Monday, May 1, 2017

Sausage and Veggie Sheet Pan Meal

Hello Friends! 

Sorry I have been a bit absent lately. Life has been taking over and feeling a bit overwhelmed. So I'm going to take a little blog break for a week or 2. I hope won't be gone for too long and look forward to having time to enjoy sharing this way with all of you. It truly brings me such joy! ;)  

But, first I wanted to share this recipe that I was going to share with you last week. It was really easy, healthy and delish! So a winner for sure!  I used chicken apple sausage to be a bit healthier. Then lots of different yummy veggies, olive oil, seasonings and herbs. 

This is how it looked before going in the oven. 

I forgot to take a pic on my plate - but here's some left on the sheet pan to give you an idea after it was cooked.  You can sprinkle with some parmesan cheese if you want after it comes out as well. Here is the recipe I used that you can find on pinterest under "sheet pan meals".

Have a blessed week! xo


  1. So easy, colorful and yummy looking! Have a good break. HUGS my friend.

  2. This looks good! Enjoy your break - see you soon!

  3. We will miss you Carrie, but enjoy and see you soon!


  4. Have a blessed break, sweet friend.
    In the meantime, I know what I'll be making for dinner!

  5. We love chicken apple sausage, I'll have to give this a try. I like the idea of serving it over quinoa - a little different!
    Thanks for the idea & hope you're having a great day!

  6. I've never tried this kind of sausage, but it sounds delish! What a great idea for making an easy dinner - love it. So pretty, too. I know I am late in wishing you a happy blog break, but I do hope you enjoy your time away with a little time for yourself :) Hugs and blessings, dear friend. xoxo K

  7. This looks so good!! My husband loves any kind of dish with sausage, so I'll have to make it soon. :)

    Hope you enjoy your break!

  8. I hope you enjoy your break friend. your dish looks yummy.