Monday, January 9, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday

Happy Homemaker Monday

Hello my Dear Friends! 

Nice to see you back here on a lovely Monday morning. ;)  I hope the weekend was good to you and you're ready to jump into this week ahead! We had a nice mellow weekend. We took down a lot of the Christmas decorations - although I leave up my candles and things that glow. All the greenery, deer, snowmen etc like that stay up yet too. So I still get to keep that snuggly feeling around me a while longer. And we got some fresh snow overnight and it's the really soft and fluffy kind so it looks really pretty on our bay today. More snow expected tonight too! 

I also watched the Golden Globes last night. I love award shows like that (just a me thing) and I thought Meryl Streep was amazing!! Loved her speech.  I loved a lot of the dresses last night too. And I really want to see La La Land now as it won a bazillion times! Lol


A  gray cloudy day today. The white everywhere helps to brighten it up though and is so very pretty. Warmer temps today (teens and 20's next few days), which is lovely! Colder temps again by the end of the week. Boo!


Black cherry yogurt with granola and coffee.


Listening to Celtic music on Pandora. Listening to the hum of our humidifier as I work on this in the dining room. I have a lovely view of the bay and sometimes I need to just stop and gaze out there for a while. Looking at my week ahead in my planner and getting things sorted out.    


Everything looks so bright and white and soft and clean! I love it!!


It looks so bare after the big tree is down. It's nice to have everything freshly vacuumed though.  When we moved some of the furniture around to vacuum behind them we found that our big old radiator in our living room was leaking. The plumber we use is swamped and may not be here for a few days. Thankfully we had the new fireplace insert put in this summer and so we've been turning that on when we need a bit of heat in that room. Our house has so many zones (like 8!) because of parts of it being old with the radiator heat....and then other parts are newer and have radiant floor or ceiling heat. It's kind of weird - but nice that we can just turn off the living room zone and it doesn't affect any of our other rooms. 


 I need to do some of the usual tidying from the weekend. A few dishes too. And that reminds me, my laundry is ready to fold and throw in the next excuse me a moment!  ....Okay, I'm back. I'm going to do my workout soon and then I'm going to tackle cleaning out my office/craft room and closet next to it. Yikes!! Wish me luck. ;) 



Currently reading a fun Debbie Macomber book called Dashing Through the Snow.  Update: Over the end of the holiday season I actually lost this book, but I've found it now so I will finish it! Lol I'm half way through it and it's really typical Debbie stuff. Plus, fun to still be a holiday book too. 


A few movies still taped that Annie & I have been watching at night when we're able. I have some cooking shows taped. This is Us and Grey's Anatomy comes back this week - yay!! Also, the Great American Bake Off too. 


MONDAY: waffles, scrambled eggs, sausage and fruit

TUESDAY: healthier chicken parm "tenders" (portion control!) over whole wheat pasta, salad

WEDNESDAY: soup and salad (not sure what kinds yet?) - easy as it's religious ed night so a bit of running

THURSDAY:  son's hockey game - probably grab something easy 

FRIDAY: son has a hockey game again so not sure if I'll throw something in the slow cooker? Then we'll have some easy leftovers for the weekend too as my daughter has a big hockey tourney all weekend. HOckey, hockey, hockey....and repeat. Lol!! :P


I'll let you know once I get my craft space cleaned out - geesh!! I am planning on making some cards this week and pulling out my scrapbooking to catch up. I also have a little cross stitch to finish up as there isn't much left to do on it (something else for my daughter's room).  I even got some coloring time in this weekend just for some relaxation time! That was fun and I had been missing it. I used to do it with my MIL all the time when I was caregiving and hadn't just sat and enjoyed it  in ages!


I know I didn't get to a recipe post out last week, so I will still share the homemade twix bars (although I didn't get a photo of them - but I'll share the recipe) this week. As well as the fun tea/luncheon with my Mom and Aunt! 



Can anyone say if this really works??

And I'll vouch that this works - at least for me!!! It completely gives me that extra pep in my step.



Homemade pizza I made this weekend. Don't you like my clever tinfoil center wall I created? That way they are all crust pieces!! MMMmmmmm I was a good girl and exercised extreme portion control over the weekend. Not easy with homemade pizza!!!

No more tree (insert sad face here)  - but still lots of "glow". 

Watching a movie with my Pumpkin and I look over to see sleeping beauty. xoxo

The beautiful white and bright bay this AM! 

