Thursday, October 14, 2021

The Season of the Pumpkin


Hello Friends! It's crazy I know...I'm actually posting on a day other than a Monday! But I thought I would try to include a recipe post or a crafting post each week, besides HHM on Mondays. This is a season I love so much and would love to share more and come visit you more. 

I'm not sure about you, but I love pumpkin and pumpkin flavored things. This season is a favorite to me for many reasons....but the flavors are definitely one of them. 🎃 So I had recently picked up a Better Homes & Gardens magazine filled with pumpkin recipes and thought I would share a few fun ones with you....


Doesn't this french toast sound cozy and yummy?

Or if you're more of a pancake or waffle fan, here is an all purpose mix you could use. 

My absolute favorites are all the yummy spiced drinks this time of year. 

I like soups, pastas and other savory pumpkin things this biscuit recipe intrigued me. 

And always end on something sweet, right? I think these cookies sound sinfully wonderful! 

If you're a fellow pumpkin lover, I hope you found something you might like. Enjoy the almost weekend ahead peeps!  
Pumpkin spice latte anyone? 😉😋  



  1. Yum! These are some good looking recipes. And I was happy to see another post from you. :)

  2. You can't have too many pumpkin recipes, I think! These all sound delicious! The biscuits would be great with home-made soup! Missed you xo K

    1. Thanks so much Karen! And couldn't agree more as a fellow pumpkin lover. So nice to hear from you - missed you too!