Monday, February 15, 2021

Happy Homemaker Monday

Happy Monday  ~

How are you doing Friends? I'm sorry last week ended up kind of crazy for me so I didn't get around to saying hello to many of you. I helped my Mom finish moving and helped her get ready for her wedding. Plus, Annie's hockey and other appointments and a visit from Scott - all kept me from going on my computer at all. Did you have a lovely Valentines weekend? It was a very nice one here. I watched Annie's hockey game with Ad - it's so nice we can watch them in person again now. And Scott's visit was great! I made us ribyeye steaks that I seared and then finished off in the oven and basted with herbed butter, a splash of beef broth, fresh rosemary and garlic. Also garlic mashed potatoes, caesar salad and chocolate fondue for dessert.  We ran errands, lounged, played games and did a lot of laughing. It was a lot of fun! 😍  And other wonderful moments around here for ♥️ day included my Mom running off to "elope" and get married to her fella. πŸŽ‰ I'm so happy for them! And Aaron's GF surprised him by flying home for the weekend from CO (where she goes to school). He was thrilled!! So all in all a great weekend around here! Now I'm ready for the week ahead and coming around to visit all of you my Friends! 😊  





Yep, with windchill it was about 50 below zero this AM. And I'm going to whine because I had to bring up the garbage and recycling - and I have a LONG driveway! Lol I was bundled up like a mummy. The kids usually bring it up for me - either Annie before school, or Aaron before work. But Annie is on February break from school (they get a February break and a Spring break in April), and Aaron took today off because his GF is still here visiting. So they were sleeping away and I had to brave the literal arctic cold and get them up by the road. 
*Thanks for letting me whine a bit. But I'm a true northern Gal and if you dress right it's all good. πŸ˜‰ 


mini bagel with one side a bit of cream cheese and a sprinkle of everything bagel seasoning, and the other strawberry cream cheese and raspberry jam. Also, fruit and coffee with natural vanilla creamer


Feeling a little scattered as I'm trying to get a few things done before I need to take Ruby for a vet appointment soon. Annie has hockey practice later too as it's February break at school so she doesn't have school this week. 


Other appointments this week, helping my Mom finish cleaning of her old place and help her create some photo things with their wedding pics to put around their new apartment, projects I want to accomplish this week, and Annie's hockey schedule and games this week. 


I'm happy with other recent projects I did accomplish including cleaning out a spare closet and organizing things. 

I actually started reading an old Susan Branch book I've read before but for some reason I was in the mood to read again. πŸ“š Then I still want to read Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe. Also, my Aunt just gave me a book that looks really good called Waging Peace - One Soldier's Story of Putting Love First by Diana Oestreich. So lots of good reading in my future! (no change here)


 HGTV shows, kids baking shows, Escape to the Chateau on HGTV, the Resident, The Chase, The Hustler, Miss Scarlet and the Duke, American Housewife, This is Us, And watching Schitt's Creek on Netflix, The Rookie, Men in Kilts: a roadtrip with Sam & Graham (from Outlander)



MONDAY -  slow cooker meatball soup

TUESDAY - chicken and guac burrito bowls (HF meal)

WEDNESDAY -  Parm meatballs, buttered tortelloni, lemon broccoli & garlic ciabatta bread (HF meal)

THURSDAY - apricot miso chicken with chili lime broccoli & ginger rice (HF meal)

FRIDAY - pizza night??


work on fun projects, read, blog visits, hang out and help my Mom


Some fun epic cribbage games over the weekend. We do a lot of trash talking and laughing. Sadly, I lost far more games than I won. I swear Scott is a cribbage pro and seems to always win. Lol Or else he's cheating. I may need to watch him more closely next time. πŸ˜‰ Also, for dessert I made chocolate fondue from ghiradelli milk & dark chocolate bars, heavy whipping cream, and some vanilla. It was SO yummy. We dunked fruit, pound cake, cookies, pretzels and potato chips. I have little fondue mugs that each has their own tealight and little skewers. They work great! πŸ˜‹ 

