Monday, August 22, 2016

Happy Homemaker Monday

How are you my Friends? Does it feel like a Monday? 

It feels like the last full week before school starts over here....and is it a bad thing that I'm doing a happy dance? ;) I so love my kiddos and have been having lots of fun with them. But I love Fall and all that it brings...and I wouldn't mind NOT having to run around like a crazy lady so much (as then their sports are after school and they are there already) and NOT having to referee fights around the house each day. Plus - well it means right around the corner is warm sweaters, cozy nights with comfort food, crunchy leaves on my walks, beautiful colors....I could go on and on but you get the idea. 


It was so lovely and cool yesterday. Had true Fall in the air. It was sunny but with that cool breeze. This morning is much the same way, but it is supposed to get warmer this afternoon - maybe even hit 80*.  Looks like warm first part of this week...but cool down later in the week. 


Some coffee and part of a leftover blueberry muffin.


Looking picture perfect. Blue skies, fluffy white clouds and sunshine. Birds chirping and light breeze rustling the trees.


Enjoying the quiet actually. Sitting in my office. No music. Can hear the hum of the dryer in the laundry room off in the distance. Going through my planner and working out this week as I work on this post too.


Some cleaning and pick up but not bad. The weekends tend to be a time I get more done (if we're not gone for sports) - so things are still pretty tidy come Monday.


I already dropped my daughter off at her hockey practice. I need to pick her up in a bit and run a few errands. I watered the flowers and have laundry going, but need to throw another load in the dishwasher from leftover dishes from dinner last night. Still need to change some sheets I didn't do over the weekend too. Late today I bring my son to his soccer practice....and so it goes (see what I mean?)


Finally finishing the Elin Hilderbrand book I started reading several weeks ago. Another reason blessed school will change things in my life. My ME time will go up quite a bit. Hope that doesn't make me sound selfish but I can't wait to focus more on my workouts, reading, and craft time!


I have no idea what is taped on my DVR right now. It's been Olympics all the way over here - and I'm going to miss it now that it's over. :(


MONDAY: leftover spaghetti hot dish and salad

TUESDAY: soccer game night - not sure yet

WEDNESDAY: grill night - gotta get some more of this in before true Fall

THURSDAY: another soccer night so not sure (I haven't made out my grocery list yet, so maybe something I can throw in the crockpot to be ready when we get home)

FRIDAY: maybe pizza night? (I can't wait to get back to more of a cooking routine once school starts too) ;) 

*My daughter and I are planning a fun before it's back-to-school tea time with my Mom and my Aunt. Looking at a menu of tea sandwiches and cute pint size desserts, iced tea & lemonade, as well as a potentially fun idea that will involve chopsticks! (not sushi as I'm the only one that likes it) - but I'll share more in a post down the line.


One week to go and then my brain will focus here more...promise. 


something with the tea time I'm sure - stay tuned



My Friend probably would have loved to know this one when her daughter was little. Her daughter would sneak and get the phone to play with and accidentally called 911 a couple of times and had cops come to their door. Oops!! Lol


Been feeling the cozy here on the cooler mornings and nights - so posting more of these kinds of things on my instagram. 

I had an issue with our back hill being taken over by literally 100's of these little "digging" bees. So weird. Did some research as I was worried for my hubby (really allergic) and it turns out they're mining bees. Never heard of them before. They're solitary bees - meaning the queen doesn't hang around. They don't work for the same kinds of things as regular bees and don't produce honey etc. But they have nests under the ground, are very beneficial for the environment and are docile. I was walking amongst them and so was Ruby and they didn't do a thing. Just busy working. They'll go away on their own after a few weeks is what I understand from my research. Gotta love my northwoods life!

Is there anything more wonderful than a daughter that likes to give you a little massage, brush and play with your hair (& then take pics of it - Lol!). Oh how I love that Girl. Please excuse the skull goalie mask t-shirt. I used to play goalie on a couple of broomball teams and it's a pj's shirt. 

A recent instagram post I did about my MIL. I will share more soon in a blog post down the line. She's still at home with my FIL, but we are in final stretches with facility he chose to get her moved there in the near future. Such sad times!!!


I'm linking with Sandra of Diary of a SAHM for Happy Homemaker Monday.


