Friday, June 29, 2018

30 Days of Summer: Berries

Hello Friends ~

Well life took over but finally here to share more in the 30 Days of Summer posts. I had started one earlier in the week related to fun summer treats - which I will share in the future.  But today I wanted to share about berries. Strawberries in particular for this post....but berries are a true favorite for me in general this time of year. I love that they come in season along with many other wonderful summer fruits.  

My grandparents had a beautiful home on a lake with acres of land when I was growing up. My Grandma lived there for many years after my Grandpa died too. And they always had tons of raspberry bushes. I have such wonderful memories of picking raspberries every summer when I was a kid. And my Gram always made homemade jam and desserts with them. I would say they are my favorite berry for that reason. But in 2nd place are strawberries. The truly wonderful wild ones or from a farm where you can pick them- where they are smaller and nothing like the ones from the grocery store. They are sweet as candy and make the best jam and desserts too!

I didn't hand pick these, but picked them up from a farm that brought bushels of them to the city

So what did do with these beauties? Well I had to make some easy refrigerator jam and a pie of course!  ;)  

That night I had made hashbrown crust breakfast pizza and so we of course had some toast with homemade jam to go along with it!  I shared the recipes for all of these dishes on my instagram and I'll share them all here: 

Hope you enjoy!! I'm sharing this Jean of Sonotorganized blog and Rebecca of Rebecca's Hearth and Home blog for 

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  1. Great minds think alike, Carrie! I'm will be sharing a recipe for Strawberry Pie myself soon! LOL! And, speaking of berries, some of my favorite memories of time spend in the north woods is picking wild blueberries on an island in the middle of Shagawa Lake at Ely. Ohmygoodness! They were so good! Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries! I love 'em all! Have a blessed weekend! <3

  2. When I was in Junior High I worked for a Strawberry farm in the summer. I still go there to get strawberries, and got some last week. So good!
    Your breakfast pizza sounds wonderful!

  3. Oh, Yum, Carrie! Your Grandparent's farm sounds so wonderful. Berry picking is my favorite part of summer. There is nothing like home-grown strawberries. Thank you for the recipes. I have been looking for a refrigerator jam recipe! Hugs x Karen

  4. My favorite part of your post was actually reading about the raspberries. My dad grew bushes of them by the backyard fence and I loved picking them fresh. My parents made jam (and sometimes, wine) with them. Happy memories. A strawberry pie does sound perfect for the 4th of July though! Thanks for joining us again in the 30 Days of Summer blogging series.

  5. YUMMY! Those are some awesome looking strawberries, but I love that you have the raspberry memories. I've canned for years and have always found the best fruit was found by going to the source of a farm or field.