Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tuesday Update

Hello dear wonderful Blogland Friends! 

I missed Happy Homemaker Monday yesterday - so I thought I would do my own little abbreviated version as a way to still keep track of my week and say hello to all of you! ;)  

Yesterday I went shopping with my Mom and my Annie, as we didn't get to go for black Friday (which is often our tradition). My kiddos didn't have school yesterday - so Annie was free and excited for girls' day out! We had lots of fun and got lots accomplished.  Then we did lots of Christmas decorating around here!


I have a busy one as always - Lol.  We have my son's hockey game tonight. I have a dentist appointment this week. Visits with my MIL. I need to get groceries and hope to do some cooking for my FIL by the end of the week. I have a bit of decorating left in my home and then I'm going to be helping my Mom over at her place.  I'm finishing Christmas cards and working on packages I need to mail out, as I want to send all by the end of the week. Tis the season for busy, busy, busy -but in lots of fun and wonderful ways.


The weather today is gray and rainy. We've had a lot of rain lately and all of our snow has melted. Looks like it's going to be pretty mild this whole week (for my northwoods, anyway) - with temps mainly in the 30's to 40's with some rain and maybe a bit of snow, but we won't accumulate too much.  For me it feels so weird...and it's harder to feel Christmasy. We usually have quite a bit of snow already - or it's at least much colder. It feels like Fall and yesterday felt like Spring as it was in the 50's and rainy!


TUESDAY -  something quick and easy due to Aaron's game. Maybe grab subway or go somewhere else when we're out & about. 

WEDNESDAY - ravioli bake, garlic bread, salad or veggies 

THURSDAY - breakfast for dinner. Eggs, toast, waffles, hashbrowns, sausage and fruit 

FRIDAY - need groceries so don't have a plan for the weekend yet. 


I have some fun holiday projects I'm starting to put together. I'm also trying to finish up my Christmas cards as I want to mail them out early this year!  I've started getting the gifts I've purchased so far together...and yesterday I picked up wrapping paper, bows etc and have started to wrap gifts as well. I'm looking forward to being ahead of the game so I can enjoy the season more slowly. Do more holiday baking, go to a holiday concert or 2, visit others. Just take it in and enjoy. 


So true and so wonderful!!


Of course putting out lots of the real reason for the season. I got 2 big new angels at Hobby Lobby that I just love and put on top of the entertainment center in the den. And of course my nativity that my Mom made for me  - so special!

One of Annie's favorite parts of the season - the advent calendar. Ours is this little "cabin" I got at Target years ago. Each day the kiddos open a door and there's either a little candy - or a slip that says "see Mom". If it's a slip I go to my hiding place and bring them a little trinket or book for the season. 

I haven't decorated outside yet, but I got some new candles to put in the windows and I love them!

The "fancy" upstairs tree. This is my baby and I decorate it each year with white lights and with decorations to match the color and decor of my home. I changed it up this year a little and added tulle instead of ribbon - and a bead garland (like jewelry for the tree) and new poinsietta flowers - along with all the ornaments. I think of it like me...or like I was once. A December bride in all of her finery.

And the downstairs (media room) tree that holds white and colorful lights both. We decorate it together and it has all of our ornaments from through the years. Annie is my girl and enjoys going down memory lane with each one. Did I mention I love Christmas?? ;) 

My sleepy Ruby this AM. It's a gray sleepy day today. 

Some fun video clips of the recent Bryan Adams concert I went to with a group of girlfriends. It was so fun as several of us had gone to see him when he came to our area many years ago.One of the girlfriends there was part of the group I went with way back then.  Most of us were the same age at the time (14 years old) and thought it was so fun to relive our youth for a night!! Lol! He sounded amazing!! It was a lot of fun. 


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Wishing you a blessed week ahead! xo

Friday, November 25, 2016

Giveaway Winner!

Happy Friday Dear Friends! 

Those of you that celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday - are you as stuffed as I am? Lol  :P  It was a wonderful day with family and the meal was excellent. But my true favorite part is the leftovers! We had turkey melt sandwiches for lunch. To make those:  I toast some bread and then I put some mayo and cheese on one side and some warmed turkey slices, and a warmed scoop of dressing and gravy on the other. Then I put the sides together and warm the sandwich in the microwave just until the cheese is melty. I then open the sandwich and quickly scoop on some of my homemade cranberry sauce. Cut the sandwich in half and gobble gobble. Now that's a sandwich!! I then got some of the bones and extras from my SIL to bring home and I have this going on right now:

I placed the bones in my crockpot and added some onion, carrot and celery, seasonings and bay leaves. I then filled the crockpot full of water. It's been cooking since this morning and I will let it keep cooking for 8-10 hours. I will then strain it and that will be my stock for turkey noodle soup tomorrow. So good!!  

Okay, enough about food let's get on to the blogaversary giveaway winner! My niece and nephew slept over at our house last night and Annie has been off playing with them and some friends in the neighborhood- so I didn't have my helper to draw for me. But guess who is here to say hello and give me support:

That's right - Miss Ruby! Doesn't she looked enthused? I think she's still in a turkey coma too. But she did help oversee the drawing and make sure it was on the up and up.  

I just want to thank you all again for entering and I LOVED reading about your Christmas memories and favorite parts of the season. I responded to each of you as well.  I just can't say enough times how much I treasure my time in blogland and making such wonderful friends of you all!! God bless you!!

I wrote down all of your lovely names and put them in my very special crystal dish that I used for my last giveaway as well. I reached down and took the photo right in the moment - keeping it honest. And I pulled out.....

