Monday, April 20, 2020

Happy Homemaker Monday

Happy Homemaker Monday

Hello Friends and Happy Monday to you!

I hope you had a lovely weekend and you were able to shake things up a bit so it didn't feel like the Groundhogs Day movie - same day over and over. Lol It is difficult sometimes to keep track of what actual day it is, isn't it? πŸ˜‚ 

Around here it was church time online. Got a few house projects done. Played outside with Ruby a bit. Played board games with the kiddos. Caught up on some shows. Nothing too crazy or exciting. Although I actually gave myself a break and cooked a little less. We got some pizza delivered and the delivery person just left it on our front bench. Worked out pretty well. Also, the bay fully opened this weekend! No more ice - yay!! Just shimmering water - see pics below

This week I'll need to venture out to get groceries. And it's my SIL's birthday mid week. So we'll drive to my brother and SIL's house before she heads to work (she's a nurse) and bring her some goodies to leave at their doorstep and have a fun chat from the driveway. This weekend when she's not working we're going to connect by facetime and play games. πŸŽ‰ 🎈 



some fruit and coffee


I'm still fighting some allergy issues but they've been a little better. Things are definitely starting to bloom more. 🀧 I did a good workout today and the sun finally came out - which helps with the energy level a bit too. 


Getting the goodies together for my SIL's birthday. Also, I check in and talk to my Mom everyday. She is in isolation alone, but doing great! She keeps busy with her books, puzzles, spiritual things online, talking to friends on the phone etc. But I forgot to ask her about her laundry situation this AM. I probably need to go grab some from her this week. She can't do her laundry because it's in the basement of her duplex and she can't do the steep stairs ever since her surgery. She's still on a waiting list for senior apartments across town which would have the laundry on her floor. 


I need to clean up the kitchen from baking homemade bread again this AM. The sun is streaming in now and Ruby is laying in a big sunbeam on the floor


I need to give all the bathrooms some love I didn't do this weekend. Anyone else hate cleaning bathrooms as much as I do?? πŸ˜’ 



Reading a Debbie Macomber book I hadn't finished before. I hope I stay focused enough this time to get it done!   


 Spring baking championship,  The Voice, Outlander, Call the Midwife, When Calls the Heart 
I haven't started the Marvelous Mrs Maisel yet because I started watching Interior Design Masters on netflix. It's a British series - think kind of like great British Baking Show but about interior design. I also have on my list to start Parks & Rec series and Ozark



There isn't really a purpose for this right now as I'm not planning meals like I used to. I don't want to waste any food and since I don't feel good bringing things to my vulnerable Mom and my FIL - just in case - there are far less items I can make because kids are so fussy.  Plus, now we're even more subject to waiting to see what we're in the mood for day by day based on what I have stocked up. We basically rotate each day some kind of pasta, or breakfast food, or soup/sandwich. The main things both kids will eat. (going to leave this here as standard response for now - but will include a recipe or update each post)

It's funny how these past few days as my groceries are really down I'm looking at what I have to work with but trying to reinvent a bit too. I have some canned pizza dough I think I'm going to make into like pizza roll-ups kind of situation - bake almost cinnamon roll style in a 9inch round pan and cover with more cheese after bakes a bit. That will be dinner tonight. And use up some of my veggies I have left by roasting in olive oil and italian seasoning to go alongside. I also have boxes of pudding and a little bit of banana left, so I'm going to make chocolate pudding with banana slices for dessert. 

**One tip I have is the last grocery trip I did, a few weeks ago, I had bought some twizzlers and sour patch candies. I hid them away from the kiddos so they wouldn't just go crazy and eat them so quickly. So this weekend it was a nice treat to make popcorn, with my own micro popcorn maker, and pull out that candy to go with it as a treat for game night. It made much more impact being something special and fun with the kiddos.

This morning I made homemade bread. When it was done we of course had to have a piece warm with butter and jam (seedless blackberry this time). I really like King Arthur flour recipe so here it is in case you want to give it a go:



work on cards for hospice volunteering, work on scrapbooks, get outside for a walk or hang out on the deck


I have a list of folks, from my hospice coordinator,  that could you use some support by way of a card or note. So I have been making cards in way of donating to that cause I sending them to the people they give me. Like the one above as a way to "perk" someone up (get it πŸ˜‰ ?) I pray over each one as I make them. It gives me such a wonderful feeling of productivity amongst this crazy time. ✂️ 

Look at how green my backyard is getting and look at that water shimmer with no more ice on it! 

Twilight out the window is pretty too. I love the reflections from the lamps as it darkens outside. 

And it helps so much to have my church priest and our local bishop saying mass on the weekends. There is a spot to leave comments as mass is said live. So I can leave comments and also see my fellow parishoners' comments as they wish peace or other greetings. It sure helps me still feel connected that way and the power of us all praying for this time. 

They also have a cantor come sing and her voice is amazing! If you follow me on instagram - in my Christmas stories bubble you can hear her sing Oh Holy Night with a choir behind her and you'll think it's the angels. 

But it always makes me sad to see the bishop recess out of our Cathedral with nobody in the pews. 

And I just wanted to share I found this miroco frother on amazon and it has been the best little treat! I put my morning coffee creamer in it and it can either just heat your milk/cream. It can heat and froth it. Or it can make a chilled froth for iced coffee. It was very affordable. It's whisper quiet and works great!! 

I just set my frother while the coffee is brewing. And they both finish about the same time. Top my coffee with the warm wonderful sweet foam and it truly feels like coffee shop coffee. Such a treat! ☕️ 


All of the responders, grocery store workers, caregivers, all those sick and suffering through this, and those who have lost loved ones. I pray psalm 91 over all every day. Prayers for all of us my Friends. We are all in this together. πŸ™ πŸ’œ 

I'm also praying extra rosary time for a cure, quicker vaccine, and better treatments. 


I'm linking with Sandra of Diary of a SAHM for Happy Homemaker Monday.


  1. Homemade bread - how nice! I like your movie night treats. Have a great week

  2. I'm so impressed with that bread! I'd love a piece right now.
    I love British shows. I'm sure I'd like that design one.
    I'm going to look for your frother. My Heather is a huge coffee lover and I know she would like that.

  3. I am so impressed that you can have Mass with your own priest and leave comments along with others that you know. Our parish is not doing it, and I watch one from the city - like you, I really notice the empty church. It is not the same is it? Love your bread with blackberry jam, would love some right now. And Oh dear, I hate cleaning bathrooms too. Have a great week, and lots of creamy coffee. Be safe and well. xoxox

  4. Your homemade bread looks so yummy! I forgot to see if yeast had magically appeared in the baking aisle last time I shopped though. That's a great tip about hiding a few treats, I was just saying today how I could buy enough for 2 months and I think they'd eat it all in 2 days, Ha! Hope you are having a wonderful week so far!