Friday, June 9, 2017

New Cookbook (& a few recipes!)

Hello Friends! 
Happy weekend to you. ;) I hope you have lots of fun plans. I meant to do a post on this cookbook yesterday but didn't get time. So I thought it would be a really fun thing to share for my 5 on Friday instead!  This is not any kind of sponsored post - purely a new cookbook I purchased recently. I thought it would be fun to share some recipes and photos from it for any fellow blogland cooks to enjoy as well. 
It's a cookbook by Jessica Seinfeld - married to the comedian Jerry Seinfeld. I like how she has the book divided up by virtue and vice. 

In other words by healthier recipes and more indulgent ones.


We'll start with some recipes in 

Don't these pancakes sound yummy? And she often gives little tips by her recipes too. 

I think this sounds like such a fun and unique kind of breakfast salad. Great for a brunch.


More virtue - 

I think both of these recipes sound so good and right up my alley!


And here are a few more photos from the virtue section and a "virtuous" dessert:

Summer perfection.


And now on to 

All of these get my mouth watering!!


And here's a few more photos from the vice section - as well as some dessert recipes:

I'm looking forward to trying many recipes out of this book. I love the beautiful photos and the tips too. ;) Wishing you a wonderful weekend filled with yummy things! xo 

I'm sharing this with Tricky of the blog F.A.S.T. for Five on Friday.


  1. Sounds like Jerry gets fed pretty well!

    True story...several years ago when we owned a cleaning business, a cookbook author was one of our customers. Turns out she was in the process of suing Jessica Seinfeld for allegedly stealing her recipes. Both cookbooks were about cooking for children. Anyway, Jeery even mentioned the law suit one night on a talk show. I don't know what came of it. My guess is nothing, but just thought I'd throw that bit of trivia out there.

    These recipes look truly awesome. I just made chicken salad for some tailgating tomorrow and I think I should call it 'kitchen sink' chicken salad. It has grapes, cranberries, sliced almonds, crumbled bacon, Greek yogurt, mayo, mustard, lemon juice, onions and S&P. I think my salad can kick her salads butt :).


    1. Interesting story Doreen - wonder what did come of it. She's still doing cookbooks so must be okay. Lol Your chicken salad sounds like awesome sauce and totally kicks hers in the butt! ;)

  2. Very yummy-looking and different recipes! So original! Love the Virtue and Vice thing.

  3. What a great looking cookbook. Even the Vice section look very healthy to me. Jessica Seinfield sounds like fun - which it probably is being married to the hilarious Jerry! When we first went to New York in the late 90s, we kept pretending we were in his show, which was very popular at the time.

    1. Thanks Trish! Loved his show too. I bet it would be awfully fun to live with him. ;)

  4. Sounds like such a fun cookbook! I love the virtue vs. vice too- still thinking about the morning salad recipe. I'm pretty traditional on my morning LOL

    1. I agree Tamy - that morning one sounds a bit different. Lol

  5. Oh, those looks so yummy. I need a slice of that chocolate cake!
    Happy Monday. :)

    1. You and me both Heather - chocolate fixes everything! Lol

  6. I wish I had the time to work at making my food more attractive. By the time I get it to the photo stage, I'm either sick of it or out of time.

    I'd give anything to be able to buy watercress at my markets. I could in California, but it grows wild in the streams here in MO, and no one even knows what it is or how to use it. I'm trying some English cress which grows in dirt, but you have to keep it moist. We'll see.

    I'm going to try the frozen banana trick. I've tried it before, but the bananas looked so gross when I thawed them, I threw them out. Maybe looks are deceiving.

    Ah, spaghetti squash - love it! But I'm a purist. Only butter, s&p. I think there's still time to plant some. I'll get some seeds today while I'm out. Thanks for the reminder.

    When I heard about Vodka Pasta, I thought it sounded disgusting; then when I was on a Cape Cod Tour, we had a group lunch at an Italian restaurant with a set menu in Providence, RI, and they served us calamari (fried) and big platters of vodka penne. I loved it. Glad you reminded me that I want to try making it.

    And the fried chicken? Made my stomach growl. Looks perfectly cooked.

    I love cook books. Can't wait for my book goals to be finished so I can start trying new recipes again.

    Thank you for sharing. Love to My Special Little Cook, Patsy

    1. You'll have to let me know how that English cress goes Patsy! I do love the photos in this book. When you can look at a pic and it makes your stomach growl you're doing something right. Lol
      I love cookbooks just to read for fun! We're such kindred souls. ;) xo