Thursday, December 29, 2016

Cozy Fondue Night

Hello my Dear Friends!

 I hope you've been feeling nice and cozy as this holiday season continues - and that you are even yet keeping some Christmas in your heart! It comes and goes so quickly doesn't it? I like to savor it all a bit longer. And now we're looking at New Year's fun right around the corner. We're having a gathering at our house and I look forward to more treasured time with family and friends. Time for slowing down, catching up, laughing a lot, and eating more yummy food! (before those New Year's resolutions need to kick in!) ;)  

We had the yummiest and most fun meal late this Fall - and I forgot to share it with you all then, so I thought I'd share it with you now. Partly, because it's just too fun not to share - and partly because it would be a really fun idea for a New Year's gathering. 

As you can see, I'm referring to a fondue night! So again this was late in the Fall time so please excuse the pumpkin and Autumn decorations. Lol  It all started because I found some fun individual fondue mugs when I was on amazon shopping. And I thought how much fun would it be to have a fondue themed dinner - or even sometimes a fun dessert - where we, as a family of 4, each get our own mug. A cleaner and easier way to do fondue!

See - we each had our own tealight candle to keep our mug of cheesy goodness warm! 

I then went about setting the table. I set us each a fun little dessert plate where we could keep a few nibbles at a time for dunking away. Each mug came with 2 little forks for grabbing bites to dunk.

I then went about getting some yummy nibbles together that were worth dunking and we liked with cheese! We went with some yummy crunchy fresh veggies, apple slices, toasted bread cubes, and soft pretzels we could break apart. We also had some cubed ham, but I forgot to get pic. Some meat like that helps it feel more like a meal too. I then kept the cheesy part really easy on myself and found these yummy and high rated cheese packets that come from Switzerland!  It was worth ordering as they were really tasty and had a very traditional fondue flavor. 

The directions were easy to follow. Rub a pot with a garlic clove. Put the cheese contents in the pot. Heat to a bubble and then simmer a bit and add some nutmeg. Then I ladled it into our mugs - lit our tea light candles and we dug in! The mugs worked perfectly!! They kept the cheese really hot. It was easy, yummy, and a fun treat. My kiddos thought it was really cool and we'll definitely be doing it again and again.  Sorry I forgot to take photos when we ate so you could see the dunking in action - but we were too busy enjoying!! 

If you didn't want to do individual mugs there are many recipes for cheesy fondue online and on pinterest where you can make a big pot and keep it in a slow cooker or one big fondue pot. Here's an easy one by Betty Crocker you can find here. I recommend having a fun cozy fondue night with your family this winter. It's so much fun! I'm now looking up some chocolate recipes to try out a fun chocolate fondue dessert night. Stay tuned!  

**And on a side night  - speaking of cozy - I just wanted to mention that my sweet Hubby and I are celebrating our 21st anniversary today! I loved being a December bride and remember everything like it was yesterday. We were married on a Friday night because you had to have your wedding at such an early time if married on a Saturday. And we wanted the candles and Christmas tree lights in the church glowing in the evening light. We had a beautifully ceremony surrounded by our friends and family. After doing photos after the service we walked out to the limo with our bridal party while gorgeous huge snowflakes fell.  Everything about that night felt magical. Here's a shot from when we got in the limo:

We've now been married for 21 years, but together for a total of 29 years (since we were 16). I wouldn't be on this ride with anyone else. I feel pretty darn blessed. ;) 

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  1. That looks like such a fun time! I've done fondue a few times and enjoyed it.
    Happy Anniversary! We got married on a Friday night for the same reason as you. :)

  2. Happy Anniversary you two love-birds! Such a sweet time to get married! Sounds like you were just meant to be.......We were married on Thursday morning because our church was booked solid for months! Your fondue party looks so fun. I love all the different foods you served. I have a fondue pot, but need some forks. I keep forgetting to get some. I even have a little fondue cookbook. Fondue was real popular in the 70's when I was a new bride :) You always have the best parties! Hugs xx Karen

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! Here's to many more wonderful years of marriage and love together for you and your lovely husband! xx p.s. I worked out, I think we are the same age!

  4. Looks delicious!!! I am starting the Whole 30 on January 3rd and I will sure miss cheese!! LOL Happy Anniversary again ;-) Have a wonderful, healthy, happy New Year!!! So happy I "met" you through blogging!

    Many Blessings,

  5. Look at you two lovebirds! You have not changed a bit Carrie!

    I had a fondue pot for years up until this year. I finally broke down and donated it. It was pretty big and we only used it once or twice, but it's a great idea for your party. It really does lend itself to group entertaining.

    You're hosting AGAIN?! Girl, whatever it is you eat for breakfast, me wanty.

    Have fun and Happy New Year!!


  6. What a lovely wedding photo. Hope we'll get to see more in the future.

    Happy New Year, My Sweet Carrie