Monday, December 6, 2021

Happy Homemaker Monday

Happy Monday Friends ~

I hope you're having a wonderful start to your week! It's beginning as a very chilly one here. I've lived here my whole life you think I'd be prepared. But that first really cold snap every year still always hits hard. BBrrr!!

Had a wonderful weekend. 😊 On Friday night I went to a holiday concert with my Mom and Aunt and it was so lovely. The music was from a local university but it was held in a cathedral with beautiful acoustics. Everyone was masked, including the singers, which made me feel much more safe with it all. It was just so nice to be able to do something like that again. Then Saturday I went shopping to an open air Christmas market with a girlfriend. They did have warm up spots inside a building too. It was so fun and festive and I picked up a few more gifts. We grabbed a bite to eat after so we could have a catch up chat. 

Yesterday we woke up to a world of white and it snowed all day. So it's nice to see a pretty blanket on everything. I didn't get to watch the Pack (they were on a bye) but I see the Vikes lost - so that is still a great weekend in my book! Lol And I did more holiday activities around finally getting the downstairs tree done and wrapped quite a few Christmas gifts. Lots of chat time with Matt too...which is becoming my new favorite activity. 😉 



toast with butter & jam, coffee


Annie's hockey(practices & games), lunch with gf's, errands and groceries, more work getting completed on kitchen this week, hospice work (home & facility), an Annie appt, home projects


It's so nice to see it all decorated. My dining table is kind of a war zone, though, right now as it's been my Christmas present wrapping station.  


The Cafe Between Pumpkin and Pie It's 3 different stories by  3 different authors. I forgot I picked it up this fall. It's fun cozy reading. Holiday magazines


Holiday Baking Championship, The Resident, Survivor, Christmas Cookie Challenge, Greys Anatomy, The Rookie, I think the Great British Baking Holiday show might be on Netflix now? HGTV shows, Christmas movies I have taped


MONDAY -  use up eggnog and make french toast, bacon, fruit

TUESDAY -  Annie hockey game so not sure

        WEDNESDAY -  baked potato and salads 

THURSDAY - BBQ pineapple flatbreads (HF meal)

FRIDAY - one pan pork fajita lettuce wraps with lime crema (HF meal)


go to lunch with gf's, finish some online shopping, read, try to do more blogmas posts


How did I not know this before??


It was so fun to shop with a bestie this weekend and then go inside to get warmed up with a hot coffee and a roll. There were several concessions and food booths all decorated up with balloon made gingerbread buildings. 

And then on our way to the car we were able to catch a big ship coming through the lift bridge

Recent Christmas present to myself - bluetooth earmuffs for winter walks 

I always have candles in the windows in the front of the house - but added some to the windows in the back. I can see some of the Christmas trees of folks across the bay and figure they can see mine too. Plus the glow inside is pretty as well ✨ 

A world of wintery white again and Ruby would play catch with snowballs all day if I let her!! 

I was taking a screen shot of this beautiful nativity pic to send my Mom when Matt was responding at the exact same time to a snowy pic of the bay I had sent him....

Funny how it still kind of fit perfectly with the pic. Lol 

some other cozy screen shots - had to share the bobcat one because of all my visitors over the summer 😉 

I finally got the downstairs tree done and the angel topper was my Gram's that she always had on her tree. She made it or my Aunt did, I can't remember, but I love it! 😇 

And Ruby is a very energetic helper. Lol 

I love this sort of vintage looking northwoods wrapping paper I found 

It feels nice to have the decorating done and just enjoy the glow in the evenings. 


Prayers for gratitude and thankfulness for so many blessings. For an end to the virus. For peace and unity everywhere. For health care workers, first responders and all those who work so hard to take care of others. For my former FIL. For a bestie healing from a broken ankle and foot. For my Mom's friend in an accident as she continues to heal and now needs additional surgery. For all those traveling during the holidays. For anyone that is having an extra difficult time during this holiday season 🙏 


I hope to have some extra blogmas posts this week. I was able to join one so far (previous post). I hope you have a blessed and cozy week! I'm linking with Sandra of Diary of a SAHM for Happy Homemaker Monday. 


  1. It's been snowing here today and is so cold and windy! Winter has arrived. I love your nativity shot with Kevin's comment. It really does fit.
    Your house looks so nice. I have me decorating done too, feels good!

  2. LOL I was just thinking the same thing about the weather - know it's coming, done it before, but the first deep bone chilling cold always smacks me!

    The holiday concert and Christmas Market must have been wonderful. I've done a couple here also, but miss doing them in places like where you live and all the snow - always makes it feel more Christmassy :D

    I always love your cozy decorations and especially the view looking from the outside in. And the bay pictures with Ruby in the snow are really cute.

    I adore that Nativity picture!!!!! And I love the timing on Matt's text - so apropos!

    Have a wonderful week my friend.

  3. Hi Carrie, how exciting to have a big snow fall. I look forward to some pictures! Your tree topper angel is very unique and so pretty sitting up there, and I love your Christmas village too. I have been collecting similar little Christmas houses to make my village each Christmas season. I too would have grabbed that northwoods paper - it is so charming. Enjoy the season. xxx

  4. Your pictures all look so wintery and Christmas-y and cozy! And I love the peek of the bridge there. The Christmas market looks like lots of fun. Hope you are having a wonderful week so far!

  5. The nativity painting is absolutely beautiful! Nice to see all your decor - candles in the windows makes it all so warm and cozy - I need to buy a few of those.
    think I missed something, who is Matt?

    Have a great week