Monday, September 24, 2018

Happy Homemaker Monday

Hi Friends  ~ 

It's so nice to be back for HHM. It feels like it's been ages! I'm a little late today as my kiddos had school off for an inservice thing, so Annie and I went running around to grab some things we needed. But also to go have lunch together and do some fun shopping too. ;) Girlie time always rocks!  Aaron went out and about with friends. 

I hope you had a lovely weekend. It was a nice one here. My Mom and I went up the scenic north shore Friday just for fun and a nice lunch. Guess I'm making sure I'm getting my quota for lunches out this month. Lol  Saturday we accomplished some things around home and was church. Watched a movie with Hubby. Then yesterday we watched both of our teams lose (boo). Loving being back to football season and everything else Fall. Hope you are too. On to the week ahead...


It was unseasonably nice today in the 70's. Getting more cloudy tonight now and looks like rain coming our way.  Cooler normal temps the rest of the week in the 50's and around 60. 


Breakfast was almond and coconut overnight oats and coffee. Annie picked Applebees for lunch out today


Listening to Ed Sheeran 


The clouds are getting pretty dark.  Working on this in my office and watching my daughter ride her bike on driveway before rain comes. And watching for Hubby to get home from work so it'll be time to get dinner together


I love seeing all of my Fall decorations out. They just make me smile and our home is the perfect colors to go with Fall decorating. I think our home is prettiest in Autumn, inside and out 


Some appts, brought FIL meal today but will bring later in the week too, errands, run to the post office, volunteer time, may be going out with a friend later in the week, home projects,  groceries later in the week or weekend



in between books right now


 All of the shows will be starting back now! Dancing with the Stars, the Good Doctor, The Resident,  Greys Anatomy, Survivor, the finish of Big Brother, hubby got me into watching Forged in Fire with him, and I"m sure there are several more new shows I'm forgetting right now



MONDAY: leftover meatloaf, scalloped potatoes & cheesy broccoli

TUESDAY: lasagna pasta, caesar salad

WEDNESDAY: turkey club sandwiches, creamy potato soup, veggies & dip

THURSDAY: scrambled eggs, homemade waffles and homemade apple compote, breakfast sausage, fruit

FRIDAY: chili and corn bread muffins with honey butter 

**still have lots of zucchini and need to bake some more zucchini bread with coconut and lots of cinnamon. So yummy :P


Still have lots of irons in fires on several different projects. I will share more on all of this soon ;) 


the zucchini bread is a new one I've been making



First, I need to brag up my kiddos. The top is Annie's school pic this year and the bottom is one peek at Aaron's grads!! I can't wait to get the rest soon - eek when did this happen?? I still can't believe we have a senior this year

I've been doing more decorating inside the house. I still need to finish outside. I love this giant mantel to fill with goodies that make me smile

Sundays are for apple cider donuts at breakfast, wearing pj's all day, and yummy snacks like crab dip when we watch the football games. I had posted this on insta and thought I'd share. It's a fave here.

Annie and I stopped today and picked up some mums and pumpkins. These mums are by our side door- but when I finish decorating the front I will share

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Thursday, September 20, 2018

More Fall and Tater Tot Egg Bake

Hello my Friends ~ 

First of all, I wanted to thank you all for all of the wonderful comments, prayers and support with the loss of my MIL. I didn't mention that yesterday - even though it was in my heart. Support of friends sure does feed one's soul and I love my blogger family and my time with all of you. So again thank you so much!! 

Next up, I thought I would share a bit more of the Fall cozy going on around here on this rainy blustery day. I'm soon to have a casserole (my Gram's recipe) in the oven and just got done baking some pumpkin pie bars with a gingerbread crust. Fall bug bit me hard I guess. Lol 

I'm especially loving my new Fall pitcher from Pier 1 Imports for my utensils. And matching bowl that I knew would be perfect for....

My favorite Fall snack to munch on - honey roasted peanuts and candy corn. It tastes like a salted nut roll candy bar. Yum :P 

But I also wanted to share this easy recipe for tater tot egg bake. 
Basically layering breakfast meat of your choice  (I used sausage and bacon because I had both) along with cheese, egg mixture and top with frozen tater tots and more cheese and bake. 

So good with some fresh fruit. And I put jam on top of mine. Does anybody else like jam on top of their eggs? Or is that weird? How my whole family eats them. 

I posted it on my instagram stories and here's the full recipe. Enjoy! xo

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Autumn Update

Hello Friends ~ 

I've sure been missing blogland and all of my visits with you. I'm still enjoying this peaceful time - processing things, getting kiddos back to school, getting projects done around the house that I've been meaning to for months, doing sympathy thank you's, volunteering, helping my FIL etc. But I'm finally ready to ease back into a more regular blogging routine. So today I thought I'd share a little bit about all things Fall going on around here. And if I get a chance I'll do a recipe post later this week and plan to be back to HHM this coming Monday. ;) I will also be coming around over the next several days to catch up with you wonderful peeps! I miss knowing what you have all been up to each week. 

One big project on my list was going through my kitchen and and cleaning out all the cabinets, getting rid of old things, reorganzing, took down the big pot rack over our island and just changing it up. Along the way I have been scrubbing everything down really well of course.  We plan to hang some pendant lights over the island now instead. This room is still a little bit of a work in progress, but for the most part all of the big cleaning and organizing is done. I will share more in the future

I've started getting out all of my Fall decorations and it makes me so happy! It's my absolute favorite time of year and today was nice and chilly and I love it. I've been digging out my favorite sweaters and flannel shirts for the days ahead.  I love when it starts to get dark a little earlier in the evening and all the things on timers around the house start to glow. It's becoming the season when we need to add a lot more light around here 

And of course the season of favorite coffee mugs where it's all about the pumpkin spice and yankee candles to go with it (shout out to you Billie Jo) ;)

Long walks with Ruby through crunchy leaves

We did have one scary storm and some trees went down around our house. Including one giant one that blocked our driveway! You can see in the first pic my hubby between the branches. We were trapped for a while that day until we could get it moved.

And of course I've been all about Autumnal things on pinterest including deciding which wallpapers I want on my phone. Decisions, decisions. Lol  For the record I went with the 2nd one with the vibrant colored leaves for right now. How are you enjoying all things Fall??