Friday, August 19, 2016

Photo Update & a Birthday

Happy Friday Friends! I couldn't resist popping in for a minute and catching up with you. I've been fighting a bad summer cold/flu thing all week. So much for enjoying these last days of summer. Lol :P  But I am finally feeling a bit better the past couple of days so trying to come visit a bit today. I will be back for Monday's HHM post too. So thought I'd let you know what's been going on here through some photos. 

kiddos have been soaking up every last second of summer with friends - one more week to school time!

Lots of this for me this past week - hot then cold...blankets and air conditioning. Ugh! Ruby snuggles definitely helped. 

when I was feeling better early in the week -  I was out for nice walks and noticing that fall colors around my bay have begun

aren't they adorable?? ::sigh::

then and now - where does the time fly??

he loves chocolate and cherry and the ottawa senators hockey team - so I accomodated both
made him a black forest bundt cake frosted with whipped vanilla frosting and chocolate chip garnish
and it was tasty

Going down memory lane over my sweet Boy as he turned 16 yesterday. It was a battle day getting him here 16 years ago. I had preeclampsia gone wrong and they thought they were going to lose me a couple of times. But thank God for modern medicine and we both turned out okay! He was born almost 7 weeks early and only 4 pounds (actually 3 pounds 9 ounces at his smallest weight). So proud of the young man he's becoming.  He's an active soccer and hockey Dude - but he majorly lives for music ...including classic rock. He's such an old soul at heart. He's bright and really funny and a great big brother.  A drivers license will be in his future (October) and he can't wait! Love him so....

And I thought this was funny so I just had to share. At my daughter's soccer game last night (she's number 53 in the top photo, not in this bottom one) and I had to take a pic of the ref because he looked kind of like Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter (if you've seen the movies). Of course maybe I look for those things as I'm such a lover of the books and movies. #harrypotternerd 

Have a wonderful weekend!! xoxo


  1. Awwww....I didn't know you were sick Carrie, I'm so sorry. Being sick is the worst, especially with kids that depend on you. Hope you got the help you needed and that Ruby took care of you too ;).

    Happy 16th birthday to your son! That's a pretty big deal for him, and I'm sure he can't wait to start driving.

    I'll admit, I'm not a Harry Potter fan. Never saw the movies nor read the books. I know. I'm weird :/.


  2. Why do summers go by so quickly? And in the same way - why do our kids grow so fast?
    Sorry you are sick and hoping next week is better for you!

  3. Sending prayers your way for a quick recovery! Colds are no fun, and I think they are especially miserable in the summer, because there is so much to do and so much wonderful weather to enjoy--being laid up often makes for missing so much! But it looks like you are having a little fun anyway. Happy birthday to your son! The cake looks good!

  4. Summer colds are definitely no fun, but at least sitting out in the warm sun is a welcome option. Get better soon!
    Happy Birthday to your young man! He sounds very much like my son regarding classic rock ;) He'll play a song on his guitar, and I have to ask "how do you even know this stuff?!" as it's from MY younger days ha ha! Yes, they sure grow up fast don't they? We had our first camping trips without either of our kids this summer, and I can't believe we're at that stage already ... a bit sad actually.
    I think the ref does look like Draco, except he maybe has a less malevolent smile.
    Enjoy your last week of summer Carrie, and take care,

  5. Happy Sweet 16 to your son! Enjoy this year, because 17 for boys is like 13 for girls! Been there, done that…And warn us all as to when to stay off the road!!! LOL Just kidding kiddo! Go Hockey.
    Draco, LOL. I thought the guy looked English, before I read the comment. My son had an Irish soccer coach in Kewaunee, WI. He was good!!

  6. Can't wait to see your tea party. If you're on Pinterest and need ideas, go to my Patsy in Nixa, Missouri board and look at "Recipes and Ideas for Teas". I've pinned a gazillion things here (not examined, however, so some might be the ones which grind and grind with ads).

    I already have two friends who are also going to do the Happy Homemaker Monday thing, but they don't blog, so we're doing it just for ourselves and calling it My Monday. Thank you. You are my Godsend.

  7. Hope you're feeling better! Happy BIG 16th birthday to your son! Great pictures. It's Driver's license time.