Monday, January 8, 2018

Happy Homemaker Monday

Happy Homemaker Monday

Hello my dear wonderful Friends! Happy 2018 to you! 

Isn't the thought of a bright shiny new year always a comforting one? Like in Anne of Green Gables where her regular mantra was that each day starts brand new with no mistakes in it (yet... Lol). Well that's kind of how I feel about a brand new year. Fresh clean slate with endless potential. Sounds beautiful to me. ;)  

It's so nice to be back in this space and feeling back to "real life". I hope that you had a very blessed holiday season and that your new year has been starting right already! Our new year has already begun with a lot of hockey and right now a sick little Pumpkin. Annie is home from school today and has been fighting a belly bug since this weekend. She seems better today and hopefully will be able to play in her hockey game tonight.  My break was wonderful and filled with lots of family time, fun food, games, movies, and rest.  Including just yesterday I spent the day with my best girlfriends for our annual Christmas exchange (we always do it in January). We have been making this happen for 29 years! Pretty awesome. I love them so much and we always have THE BEST time!! 

I just wanted to mention that now that I'm back to real life - I haven't forgotten that I wanted to do a giveaway for my belated blogaversary. I will plan to post details and prizes for it by the end of the week or early next. So check back for that and how to enter! So grateful for all of you and love doing something fun as a thank you for sharing this space with me. Now on to the week ahead...


We have had such a cold snap (well below zero most days) for weeks! But it's a down right balmy 30's and sunny today! We're at least in for several days of weather like this - but then by the weekend back into single digits. Brrr and boo!  Is it Spring yet? Ha!


A bowl of honey nut chex cereal. Coffee. 


Listening to the tv in the other room as Annie is resting on the couch and watching it. She loves HGTV just like her Mama. ;) Working on my weekly planner and this post


The sun is shining! Ruby is out running around in the snow. It's been so cold for her and her sweet little paws lately that she often only spends a few very brief minutes out there. So she is loving this warm snap right now too, and spending extra outside time


Very BARE! It always seems so empty after the Christmas decorations come down. We took down the majority of what was left this past weekend. I haven't put out a lot of replacement "filler" yet, and will need to go shop my house a bit later and see what I want to put out for decorations right now. I know I have a few valentine's things so I know I'll throw some of that out for now. 

ON TODAY'S (& this week's) TO DO LIST:

A lot as always! Several hockey games between both kiddos - and practices. Religious ed class. Volunteer time for me up at their school.  TAlking to my hospice coordinators about scheduling my time as a new hospice volunteer! I will need to shadow a current volunteer for my first several times before I schedule my own regular day each week. Go visit my MIL. Making dinner for my FIL. Annie has a haircut this week too. Running errands, some groceries etc. Yep, back to real life!  Our water is currently shut off (gggrrr) as the city is working on some pipes. But the upside is I guess I can't do laundry right now.  Glass always 1/2 full right?  Should be back on this afternoon



Just starting Caroline, Little House revisited - a book I received as a Christmas gift from my Aunt. She knows how much I always loved Little House on the Prairie (show and books). It's by Sarah Miller and it's historical fiction about the little house days from the perspective of Caroline - or Laura Ingalls' "Ma"



 I watched the Golden Globes last night - Oprah's speech was amazing! This week back to regular shows: The Good Doctor, This is Us, Will and Grace etc. But Amazing Race starting again. Kids Baking Championship I watch with Annie too


MONDAY: penne pasta, dinner rolls, salad

TUESDAY: meatloaf, au gratin potatoes, mixed veggies (for my FIL too)

WEDNESDAY: sausage breakfast bake, toast, fruit

THURSDAY: chicken and noodles dish, muffins, raw veggies & dip

FRIDAY: ? - maybe out for dinner? 



Finally getting somewhere with Legacy box project. Still need to finish a bit in my Grandpa's scrapbook. Also, finally pulling out my old family scrapbooks to catch up on and working on some projects I had left off months again. Getting my mojo back. Not to mention tackling my yearly clean out of my craft space/office and organizing it better. Yay 2018!


