in the breeze. There's chalk all over the driveway out my window, as my daughter had a sleepover here Saturday with a couple of friends and they were doing an art contest with each other in chalk. Pretty cute. ;) 


Listening to piano music on pandora and reflecting on how fast this year has flown by. I've been working on the Thanksgiving menu and plans and just wondering where this year went! I'm also chatting with my daughter, as my kiddos are home from school today due to teacher development day. We're making our plans to go run some errands together soon. Of course the teenager is sleeping in. 


Overall pretty tidy. The usual laundry loads to throw in.


I already ran to get a blood draw for lab work, as I have my routine check up this week. Annie and I will go run some errands - I'll make dinner for all of us later and then I have a hair appointment later tonight. If it does get warmer today I may try to squeeze in a Ruby walk too.  Annie and I will probably play some games later and maybe bake something together. ;)  



I've mainly been perusing holiday magazines and already ordering Christmas gifts!


A lot of the regular shows I've been watching as well as some cooking shows and Hallmark movies taped. I've been loving all the Halloween and now holiday competition cooking shows on the food network. 


MONDAY: waffles with fruit topping, egg, cheese and sausage muffins (made in muffin tin)

TUESDAY:  Pioneer Woman's BBQ meatballs, cheesy potatoes, salad

WEDNESDAY:  leftovers or something easy  (religious ed classes night for kiddos)

THURSDAY: parmesan baked chicken, baked potatoes, veggie side dish

FRIDAY: might be fun cheese fondue night - I have individual mugs that hold tea lights for each of us. With it we'd have: apples, cauliflower, broccoli, cubed ham, cubed bread, and pretzel pieces all to dunk

**I'm SO sorry that I still haven't baked those darn chocolate chip potato chip cookies - but when I do I will share recipe!!


Scrapbook catch up. Some holiday projects.


Those darn cookies if I get to them! 


If you are one that often makes your kiddos' lunches - throw a little funny note or love note in there once in a while. Even teenagers may seem like they're "above" such things - but a Mom can tell that it still seems to make their day. The power of Mom. Just sayin'. 


Still some leaves clinging on out there!

Yep, I went and got that voting thing done early. If you live in the States - make sure you vote! It's important.

Starting to get out Thanksgiving things.

My handsome Boy all decked out for his dance posing in front of his truck. Where has the time flown??? ::huge sigh::

From my instagram the other night.

Out for a Ruby walk and the moon was out nice and bright already. 

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Vote, vote, vote!!!

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  1. Great quote! I wish we had early voting. Around here you need an excuse and apparently not wanting to wait in a long line isn't on the list (I know, I looked!). I certainly get that trying to juggle blogging with everything else. I do hope you'll update us soon on all your new adventures though. Have a great week!

  2. lol ok, now the pressure is on. Why did the chicken cross the road? I guess you heard that one already. Ok, ok, how about two guys walk into a bar...

    geez, I can't take the pressure! ;)

    If you had asked me missy, I would have told you to stop replying to all your comments a LONG time ago! Wait...I think I did! I'm so freakin smart. You don't have comment reply notification, so hardly anyone knew you were responding to them anyway! Here's the deal. You have a life, a family and interests that take up a lot of your time. Your blog is a piece of that, but that's it. It should never become a burden. I used to post three times a week but now only once and it makes SUCH a difference and I believe it's what has kept me from burning out. I would hate for you to burn out because gosh golly, I would miss you! Did I just say gosh golly??

    Your son is one handsome dude, and yes, the time goes by way too fast for my liking!

    Enjoy your week sweet cheeks :).


    1. You just bring me joy - you wild & crazy Gal! Thx for not only tickling my funny bone - but also being a smart & kind friend. Wise blogging advice my Dear. Xo

  3. Your son looks so handsome! Hope he had a SUPER time.

    Glad you're enjoying some "un"seasonal weather - so unusual for your neck of the woods in November.

    Can't wait to hear about your new endeavor and hope it works out the way you want it to.

    I voted! Have a GREAT week my friend.

  4. I'll be voting tomorrow and then waiting... and probably worrying.
    Your son looks so handsome!
    I know what you mean about having time to blog and comment. It's hard sometimes!

  5. nice picture.. I love your way of journaling..

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  6. Darling Carrie, We all understand and admire you for putting your family ahead of blogging. When you post, I love it, but I'd never want you to sacrifice family time for blog time.

    Your chicken casserole looks great. Your son is a knockout. Your night photo is hauntingly beautiful. You're so talented, and so lucky to have such a great family (including that four-legged member).

    I see you as our updated Leave It To Beaver family. Love and hugs, Patsy

    1. Thx for always being such an upbeat Sweetheart Patsy! Your Leave it to Beaver comment cracks me up. Love it!!

  7. You sound like you're planning some exciting new venture! I hope things work out for you, whatever that may be. It does get tough to juggle family, work and blogging. Especially if you still want to have some creative time to yourself as well! I'm finding myself in the same pinch more & more. Your son does look handsome in that suit! Cute truck ;) We have the same truck, but ours is RED and with the "long box", which means we always have to find "truck parking" ... not so cute. I never park. I repark.
    Glad to hear you're living life fully, and your yard looks beautiful with the leaves. Lots of leaves were falling like rain here today as the temps suddenly dropped.

    1. So true about finding a window for the extras like exercise & creative time! Balance is always hard to do well it seems. Thx for the support Hon! Xo

  8. Your son looks so handsome. Awe, they grow ups so fast don't they. today my baby boy turned 14
    :::enter ugly Lucy cry here::: Oh Carrie, don't worry about us, Were all I'm pretty sure in the same boat. especially with the holidays around the corner. I love to read your blog and see your beautiful photos on IG. I love that you are finding more time for you. reminds me to get back on track with my yoga. I hope you have a great day. : )

  9. Thanks so much dear Friend! I know what mean about how fast they grow up & time flying. I love connecting with you regularly on IG too Rowe. ;)
    Blessings. Xo