And varsity hockey action of my girlsie! She's number 15 and her team won! πŸ‘ 

For fun, I ordered this wonderful strawberry cake, with strawberry curd filling and buttercream frosting for my kiddos. And part of it is going to my Mom and my new step Dad as some wedding cake! 🍰 

When Scott and I were grocery shopping and picking out our ribeye steaks, he grabbed these flowers for me too. ♥️ 

After he had to leave to head back up to AK for work - he was texting about hoping to get an upgrade to first class. He was flying yesterday on Valentine's Day. So I told him I hoped he'd get it too as a nice Valentines gift -and he responded with the above sweet message. Our situation is so complicated. And I have been honest with him that I just don't know how it will work out long term. He understands and we both just enjoy the present and are grateful for such a wonderful and fun friendship in this chapter of our lives. πŸ’• 

And here is my sweet and adorable Mumsy and her new Hubby. They got married yesterday. Aren't they just the cutest?? 

And this freezing weather has made for some much needed relaxing hot bubbly bath time - and some beautiful sunsets and twilights. 


I pray for an end to this virus. For peace, healing and unity in our world.  I pray for anyone sick, suffering, isolated, and afraid - for their peace and comfort. Please Lord give strength to those fighting the virus on the frontlines.  πŸ™ I hope this vaccine will be safe and effective and the beginning of the end for this virus for good.  


I'm linking with Sandra of Diary of a SAHM for Happy Homemaker Monday.


  1. First, Congratulations to your mom and her new husband! Now, my dear friend & "northern gal", could you kindly come collect the rest of your northern weather from the rest of us who live a little farther south and aren't used to this extreme stuff? LOL ;) Glad you had a wonderful weekend, your treats all looks so yummy. Hope you have a warm and wonderful week!

  2. Congratulations to your mom and her new husband for her wedding!
    Stay safe and warm.
    Great menu as usual. Love the individual chocolate fondue mugs, hummm.. will look those up.
    Have a great week

  3. Sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful weekend. Your food sounds wonderful too. I never cook steaks inside, Bob always grills them. I should take a lesson from you!
    Congrats to your mom! My Dad sort of eloped too. He and my stepmom got married and then called and told us, even though we all had been encouraging them to get married. It's been 11 years for them now. :)
    Your mom and stepdad are so cute!

  4. Oh my word....that is cold!!!! Congrats to your mom and her new hubs!!! Oh that pineapple....yum!! Stay warm!! Happy Monday!

  5. Congratulations to your beautiful Mum and her groom, a beautiful wedding photo. My goodness it is cold, and you out there trudging in the snow! How lovely to receive your Valentine's flowers from your special friend. Have a good week Carrie.

  6. Congrats to your lovely mommy and her new hubby! How beautiful!!! That is some cold weather you got there, my friend. Sounds like a lovely, fun, weekend with a very special someone. Hugs and love from not-quite-as-cold Pa! Oh! How was the cake??? It looks delicious!

  7. Sorry I'm so late! Still trying to complete my catch up from last week! So sorry you had to deal with the trash and recycling, but being a good northern girl, I know you had the proper clothing for that arctic weather! Hubby and I joke about people everywhere else in the country complaining about the cold - after living in the north woods you learn that cold is cold and as long as the wind isn't blowing and you've bundled up COLD IS COLD no matter the temperature. That said, Texans don't own that clothing for the most part and I'm keeping them all in my prayers as they deal with the clean-up form their historic storm.

    What a sweet picture of your mom and her new hubby. Congratulations to them as they begin this new chapter of their life.

    I hope you enjoyed Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe - it was a fun read. I recently finished her South of the Buttonwood Tree - she has such a unique style of writing.

    I hope you had a great week and I'll check in to see today's post later today.