Saturday, January 7, 2017

Floral Wreath

Hello and Happy Weekend to you Friends! 

Today I'm popping in to share a wreath project I completed the other day. I had been meaning to work on it for some time, but I finally got to it this past week. 

My daughter had changed her bedding in her room this Fall and a lot of the color scheme in there too. She has really gotten into teal or mint green lately. And she likes coral as an accent with those. So along with her bedding we had found some cute knick knacks and we found a fun little chair in her colors also.  It converts into a bed for a friend when she has sleepovers.  So with those colors in mind I set about making a pretty floral wreath to hang above her bed to match.

I had the soft peach lacy big flowers already and decided I would make a wreath with them, but I wasn't sure for where. So when my daughter wanted to change her colors I knew I was going to use it in there. So I went about finding some other flowers in her new colors. I also had the wreath form - but I knew I wanted to use ribbon on it as a backdrop. When I saw this burlap polka dot ribbon I knew it would be perfect, as her walls and lot of her room are also pretty neutral. Plus, she also LOVES anything polka dots! ;) 

Once I found all the flowers & ribbon I liked, I set about to put the wreath together. I spread out some newspapers and grabbed all of the flowers. I also grabbed scissors to cut apart the pieces of floral I wanted to use. I grabbed my hot glue gun and glue sticks and plugged it in to heat up. And so I also grabbed a bowl of water and put ice in it in case I were to accidentally burn myself (which I have done several times in the past! Lol).  Then I was all set to begin creating!

So first of all, I hot glued the end of the ribbon onto the back of the wreath form. I then wound it around the wreath in the way I wanted it on there. I added some hot glue under each of the ribbon areas so they would then stick to the twigs on the wreath. When I got to the end I cut the ribbon and also glued that end onto the back.

When I work on a wreath I like to set the items on the wreath before adding glue to see how they look, and just keep rearranging and playing with them until I have them where I like them. 

The only teal colored flowers I had picked up was like bunches of baby's breath and would be loose and messy. So I hot glued all of the bigger flowers & leaves up to this point. I then would cut a little bunch of the teal baby's breath when I was ready to use it and added glue to it right away, all while holding the bundle together with my other hand. I would then add it where I liked it as a little accent. Some areas showed the ends of the teal flowers too much, so I then added a few more leaves or coral flowers on top to cover those areas. 

And here was the finished product after I added in the little teal bunches of flowers and the extra leaves and flowers on top.

And here it is hanging on the wall. I knew I wanted the big flower on an angle and not perfectly at the bottom. I think decorations like this look best when things are not perfectly that's more like true nature. I liked adding equal amounts of color on both sides of the big lacy flower, but as you can see I had a different amount of flowers on each side. Nothing is perfectly balanced - which actually looks better than if it were all exactly equal. 

Here's a collage of my daughter's chair (penguin is enjoying it now) and some of her bedding - so you can see the color scheme.

When she came home from school that day I had hung up the wreath and made her bed all up and didn't tell her I had done any of it. She went into her room to get something and came running out and hugged me and thanked me for it and told me she just loved it!! That's worth all the hot glue gun burns in the world. ;)  

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  1. How nice that your daughter has a true sense if what she likes. I'm thinking that apple didn't fall far from the tree ;).

    Your ribbon is adorable Carrie, but I'm a bit of a ribbon junkie. Never met one I didn't like. Lol


  2. I always remember when my mom gave my sister and I our own rooms, and when I came home from school one day the curtains and bedspread she sewed where up. One of the happiest days of my life. I was in 6th grade.
    Tell Annie I love polka dots too!

  3. What a nice Mom you are, Carrie! The wreath turned out so pretty and looks great in your daughter's sweet bedroom. I love the colors! Sending hugs xo Karen

  4. What are a few burns compared to a big hug, right?

    Good job! It looks beautiful, and you let her decide on the colors.

  5. So pretty!!
    I really love that polka dot ribbon.
    Happy Monday! :)

  6. That wreath is so pretty! Clearly, I needed you here helping me with my attempt at a wreath :) By the way, I love those colors. So cheerful and bright.