Saturday, December 27, 2014

Scraptastic Saturday: Interactive Scrapbook Pocket

I thought I would start doing something "scrapbook Saturday" and found that Scrapality blog has a linky party on Saturday's! Yay! So I'm excited to join them as a weekly scrapbooking outlet for me (however they have other wonderful DIY projects they share - so check them out!)
Today I wanted to share something fun I enjoy doing so much on my scrapbooking pages. I guess you could almost call it an added love letter...that's the romantic version of thinking of it I guess. But basically it's a "pocket" of any sort on a page. In this case in the form of an envelope I usually tie with some ribbon.
Here are the 2 pages together. However, the light was playing havoc with my camera so let's get a better look:
Here is each page individually. So I would put this together in my album as one layout. But I really want to point out the page on the right. I have added my envelope "pocket" on the lower right corner. I love doing this as a way to add a personal letter to someone, or write your thoughts on the subject of the layout, or even have your child write something that you want to keep for posterity.

First you untie the ribbon. I love the interactive aspect of it this way! In this case you can see that I set up the letter in the envelope to be a wish list. Maybe a wish for the fun you have planned for the winter? Maybe a wish list for your New Year's resolutions? Or maybe to save for a wish list for next Christmas?  The possibilities are up to you and I love that! You could also decorate the note with more stickers or embellishments too.
One of the best parts of scrapbooking is using endless creativity and the chance to preserve it in an album for your loved ones.


  1. I LOVE your scrapbook page - and the idea of an envelope for a "secret letter" or journaling for the page...I am big on scrapbooking and may try to join your link with Scraptastic Saturdays...but for now my camera is waiting for a new battery since mine is "exhausted!" I'll check out their site and see what it's all about...

    I just spent half the day doing 2 2-page layouts; one is for a retreat the end of January and we do a page swap, everyone using the same page I am ready for that!! And, then I did a 2-page layout for pictures of my 5 month old pictures of either yet!

    Hope you have a happy new year, and plenty of scrappin' time!

    1. I'm so thrilled to find a fellow scrapper in you Barbara! I hope you can take photos soon as I would love to see your layouts!

      I thought setting a day a week to link or share my scrapbook love would work great. Looking forward to sharing our scrapping love in the future.

      Happy scrapping in the New Year to you as well! XO

  2. I'm thrilled you joined us this week for Scraptastic Saturdays. My children really love interactive scrapbook pages, but what kid wouldn't love little hidden treasures. I love the colors and prints you used too, they're fantastic. Thanks for linking up this week.

    1. Thx Andrea. I was so happy to find your blog & look forward to coming back often. It was great seeing wonderful ideas from so many others too. Happy New Year to you!