Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hello Friends and Happy St. Patty's Day to ye! 

As you can see from Felix the Frog's greeting in Annie's garden - we had some fresh snow fall on us last night. So it's a winter wonderland St. Patty's here in the northwoods.  I thought for my 5 today I'd share some fun pinterest ideas for this fun holiday. It's only right on this lovely March 17th? Plus, the Hubby and I both have a wee bit 'o the Irish in us...and obviously passed that on to our Kiddos.  So all the more reason to celebrate! 

Luck O’the Irish Breakfast Sandwich: It’s not St. Patty’s unless you start your morning with something green. These cute scrambled egg and green pepper breakfast sandwiches are a simple way to kick off the festivities!:

What a fun way to start your morning! With a green pepper shamrock on your breakfast sandwich! You can find this pin here.


Fruit Rainbow with Lemon Dip:

Or maybe this fun rainbow would be a better way to spend your morning calories? Or just for a fun snack! There may not be a pot of gold under this rainbow, but that lemon dip looks like a winner! You can find this pin here.

Pistachio Poke Cake:

And this fun green cake is on our menu for this evening. Annie and I are going to make this after she gets home from school today. ;) You can find this pin here.


An indoor Fairy Garden:

And I'm so inspired by this cool tree and of course a bit of fairy folk. When I think of Ireland I think of enchanted woods and the magic of the fairies. I love that tree!! You can find this pin here.


St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Paper Plate Mask Craft for Kids! So much pretending to be a Leprechaun for St. Patrick's Day! -

And I love this leprechaun mask! How cute - I want to stick my face in there and pretend I'm a magical wee person. ;)  Someone take my photo! Lol I think kiddos would love this craft. You can find this pin here.

I'm joining with Amy of Love Made My Home for Five on Friday.


  1. Morning, my holiday loving friend!
    And Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!
    I actually made the fruit rainbow this morning...
    Soooo good!
    Have a fun and cozy weekend!

  2. Some wonderful St. Patrick's Day magic here! Thanks for the links. Happy St. Patrick's Day and happy Friday!

  3. really know how to do it up right! As for me, I made spaghetti lol. I know. I'm bad. But there's a good reason. I promise. :)

  4. Love the fairy tree. So cool! The food looks delicious especially the pistachio cake. They have pistachio muffins at the local shop once in a while and they are really yummy.

    Happy Five on Friday

  5. Happy St Pat's to you too. That mask looks really cute.

  6. That poke cake looks yummy!
    And the snow is so pretty. :)
    Happy Friday!

  7. I just made a pistachio cake with pistachio pudding frosting, but it was purely a coincidence that the next day was St. Patrick's Day. I needed a photo for my second theme dining meal for March, but it's "I'm Going Green". Still a work in progress.

    Really cute ideas. Maybe I'll make a shamrock pizza next year.

  8. What fun! I'm not nearly creative enough!

  9. Haha! These are great, Carrie! Love the breakfast 'shamrocks' and that lemon fruit dip sounds wonderful. Gotta make that Leprechaun face mask for the hubs to take to work next year! Too funny! I hope you enjoyed your day and that pistachio cake - Yum :) The fairy garden is the idea of using the wooden bowl. Hope your weekend is sweet and thank you so much for your dear condolences for our little pup. Sending hugs xo Karen

  10. What cute ideas you have here, Carrie! I wouldn't turn down a piece of that pistachio poke cake if you showed up at my door right now! LOL It looks delicious. And the pepper shamrocks are so easy and clever! I hope you've been having a good weekend. Smokey, whom you asked about, is doing just great and the vet said I didn't have to keep the two kitties separated. Smokey's incision is very small and the stitches are on the inside so she's not chewing on them or anything. Plus she had her second dose of pain meds this morning. Right now the two kitties are both asleep on the couch - the couch that used to belong to us but now belongs to the kittens. Haha. Blessings on you! xo

    1. Thanks Judy! I'm so happy that things turned out so well with Smokey!! I see you've all been getting in lots of snuggle time. Fills my heart. ;) xo

  11. I just love Pinterest! So many great ideas to find and share, it can be rather addicting, lol. Thank you for the kind words on my blog :-) I haven't read the last book yet... crazy right? LOL We have the second part of the last movie to watch yet of Harry Potter but i have a feeling they will be watched several times as well. :-) Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


  12. Just catching up here...Happy St Paddy's Day to you too. We had fun, including a rainbow with pot of gold here, well in my imagining anyway. I looove that green pepper shamrock - a super idea I have never seen. Now to remember it until next 17th March, ha ha. I bet that green cake was absolutely the best Carrie.

  13. Ah, such cute ideas Carrie! I see all these ideas and feel I've been completely lame when all I do is wear something green :] My great grandmother was from Ireland, so I have some special items that were passed on to me that I should have shared on my blog but just didn't get around to it. Have a great weekend ... so much snow!

  14. I love that fairy tree too. SO COOL. The bell pepper idea is ingenius too! I bet it would look neat on the top of a casserole too. Hope you're having a great weekend.

  15. Hope you had a great St Patrick's Day, the pepper shamrocks look excellent I think we'll try those next year :)

  16. The fruit rainbow is a great idea, my children would love that