I will share some recipes from New Year's Eve


 How To Make Stale Cookies Soft Again
Might be handy tip if you have any leftover stale holiday cookies lying around ;) 


Before and after. Always so bare once the tree and "glow" gets taken down

We sure enjoyed lots of cozy time by this over the break. It was SO COLD all through the holidays

Love these pics from my FIL's house. Even though my MIL is in a facility now due to her Alzheimer's  - he is still able and wanting to live in their big old historical home. This was Christmas morning when we went over to open gifts and they were getting ready to check all of their stockings. Don't you love my stinker niece Gracie's face? Lol Can you tell she's the youngest?  :P

Then back to our house Christmas day for dinner where we host all of my Hubby's family. We did buffet style and it was nice and easy and everyone enjoyed a yummy ham dinner with all the extras! After dinner  we did the funny door prize game, per annual tradition, and it's always great for lots of laughs and fun. 

And I love this pic from Christmas with my Mom (kiddos' "Nana") because my son loves baked potatoes - so one of his gifts from her was a bag of potatoes! Lol

And we got my MIL out of the facility for the day to come to the festivities and this photo of her and my FIL sitting on our couch just goes straight to my heart. 

And New Year's Eve friends of ours weren't able to come over last minute - but my son was having a group of his friends over already.. and Annie had one of her besties sleep over. So I still made a fun dinner and snacks and we had a great time ringing in the new year with lots of crazy young people. Lol! 

And now after a season filled with lots of yummy snacks and visits to the cocoa station... I'm back to more hot tea, my intermittent fasting, and better diet habits to be healthier again. I kept my 38 pounds off over the holidays and now i'm shooting for my final 20 pounds to lose and get to my healthy dream goal! What dreams and goals do you have set for 2018??


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  1. Seems like lovely holidays! Hoping your little one is feeling better. Have a great week

  2. Hi, friend! I'm so glad you're back!!!
    you're the second blogger today to mention 'Caroline' today, so now I HAVE to read it!

  3. So happy to see you back and sounding like the Carry-On Carrie I love. You needed that break - there's lilt in your words again.

    Tell Aaron I want those potatoes. They look like great baking potatoes.

    Let us know how your Hospice training goes. I think you're an amazing FIERCE lady to take that on.

    Like you, I'm very optimistic about this year, but I think Anne of Green Gables got it right - we should look on each new day, not just each new year.

    Hooray for keeping traditions with old friends. More and more important as you age.

    I won't complain about our 40's weather anymore, now that I know 30's is balmy.

    And now that I've seen your inspirational quote for this week, my new mantra is UNSTOPPABLE.

    Love to you and yours, Unstoppable Patsy

  4. Hi Carrie, so nice to catch up with you and hear your positive thoughts on the New Year! So glad to hear that Annie is feeling a bit better - there are some nasty bugs going around everywhere. Love all the cute pics of the kids and the family and that pic of your Mom and Dad-in-law sure does tug at the old heartstrings, for sure. I know what you mean about the house feeling bare after all the decorations come down. I still haven't taken down my tree....been so busy, but it's coming down this week. I hope this year fills all your hopes and dreams. Sending hugs xo Karen

  5. Hello, my friend!
    So nice to see you here!
    Your holidays looked wonderful...festive and fun.
    Of all the pictures you shared, the one that touched me is the one of your dear mother in law...holding the hand of her love, and strong beside her.
    That disease is horrible, I know you know.
    To see them together made my heart smile.
    Still have my tree up, but everything else is happily nestled in tubs until next year.
    Hope your girl is better soon.
    Have a lovely evening. : )

  6. Welcome back! I love all the pictures. Your house looks beautiful, at Christmas and now. Cute pics of the kids, and such a touching one of your in-laws.
    The weather is the same here. What a relief to have a slight reprieve from the cold!

  7. I am reading "Caroline" too! What do you think of it so far? I am feeling the bareness of the house after all of the beautiful Christmas decorations and lights too. Bah! Have a blessed week!

  8. Welcome back! Enjoyed reading your post, read it yesterday on my phone but wanted to be sure and come back today and comment :) I looked up the Caroline book at the library, whew...a popular one but now I really want to read it. Enjoyed seeing all the pictures and hearing about your holidays. Way to go on maintaining your weight loss over the season! Hope you have a wonderful week.

  9. Love all your photos!! This is the 2nd blog post that I have seen the book Caroline, Little House Revisited... now I must check it out! Have a great week!!

  10. My house feels so empty after Christmas as well.
    I want to read the book about Caroline! I loved the Little House books growing up. :)

  11. First off, I ABSOLUTELY ADORE your inspiration! Sure hope Annie is feeling better. I'm so glad you're back - you were certainly missed, but life has a way of making us realize our priorities and you're such a good mom to know what those are. I LOVE your holiday pictures. It does feel good to start the year off fresh though with the clean slate and clean house too :D