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I'm linking with Sandra of Diary of a SAHM for Happy Homemaker Monday.


  1. Love so many things about this post. Your pizza idea to make more crust is brilliant. I love the photo of that sweet innocent little Annie. Your livingroom looks so cozy. I think having multiple heating zones is a wonderful idea. Wish I could do that. The snow is beautiful - ours is mostly gone already and it was only pristine one day. And I love the baking soda in the eggs idea. Have you tried it?

    Did you watch the mystery ladies marathon over the weekend on Hallmark? Afraid I spent too much time with Pepper in my lap.

    Love to you and yours, Patsy

    1. I haven't tried the baking soda trick - but I definitely will try it next time I make hard boiled eggs. ;)

      I have some Hallmark mysteries taped! Too little time and too much good tv! Lol

  2. Oh, I love your snow! We don't have much left at the moment. I could really go for a big old storm!

  3. You snow shots are so pretty!
    I like Celtic music and Debbie Macomber. You have good taste! :)
    The pizza looks so good!

  4. I watched the Golden Globes as well (I like to look at the pretty dresses as well!)and also thought her speech was good and quite thought-provoking. Your living room is beautiful even with the missing tree! I vote for either potato or tomato soup, my favorites ;) Hope you have a wonderful week!

  5. All the snowy photos are making me jealous! SOOO hot here in Oz!
    I love Celtic music too and Debbie Macomber books are always a great holiday read. I love all her books.

    1. Thanks for visiting Jayne! Sending cool snowy thoughts your way. ;)

  6. Annie looks so sweet Carrie. Such a lovely photo!

    The tip for boiling eggs is fabulous! I usually place them in cold water immediately after boiling and that works well, but this is a tip I'll definitely use.

    You've got so many irons in the fire girl! Good grief! Do you ever chillax?

    1. I definitely have to find my chillax time and trust me I do and then I gobble that time up! I savor every second. ;)

  7. Stopping by from Happy Homemaker Monday. So glad to meet another traditional scrapbooker. Do you use any particular brand of products - Creative Memories or Heritage Makers? I have a quite a stock of both and a lot of scrapbooks to work on. We just moved from Washington where we were fortunate to be driving distance away from Debbie Macomber's tea room and gift shop. It's just recently become a Hallmark Gold Crown Store but they still carry all of her books. She does several book signing events in the local community and I was able to get two holiday books signed in the two years we lived there. Have you watched Cedar Cove? Love that series. Have a lovely week!

    1. Hi Pamela! So happy you stopped by!! I love Creative Memories good 'ol plain albums and I have a lot of their tools (cutting system etc). I've been so behind but I'm slowly getting back in the game. It's one of my absolute favorite hobbies in the world! I'll be showing and sharing a lot more in the time ahead on the blog.

      I'm so jealous of your Debbie Macomber time!! I love Washington - it's so beautiful!! My Brother used to live there...but he's in the military and moving all of the time. I absolutely LOVED Cedar Cove!! I'm so upset it was cancelled.
      Blessings. xo

  8. I always love your pictures, and I tell you all the time that you live in a stunning area :)

    The pizza looks so good that I could actually go for a slice this very minute hahaha

    You know I've started boiling all my eggs in my pressure cooker, they turn out perfect every single time, love it :)

    Hope you have a wonderful week, my friend :)

    1. Thanks Sweetie! I've been looking at those Instant Pot things - but still not sure what I think of them?? Anything pressure cooker scares me for some reason. Lol

  9. Your pizza looks delicious. Yogurt with granola sounds good too. I had some this weekend after a 5K.

    It's hard to beat good Celtic music. Have a great week!

  10. What a perfect time to be reading 'Dashing through the snow', with that beautiful soft snow outside. I have put all our Christmas decor away, but I sure can see why you would want to have it out awhile longer in that setting. Years ago we went to Canada in January and I loved that the street decorations went on for weeks, contrasted against the snow. Your pizza looks excellent!

  11. So scary about your radiator, I hope your plumber makes it out soon. Your pizza looks yummy-that's one of my new years goals to make homemade pizza- any tips?

    1. The radiator (thank the Lord) turned out to be an easy fix!!! Whew!!

      I just realized that I don't think I"ve ever shared my homemade pizza recipe on here. I promise to share it soon! It's a different one than some of the traditional pizza crusts recipes out there. The biggest thing I'd recommend with homemade pizza is make sure your veggies are nice and dry or it can make your crust soggy. ;)