Monday, March 1, 2021

Happy Homemaker Monday

Hello and Happy Monday Friends

How was your weekend? I hope you're starting this week out with sunshine ☀️ 

We had a pretty rough week here last week. I love and respect this place in blogland so much. I have become friends with so many of you and several even more so beyond the blog. This is a special space for me that I have shared many things about my life. I love keeping it positive and light in this space as a general rule for myself. Today, however, I want to share more fully my story as a way to explain what is going on around my home currently. I feel it is finally time to share this with you. 

I will start back to why Ad and I split up. Many of you probably remember me talking about his Mom and her alzheimers, which eventually led to her death. When she was starting to get bad Ad was struggling and what I now realize also included a mid life crisis that changed completely who he is in many profound ways. For those that don't know,  Adam was my high school sweetheart. We had been together since we were 16. He was my best friend, love of my life, partner in everything and husband. When we had been together for close to 30 years, and he was acting differently, I found out he had been having an affair. This was about 4 years ago. He showed such remorse, shared about untreated depression he had and I had such love and compassion for him that I forgave him and we agreed to work on our marriage. I fought so hard for our family. He never really tried and I finally had to realize our marriage wasn't going to work anymore. I have worked very hard to still be kind to him and try to have a good relationship for the sakes of the kids. The kids have been with me 97% of the time through all of this.  We give them the choice and that is what they have chosen. I have worked hard to teach them the importance of forgiveness and understanding and had encouraged them to work to build their relationships with their dad in their own ways. And throughout the past years of separation and eventual divorce, he had reassured me and my kids over and over that the woman he was with (whom we know) was not in his life that way anymore. Because at times I would still hear things about him, and I knew he babysat her dogs sometimes - but when confronted he would get angry, tell me he is always alone and go on to say things that made me feel for him and even worry about him being okay. This manipulation of me has gone on for years now and made it difficult for me to move on in my own life and relationships. I am the person I am and couldn't help caring about him, giving him a lot of credit for still being a good man and most of all for the kids' sakes. Well through certain circumstances I very recently found out directly from her they have still been involved and she thinks he's ashamed of her and why he's hiding her. He is a prominent businessman and I know when things came out he was incredibly embarrassed and ashamed because he became the cliche he always used to condemn in others: she was his secretary, literally half his age (she is young enough to be his daughter and closer to our son's age and he's 20), and covered with a sleeve of tattoos (in the past he expressed that he thought tattoos unprofessional). I know Adam did love me in the past and was always proud of me and the person I am - a college educated woman who left my career in social work and gave my life to this family, and he always said I was an amazing mom to our kids, and he would say how loving and caring I was - even caring for his Mom for years. So I understand that he's not proud of this relationship with her and all it represents. He stated through the years to me he never loved her or saw her as a forever kind of person to him. He would often say things about me being lucky I'm such a good person with lots to offer someone again someday, but that he won't have that because of the person he is and story he'd have to share. I do pity him. But I am grateful that all the manipulation he has had over me is now over! Like a weight lifted. But this has really hurt the kids and they are more distant from him again.  I love them so much and I still make sure they know they need their Dad and I am encouraging them to know he loves them and that they need him in their lives. But we are both letting them call the shots and give them space as needed. My heart breaks for their pain. And I have had my own feelings of humiliation because when I would hear things about him, even in divorce, I would always defend him to others. So this past week old wounds were reopened (it has felt like a 2nd betrayal), but also my eyes were opened to who he truly has become, and now I can move on. I fully accept reality and that I don't need to worry about him anymore. I have made sure the kids know I will always be here for them and they will always be my priority. That they are loved beyond measure and everything will be okay. But I needed to share that it has been a big blow to us. Almost a new grief that will take its own time to heal. I ask for prayers for my kiddos and their healing and hopefully a healthy relationship with Ad again one day. And I ask for prayers for Ad because I think he needs them most of all. And I am grateful for how he has continued to provide for us and help me with things around the house. He has been very good about his obligations and I have appreciated that. And I know I will be fine. I have my God and my faith, which has been my strength and absolute grace through all of this. I also have the best family and very close friends that have been there for me through it all. 