  1. beautiful Photos, I see a lot of fall and I love it : ) and you already know how I feel about that IG blueberry muffin post : ) hugs to you!

  2. How do you like Elin Hildebrand? I've never read anything by her (gasp)...that girl with the scarf in the Fall cartoon is me from September to December!

  3. Sounds like your usual, crazy-busy week, Carrie! I know it will be good for you to get a break from the fast summer pace with the start of school. I just love the beginning of fall, too - those perfect 'not too hot, not too cold' days. I'm glad that you researched the bees and let them 'bee'! They sound pretty interesting......Your tea-party plans sound wonderful. I'm so sorry about your dear Mother in law. She is very fortunate to have such a loving family. Sending hugs to you xo Karen

  4. Oh, Carrie! How exciting. I follow you through Five on Friday, but just discovered your posts for Happy Homemaker Monday. What a great way to record your life. I'm going to take down all these headings and do it for myself. Such great motivational tools. I've been in a sort of funk this year, and just now coming up out of the fog. This will definitely help. You've become my little guardian angel. Hope you know how much your encouragement has helped me through a very rough year.

  5. I've been wondering about your MIL. Thanks for the update.
    My daughters used to play with my hair too. I miss that!
    I never heard of mining bees.
    Sometimes our residents call 911. They report that they are being held, or maybe they think someone stole something from them. They always call us back to check before coming out. :)

  6. Love all the fall going on here, my friend!!!!
    Cannot. Wait.
    I've been wondering about your mother-in-law.
    I'm so very sorry.
    Holding you all in my heart.
    Have a lovely tea!!!

  7. So sorry to read about your mother-in-law. How sweet of you to take such a comforting meal to your father-in-law. As usual, I love all your photos. Your tip of the week gave me a chuckle as I've done that myself (the area code for the Kansas part of the KC area is 913) and had what seemed like a whole swat team in my backyard. Yep, the call goes through even if you hang up! Hope you and your kids are enjoying this last week of summer vacation. Can't wait to see the back to school tea photos :)

  8. Oh how I love Autumn! I was born into it. I like the drawing of the girl. I told my hubby that I won't be down until after my birthday. He is in VA now with the new ship. I really miss him.
    I love your day lilies. Don't feel too sad about your MIL, because as you described Autumn is a time for transitions AND you can visit her anytime. She will be safer there. My pastor's father goes to see his wife everyday and has dinner with her. So sweet.
    I finally got to the UP a couple of weeks ago with my sister Kathy. I should get up your way too. This weekend my sister Liz is coming to visit.
    I hope you are feeling well to enjoy the last dog days of Summer.
    I miss the days when my sons were your kiddos age!

  9. I love your pictures of the candel. So peaceful.

    And I am so sorry about your mother in law. That has to be rough. Prayers for peace.

  10. Love the last quote you shared. It's beautiful and thought-provoking. Your description of fall toward the first part of this post actually made fall sound good...which is amazing since I am *not* looking forward to biding farewell to summer. Fall in itself is beautiful, but what comes afterward... *shudder*! It has been a little cooler here as well, but it's still very pleasant. I have my window open right now.

    Baked spaghetti is one of those dishes that seems better the second time around, so I'm sure your leftover spaghetti will be delicious. And crockpot meals are so convenient for busy days. Unfortunately is crockpot is out of commission atm...but we survive. :) Tea time sounds like a lot of fun. Will look forward to hearing about what you guys come up with. Oh, and those blueberry muffins sound delicious!

    Sorry to hear about your mother-in-law's deteriorating health.

    Sending prayers and blessings for you and your family!

  11. So sorry, Carrie, but I gave you some misinformation. To reach my Pinterest site, it's and I found a wonderful place for tea party ideas on (which is maybe the only cooking website we'll ever need). The tea party recipes are here and you won't believe your eyes. They're all categorized. Amazing.

  12. So sorry to be so late my friend. BUT, the good news is that I'm beginning to get caught up!!! I absolutely adore your inspiration this last week.

    I'm keeping your family and MIL in my prayers. This stage is so hard on the family mostly.

    I had never heard of mining bees before - so interesting. Am glad you can just leave them be (no pun intended) as the state of the bee world is so fragile and yet so important to our environmental survival.

    Oh and BTW you were NOT alone doing your BTS dance!! I was seeing it in the shopping aisles here ALL last week.