Monday, October 26, 2020

Happy Homemaker Monday

Happy Monday to you! ☀️ 

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. It was a very nice one here. Scott got to come for a quick visit before heading back to AK for work. And Ad came later in the weekend and he and the kiddos (I helped a bit too) worked around the outside of the house to winterize everything. Got the dock out, cleaned out the gutters, put away all the outside furniture, covered the air conditioner unit, trimmed all the shrubs etc. It looks so bare here now. Especially with so many leaves off of the trees as well. 

I also watched my wonderful Packers kick some butt! And made lots of cozy food. Chili with cornbread muffins with jalapeno & cheese and honey butter glaze on top. And slow cooker sweet and sour meatballs over rice. Also, a pan of caramel cashew bars. Yummy comfort food. Tis the season! Lol πŸ˜‹ My loved ones share how much they appreciate the good food and I love sharing it with them. ♥️ I posted some cozy yummy recipes yesterday. Yes, I actually posted 2 days in a row now! So feel free to check out the last post too. Hoping to be in blogland a little more. 

Now all rested and ready for a new week ahead...



apple cider donut, coffee, fruit


Energized. Ready for a new week. Starting some new projects.  


Busier weeks ahead. Trying to do holiday shopping early. Annie's hockey season starting now with practices so more run around lately. Adam (& sometimes Aaron) helps with the driving too. It will be nice when Annie gets her license - but not wishing it away either. Lol 

It was my Mom's bday yesterday. She was out of town for my Aunt's funeral. It was very small and they only let a few people come. My Aunt had cancer and I'm glad she's free of pain. I have been talking with my cousins and pray for their strength, peace and comfort everyday. They plan to travel here when the world is better, hopefully next year, so we can gather and do a celebration of her life. It's so hard having to think about my older relatives (including my parents) being of ages where more of these times are going to come. My Aunt had lost her husband a few years ago and was missing him terribly and I have such faith she is in heaven enjoying time with him again. That brings some comfort - I know especially for my cousins. πŸ™ 

My Mom is going to come over tonight and have dinner and we'll get to dote on her for her bday a little belated. ♥️ 


 I have dishes to load and a bit of tidying up, but overall clean and cozy



Almost done reading Regretting You by Colleen Hoover. Next up will be a holiday book! πŸ“šπŸŽ„ 


Big Brother, HGTV shows, halloween baking shows, Dancing with the Stars, Amazing Race, The Spanish Queen, Mad Men bingeing 



MONDAY - leftovers 

TUESDAY - firehouse cheeseburgers with crispy fried onions & garlic potato wedges (HF meal)

WEDNESDAY -  Thai coconut curry chicken with cilantro lime rice (HF meal)

THURSDAY - Italian sunday supper with parm meatballs, tortelloni, green beans and garlic ciabatta (HF meal)

FRIDAY - Halloween pizza, spooky snacks, hot apple cider

Boo! πŸ‘»πŸŽƒ 


go for walks, read, bake something yummy, listen to Christmas music and order some gifts - I love giving etsy and my local small businesses a lot of gift buying business 


Just a week ago or so we had snow like this over everything. I hadn't even put my tiki torches away from the summer at that point. Thankfully it melted and it still looks like late Fall right now

But the snow and freezing rain we've had here and there just makes me want to bake and keep my kitchen cozy πŸ˜‹ Do you like my new mugs?

This is more what it looks like right now with everything put away for winter

Here's a Ruby update for Auntie Patsy, who asked about her. She's just doing a lot of her Ruby thing. Waiting for when it's time to play, go for a walk, or a ride in the car with mom. In the wait time she naps. Lol She's my middle aged girl now - so she needs more of her beauty sleep. I can relate. πŸ˜‰ 

I may be ordering Christmas gifts, but I'm still thinking on all things Halloween for this weekend. Still going to try to make it fun for the kiddos and few friends that may be over. Love pinterest for vintage images! πŸŽƒ πŸ’€ πŸ•· 


I pray for an end to this virus. For peace, healing and unity in our world.  For the loss of my Aunt. For us family and friends that are grieving her loss and especially for her daughters and granddaughters. For their strength and comfort during this time 


I saw an ad for this ornament and thought it was pretty cute - and appropriate!

I hope you have a happy and safe Halloween. I'm linking with Sandra of Diary of a SAHM for Happy Homemaker Monday.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Some Fall & Halloween Inspiration (& a few recipes)

 Happy weekend Friends!

I haven't done much extra blogging besides HHM, when I've been able. So I thought I'd make an effort to get back to blogging more each week. I thought I'd start today by sharing some of the fun magazines and cookbooks I've been looking at that share some fun Fall inspiration. 🍁 πŸ’•

It's been very chilly in the northwoods. We've even had moments of snow already! It's been making me feel extra cozy, so I guess that's part of it too. Just wanting to share some of the cozy with you.  

Have you ever made a sandwich in your waffle maker? I guess first of all I wanted to share this little hack for a panini press stand in...

I recently made sandwiches on it for the kiddos and myself, and it made them so crispy and melty and yummy. I highly recommend giving it a try. Just make your sandwich like you would a grilled cheese - buttering the outside of each piece of bread. And let the waffle maker do the work! 

