Saturday, December 10, 2016

Blogmas Day Ten: Real Tree or Artificial?

Hello fellow blogland Friends! 

I have been so frustrated because the server company for my computer had lots of issues yesterday and I only had wifi and use of my computer very limited amounts and by later yesterday not at all. My server is through my Hubby's work and he said that it was out for everyone on their server for most of yesterday. So I was unable to join in with blogmas. And I'm bummed because I had a whole plan for it to also work alongside 5 on Friday that my friend Amy hosts at Love Made My Home. It involved a whole tour of my home - which I've never really done before! So I'm planning to share a holiday home tour with you all tomorrow instead. For today, however, I'm joining in with today's blogmas and then I'm going to be doing a fun crafting post to link with Scraptastic Saturday. So come back and check in because, as long as my server holds, I'll be sharing lots this weekend! ;)   


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I'm joining in with my Friend Sandra from the blog Diary of a Stay at Home Mom for the Blogmas of Christmas this season. You can check her out here and come play along! Here's day 10:

Day 10- Real or Artificial Tree?

We have an artificial tree. For the first several years of our marriage we had a real tree. And I loved it - minus the mess and having to water it daily. Lol  But we had 2 cats and they would never leave it alone. Plus, they would drink the water out of it everyday! And then once we had our son it just felt like too much work to me. So we switched to artificial then. We don't have cats anymore (I'm actually now weirdly allergic), but I've come to love the convenience of putting up my trees (I have 2) whenever I'd like and I don't have to worry about them drying out! 

Here's the upstairs living room "formal tree". It's the tree that I decorate in the style I want. Annie helps me put on the ornaments and things - but I chose the colors and style based on my home colors and decorations I like to have on it. 

This year I picked up some cream and golden poinsettias and some tulle to be my garland. I used a bead garland too. I always like using cream, browns, golds and those kinds of earth tone colors for this tree. And a ton of white lights!  Love that glow. 

This year I also added some glittery gold branch like decorations that I put all over the tree for a more dimensional effect - which I also love. I always need to have angels on top - that's just me. It's so cozy to sit at night by the fire and gaze at the tree. One of my favorite parts of the season. 

And this is our downstairs tree - which I also love for its own beauty. It's in our family media room - which is probably our kiddos' main hangout.  It is filled with mulit-color and white lights and has all of our family decorations from through the years. It's so fun to go down memory lane as we decorate and remember family trips, milestones, and even some oldies from when I was a kiddo! 

And since I didn't participate yesterday I'm giving you a couple of bonus trees! This is my Mom's tree  from last year- which I also love and helped design. She didn't put it up this year as her puppy has been getting into everything and she didn't want to get into that - Lol!  She has a little tabletop one this year. But last year she had a white tree and wanted different decorations for it. Her kitchen has a lot of blue in it (yellow and blues - sort of French country looking) and so I picked out decorations with that color. Her lights are soft, almost pastel, multi-color which looks so pretty with the white. I then went with a botanical theme and used a soft frosty blue glittery leaf garland, blue bulb ornaments in different sizes. Then I hot glued soft blue hydrangea pieces to felt and glued the felt onto little duckbill clips - so there are hydrangea flower pieces all over her tree too. And her topper is some darker blue and white poinsettias tucked in all over up there. So soft and pretty and feminine. 

And this is my in-law's tree - which to me is just the magic of Christmas! They live in a big old historical home built in 1911. It has gorgeous old woodwork throughout and leaded glass windows. They have 12 foot ceilings and their tree is a 10-footer! And they always have stockings up their banister for all of the grandkids. I used to LOVE decorating this with my MIL each year and we'd go down memory lane with all of their family ornaments. This year my Hubby went over to help my FIL get it put up and my Annie helped decorate. I just didn't have the heart to go this year. 

I hope that you'll check in later as I'll be back with a craft I just LOVE for Scraptastic Saturday. I'll also be back with blogmas tomorrow plus a bonus holiday home tour! xo


  1. You have BEAUTIFUL TREES! I especially love your "formal" tree - that angel is really precious. And your in-laws tree and house are fabulous!

    We went artificial this year too and LOL I was just telling hubby last night how nice it was not to have to crawl under the tree to keep it watered.

  2. Your tree is beautiful! We have an artificial tree, too. This year, we are thinking of getting a small real tree to put on our front porch. Best of both worlds? ;)

    Your in laws tree is gorgeous! It looks like it came out of a classic movie. :)

    Happy Saturday!

  3. I love that you have two trees. We did too for a year or maybe two. Funny story actually...we 'won' it an an auction, and borrowed my neighbors van to take it home. I noticed a poopy smell driving home and it continued when we brought the stand and tree into the house. Well, the auction was held at the County Center, which had just hosted a circus. Turned out the wood stand was used near the elephants and the smell was elephant poop. Needless to say we cleaned out my poor neighbors van and got rid of the wood stand!

    We always had fake trees growing know, the white ones with the big blue balls, to go along with our French blue velvet plastic slip covered living room furniture. I am Italian after all. Lol

    As adults we always opted for real and we looked forward to getting one every year, but as you know we no longer do that. Kind of miss it.

    Anywho...Carrie, you HAVE to do a tour of your in laws house too!, it looks amazing!


    1. Love your tree story!! That's hilarious!!

      If only my MIL were okay - she LOVED showing off her house and she would have done a beautiful home tour for my blog! She remembered so much of the history of the home too. I've written down what she shared back when and I know my FIL kept info too.

      I will try to sneak some extra camera shots when I'm over there when we open gifts in the morning. My FIL is more private, so I may not be able to pull of an every floor photo tour (there's 4 finished floors!) But I'll see what I can do. ;) xoxo

  4. The trees are just simply beautiful!!!

    1. Thanks so much Margot - my Sweetie! I pray you're having a wonderful Christmas season so far. ;) And staying warm!!