Thank you for letting me share. And for your love and support through all of these years in so many ways. I still want this to be a space of joy for me and that is where my focus will lie. But it feels great and freeing to finally share more of my life with you, my dear friends, who have become close with me here in this space. I treasure you all! 

Now onto this new day and the week ahead...






buttered toast, coffee


I am feeling free and ready for true healing and new beginnings 😊 


How much I love my kids and that I just want them okay. How happy I am that they have still been thriving and that is because of me. I have had a strength I never knew was in me these past 4 years. But I know it has come from the Lord above and I praise Him so much for that.  🙏 I have had several women, I hardly knew before, reach out to me these past few years sharing their similar stories with me. Asking me advice how I had been able to forgive and handle things with grace and some of them have become very good friends of mine. As one said to me recently, we have been in the same war and that has bonded us.


The sun is shining in and it has felt so nice to have warmer, milder temps to enjoy and be outside with Ruby.

I haven't started a new book yet, have been reading some new magazines I picked up


 Spring Baking Championship, Escape to the Chateau on HGTV, the Resident, The Chase, The Hustler, Miss Scarlet and the Duke, American Housewife, This is Us,  The Rookie, Men in Kilts: a roadtrip with Sam & Graham (from Outlander), When Calls the Heart



MONDAY -  ?? maybe clean out the fridge

TUESDAY - banh mi meatball bowls (HF meal)

WEDNESDAY -  nacho chip crusted chicken, green pepper rice & fixings (HF meal)

THURSDAY - easy night (hockey) - subway?

FRIDAY - roasted garlic & zucchini flatbreads with white sauce, mozzarella & grape tomatoes (HF meal)


dive into a movie, hang with my Mom, maybe lunch with a friend, enjoy the sunshine


One of my good friends that has been through the same "war" was there for me this past difficult week and sent me these gorgeous flowers. I have been doing lots of weeping in gratitude for the wonderful folks in my life 

My Bro and SIL lost one of their dogs a few months ago. And they just reserved this adorable husky puppy! 💕 

The power went out here this weekend and the kiddos and I lit lots of candles, built a fort in the living room, got Aaron's camping lantern and played goofy games in the dark. It turned out to be a pretty special night. 

I threw myself into cleaning out my closet this weekend, getting rid of things and lots of reorganization. 


I pray for an end to this virus. For peace, healing and unity in our world.  I pray for anyone sick, suffering, isolated, and afraid - for their peace and comfort. Please Lord give strength to those fighting the virus on the frontlines.  🙏 And may the vaccines continue to help the numbers go down and life become more normal.  
For my family and all we're going through right now.  For all the women that are going through the same kinds of betrayal and pain. I pray for their strength and grace in getting through it and for their healing out the other side. 


Dreaming on Spring ahead and the magic of new beginnings. Have a blessed week Friends. I'm linking with Sandra of Diary of a SAHM for Happy Homemaker Monday.


  1. Hugs and prayers to you and your kiddos.... having old wounds reopened is always hard! Oh that Husky... so cute!! Keep you chin up this week!! Happy Monday!

    1. Thank you so much Jodi - I feel the prayers and appreciate them so much!

  2. Oh Carrie, I'm so sorry you've been through this, and then hurt again. I'm thankful you feel the strength from God, and also that He has put so many people in your life to lift you up and show you love and how important you are.
    You've been a wonderful example to your kids. I know I've mentioned to you before how you've impressed me with the way you have handled all this.
    I'll be praying for you, for the kids and Adam too.
    Love and hugs!

    1. Thank you Mari! I completely agree with how God has brought the most wonderful people into my life (including you) and the prayers and support have helped so much!

  3. Oh sweetie, my heart hurts for you and all my prayers and positive thoughts are on their way to you, Annie and Aaron. I can't begin to imagine the betrayal you feel, especially a second time, but I've learned you are one SUPER STRONG woman whose faith and love for her family will lead you AND the kiddos through all of this to the other side along with a new found freedom. It certainly sounds like Adam is still struggling with so many things and needs all the prayers and positive thoughts he can get to also get through to the other side. Sending you BIG hugs too.

    And that puppy is absolutely adorable!