My sweet Friend Bethany of the blog Liberty or Death!! Congrats Bethany! I'll be contacting you soon so I can get your address and send you your goodies. ;)  xoxo

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wednesday Wonder

Hello my Friends! 

Happy Wednesday to All! And to those of you whom celebrate Thanksgiving - happy day before we gobble 'til we wobble! ;)  

I've got my pretty Fall lights and candles glowing. The snickerdoodle dough that will go on top of the apple pie is chilling, the various kinds of bread for my homemade stuffing have been cut up and toasted and are waiting for the next steps, and the pecan pie (with crust from scratch) is baking away as I type this and smells delicious! That just leaves the calico beans and broccoli salad stuff to prep yet, and I'll make the cranberry sauce tomorrow. Then we'll head off tomorrow afternoon to the BIL and SIL's house to gather, pray in gratitude for our blessings and dig into a feast! I'm so thankful for blessings - including you friends!! Have a very blessed Thanksgiving. Here's some pics from around my home and some fun vintage Thanksgiving ones from pinterest. 

**PS: if you haven't entered for my blogaversary giveaway yet (I'm drawing for it on Friday) please do so here.


The above photos are from Annie's garden before the snow hit.

Can  you smell that yumminess?? ;) 

Also, today is Happy Birthday to my Hubby - one of my favorite turkeys in the whole wide world! xo

Monday, November 21, 2016

Happy Homemaker Monday

Hello Friends!

Happy Monday to you! This past weekend flew by - but part of that could have been due to the fact that we went out-of-town to go visit some family and go to a Green Bay Gamblers hockey game....one of our families' favorite activities. ;)  It was a fun weekend, but whenever it's a road trip the time flies!! Now back to real life and the week ahead. 


Right now it's in the 20's, but it's supposed to get into the 30's. Bbrrr! It's sunny but quite cold. Winter has decided to arrive. We'd been spoiled this Fall. Now back to reality. Looks like we have more snow in our forecast for tomorrow too, so it'll be a white Thanksgiving around here. The cold is good for all that baking though. ;) 


1/2 a bagel and highlander coffee (it's butterscotchy  - yum!)


Yes, I'm listening to Christmas music again. I can't help myself!! Today it's very traditional stuff - like Frank and Bing.  Working on my week ahead in my calendar planner and starting my grocery list.   


I'm in my living room and looking out at the bay. It's nice and sunny and there's about an inch of snow on my deck. The bay has it's first real layers of ice starting. Yep, it's cold!!!!


I have more laundry - especially from our weekend trip. I also have some packages to put away. Quite a few holiday gifts arrived while we were gone that my Mom brought in for me (she house sits for us and has her new puppy along with Ruby...she says it's an adventure!). I need to keep track of what I've already been getting for folks! Other than that the house is pretty tidy. 


As I mentioned - house chores. I need to work on my grocery list for this week and check it twice for all the Thanksgiving stuff coming up! I may get a jump start on my Christmas cards too! I really want to get them out early this year. I'm also going to get my workout in and I might bake some pumpkin chocolate chip bread. I meant to get to it these past few weeks and haven't. I think I may use my mini loaf pan and give several away as a "thankful" gesture to my neighbors.  Love this time of year! 



I've mainly been perusing holiday magazines and already ordering Christmas gifts! (this has not changed!!)


I haven't really looked since we left on trip. I have some series shows from last week to catch up on. Probably some cooking and holiday baking shows too. 


MONDAY: some leftovers to eat up from the end of last week (clear out the fridge and make room for Thanksgiving goodness!)

TUESDAY: baked chicken, pasta side dish, veggies

WEDNESDAY:  our favorite Chinese food takeout for my Hubby's birthday!! I just love that big turkey  ...er I mean Guy.  :P

THURSDAY: THANKSGIVING!   (turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, sweet potatoes, broccoli salad, calico beans, fruit salad, corn, relish tray, homemade cranberry sauce and the can kind to cover everybody, dinner rolls, pecan pie, snickerdoodle apple pie, cherry pie, and pumpkin pie) There's a big group of us and several teenagers!! So of course lots of food!

FRIDAY: the best part - Thanksgiving leftovers throughout the weekend! Turkey melt sandwiches and turkey noodle soup.

**PS: I did bake those chocolate chip potato chip cookies and posted about it last week - in case you missed it look  here.


Many things - and will probably be working on them (& organizing) for a while. Will hopefully have lots to share in the new year!


I will be making the pecan pie and the snickerdoodle apple pie for Thanksgiving. The snickerdoodle apple pie is a new one - I will share the recipe in the future!



www.foodnetwork.com has all kinds of good Thanksgiving tips right now. I especially like this one about using your slow cooker to keep the mashed potatoes warm  - oven space is at a premium during Thanksgiving!!

Here's how we left the bay before going on our weekend excursion.

And here's how it looked as of sunrise time this AM - frozen!!

My Mom took this pic of our girls (my Ruby and her Angel) hanging out at our house while we were gone. 

Fun hockey time with Green Bay Gamblers Ace and a sweet little cousin that came to the game with us this time. We got to meet her new little baby Brother while in Green Bay... and see another relative's new home. Family time is so fun!!

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Happy Thanksgiving my dear Blogland Friends! I'm so thankful for you!!  Don't forget to enter into my Blogaversary Giveaway if you haven't! I will be drawing for it this Friday. Here's the link if you need it. 

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