Besides Fall and Halloween, I've also been thinking Thanksgiving thoughts. This recipe was recently in an all recipes magazine and is very close to how I make homemade cranberry sauce each year. It's so good! 

Around my birthday time I got this new cookbook and it has a lot of fun comfort food recipes. And I always love Gooseberry Patch because they include extra tips with each recipe too. 

And you know how I love anything from PW! 😊 

I love yummy hot drinks this time of year. Especially when it can get so cold. Warms the belly and the soul πŸ˜‹ 

Or I'll take a cake in my mug too. I'm not fussy 

How adorable are these pumpkin carving alternatives? πŸŽƒ 

I thought I'd share a few things from my pinterest board titled "my favorite season" as well. You can click here for a link to my board and look up all the credit for each idea I'm sharing. As well as many more fun ideas I've pinned there. 🍁 πŸŽƒ πŸ•· πŸ‚ 

I love making a big cookie now and then. May need to try this Halloween version with a web πŸ•· 

And I love that on pinterest you can always find lots of wonderful vintage images. 

I hope you're feeling cozy and Halloween inspired now too my Friends! 
Boo!! πŸ‘» 

Monday, October 19, 2020

Happy Homemaker Monday

Hello and Happy Monday Friends 

I hope you're having a wonderful day! I was gone with my Mom all day. We went shopping and to lunch for my Mom's bday which is coming up soon. But I thought I would still try to do a quick post before I dive into making dinner and time with my kiddos. 

It was a wonderful weekend too. 😊 Scott and his daughter were here for a visit. She has an October birthday as well, so we had a little celebration. We also took the kids to a trampoline park, played lots of games, did artwork and carved pumpkins. I taught Scott to play cribbage we had lots of matches (I'm the current champion - just sayin πŸ˜‰ ) Lol 

We enjoyed the first snow while they were here and Autumn collected some in a bowl and had fun playing with food coloring with it and made her own little "snow cone". It was a lot of fun and the weekend went by too fast. Sigh


Yes that is more snow in our forecast! 


yogurt, blueberries, coffee


Happy to go have fun shopping time with my Mom ❤️ 


I've actually had a lot of holiday thoughts already and started some Christmas shopping! Lol Hey, if it's going to snow - it's going to get me in the mood to think ahead. πŸŽ„ 😊 


I wasn't good about taking before pictures, but trust me in what a mess was in both my craft room and closet. They were the dumping ground for years. And when I was going through the depression of separation, it made it difficult to care about dealing with those spaces. I knew it would take days and many hours to go through. Also, because there were many photos and memory provoking things to go through - which still ached a bit, but I finally felt I had the the desire to want to tackle it. Now they're organized and I know where everything is located and it's just sparking even more of my creativity and motivation to pursue further projects. 



Still reading Regretting You by Colleen Hoover


Big Brother, HGTV shows, halloween baking shows, Dancing with the Stars, Amazing Race, The Spanish Queen, Mad Men bingeing 



MONDAY - leftover sloppy joes, veggies and dip, fruit

TUESDAY -  tostados supremo with pork, poblano, lime crema & pico de gallo (HF meal)

WEDNESDAY -  Kale, cranberry & walnut stuffed squash with parm and creamy lemon thyme couscous (HF meal)

THURSDAY - waffles, bacon, breakfast potatoes, fruit

FRIDAY - date night, not sure yet?


walk with a friend, read, craft, get more Scott back rubs πŸ˜‰ 


Per our annual tradition a GF of mine (October bday also) and I took a scenic drive up the north shore and had a wonderful long lunch, gab session and dessert 

Beautiful bday flowers sent to me by my guy and his daughter. They also MADE me (yes made me) stained glass hangings for my window (he knows how much I loved stained glass). When I get them hung I'll take pics. And his daughter also colored a beautiful canvas sign for me. πŸ’• 

cleared out the old dining room set for the new one and I love how it looks! I recently purchased a cream recliner for the tv room and I have a cream sofa coming too - so wanted to tie cream into the dining room as well. 

Annie and her buddy decorated before they got here to make it fun and pretty for a certain 8 year old πŸ’œ 

safe edible leaves on the cake and I waited so she helped me put the homemade buttercream on and decorate the whole thing. Plus, what 8 year old doesn't want to lick the bowl and utensils?  😊 

One of the decorations on the table was this set I put together with a little Fall witch fairy - complete with trick-or-treat bag filled with real little goodies she could play with. When she commented on how much she liked it, it was so fun to say "well that's one of your gifts and you get to take it home!" Such fun to see her face light up!!

While his daughter was out playing in the new snow with Ruby Saturday morning, Scott and I were wimps and sat by the fire and drank our coffee. Or maybe we were just smart πŸ˜‰ 

Crazy pumpkin carving included a weird freaky bird creature Annie and her friend created. And lots of munching toasted pumpkin seeds πŸ˜‹ 🐦 


I pray for an end to this virus. For peace, healing and unity in our world.  And for an Aunt dealing with cancer - I pray for strength and comfort for her and family. Please hold them up with your loving arms Lord. πŸ™ 


I'm linking with Sandra of Diary of a SAHM for Happy Homemaker Monday.