    Have a WONDERFUL week.

    1. Thanks Tamy! It has been so hard. It has not been me being strong at is absolutely the Lord giving me that strength and I'm so grateful for the sakes of our kids. Please keep the prayers coming.

  4. Oh my! Going through the betrayal a 2nd time must be very hard. ((hugs)) to you and the kids. I know you will get through it and it's time you ex comes out with the truth.
    The husky is such a cutie! Seems like you had fun with no electricity :) once again ((hugs))

    1. Thanks Lulu - it has felt like freedom finally getting the truth and being able to start dealing with it. The support means so much!

  5. My heart breaks for you, I don't even know what to say. I knew it was something serious but I wasn't aware of the details.

    It takes a strong woman to be so vulnerable and to share her story with others, but I think it will help many who come upon it.

    I haven't been in your situation specifically, but 10 years ago I did have to go through my parents divorce. I can only speak from the side of a child experiencing it, and it's heartbreaking and extremely hard to go through, so my prayers and thoughts are with your children. And of course with you.

    I'm so incredibly proud of you, for putting this behind you, for letting go and for letting God move you forward. You have had to learn some hard lessons, and I wish you didn't have to go through this pain, but as with everything else we endure in life, it always and I mean ALWAYS makes us stronger.

    Love you my friend.

    1. Thank you so much Sandra! You have been such a wonderful friend in faith sending me so many words of support and sharing with me. I am so incredibly blessed to have such wonderful friends and amazing support. And I know I will continue to go through all of this into who I am meant to be.

  6. Dearest Friend,
    Bless your heart.
    Dang it. Crappy things should not happen to people like you.
    I can only imagine the pain and disappointment you must feel.
    But you think of others before yourself.
    I wish I lived closer so we could take the Jeep for a ride with the music blaring. Someday, perhaps. Hugs.

    1. Thank so much Billie Jo! I adore the jeep idea and so wish you were too. Lol I would take you up on that in a second!! Thank you for the support - so appreciated!

  7. Sending you a great big long distance hug with lots of love! It sounds as if you are handling things with so much more love and grace than many in shoes would be able to muster. And to share your story with us all, I can't imagine how difficult that must have been. Praying for you and your kids. Hope your having a happy and healing week.

    1. that should say "many in your shoes" oops. think/talk faster than I type sometimes.

    2. Thank you so much Jean! I feel the hugs and all the support and it helps more than I could ever say. Please keep the prayers coming

  8. Dearest Carrie, I am so, so sorry you have had this experience. Betrayal is absolutely awful to deal with, and my heart goes out to you all. You have faith and it will see you through. Thoughts and prayers. Hugs too. xoxoxoxo

    1. Thank you so much Trish! The support and prayers are definitely helping see us through. Just doing it one day at a time.

  9. I hate that you and your children have to go through this. Will be praying for peace and clarity!! <3

  10. Oh, Carrie, I am so sorry that I am late in reading this! I haven't opened my computer in a couple of weeks and wouldn't you know it would be a time when my beautiful friend needs comfort and solace. Please forgive me... Well, I am so relieved that you have come to terms with this, although I know it must be one of those things that takes a lifetime of soul searching. Betrayal is so shattering and such a shock, and so difficult to move past, but I am so proud of you for being the brave and honorable Mom that you are and putting your children above everything. You should be very proud of that - not many people are able to do that. I don't have the experience of spousal betrayal, but my Mr. grew up with a very similar situation with his Dad and it was with his Mom's best friend. They spent all their time with each other's families as children and when the truth came out it was devastating. The way it was handled was with bitterness and recrimination and it really destroyed the family and had a lasting impact on him and his siblings. I am so glad to hear that you are doing the right thing and being supportive of your children and encouraging love, forgiveness and acceptance for them. You are such a wonderful role model for them. It sounds like you are ready to completely move on and this is wonderful - you deserve someone who will truly cherish you. Just to think of how you so kindly took care of his Mother and Father, and your own family proves how deserving you are. I am sending positive prayers your way, that you can find peace and happiness and comfort in the knowledge that you are doing the right thing. Sending you big hugs and love xx Karen