Thursday, July 28, 2022

Warning: Autumn Lover - A Few Fall Recipes


Please indulge me a moment Friends. I love the Autumn season so much - that I have moments I dream on it all throughout the year! 🍁 πŸ‚ πŸŽƒ 

 So I thought, just for today, I'd have an indulgent fall-lovin' post and share some recipes from a new cookbook I picked up recently. I will also confess to picking up a few Fall decorations too - which I shared on an HHM post a few weeks ago. I promise you that I am still soaking up every moment of this lovely summer! But just enjoying this for one moment. 

 First of all, let's set the mood:

You've just been out for a drive with your Honey looking at the beautiful leaves on this chilly wet day. As you come into the driveway you enjoy your sweet Fall decorations outside. You get out and grab a package by the front bench and get chilled just doing that - so you run into the house and grab a hot cup of tea. You're admiring the decorations in your home and light some candles and plan on carving some pumpkins with your kiddos because Halloween is right around the corner.  

You finish with your carving project and go into the kitchen and start working on something to make for a cozy dinner for the family. 

And this is where my new cookbook comes in. I love Gooseberry Patch cookbooks and I picked up a new one and thought I'd share a few recipes from it. So you grab this fun new cookbook and get to work.

Browsing through it you decide you're either going to make a hearty soup, or a yummy salad to start your meal. 

Maybe this soup will do? And these cookbooks are the best as they often times have a cute drawing and a tip at the bottom of the page:

But then you decide you want to make a heartier main dish, so you make a salad to start instead. 

For the main course a nice filling Autumn roast.

And you decide to make this as a sweet treat to have when you sit by the fire and read your riveting book to end your perfect Fall day. 

With a few more fun tips thrown in:

Thank you for allowing me this Autumn dreaming time out. You may now resume your regularly scheduled summertime fun! ☀️ πŸ˜‰ 

Monday, July 25, 2022

Happy Homemaker Monday

Hello dear Friends! 

Happy Monday to you. πŸ’›

I hope your week is starting great! I'm getting to this a little late today because I had an appointment this AM and then after went right to a restaurant with family that were up visiting this weekend. It's our tradition to go out for brunch before they head back. 

It was a fun weekend here with my cousin and her hubby visiting. And Matt's folks were also in town to bring some things for his new home he had stored with them, and of course to check out his new place. So it was a fun weekend between both families. 😊 

Friday we were getting his house ready for his folks visit and our favorite besties couple we hang with, stopped by to visit a bit. Then Saturday night we went out to dinner with Matt's folks. And yesterday Matt ran errands with his Mom and later we played games at his house. And then I ran to my family gathering. So it was a busy, but great weekend. 

I'm so grateful he's all settled in his own place now, and yet still is very close to my house (less than 10 min drive away). We'll kind of "live" and date between both houses for now and continue to build our relationship. ♥️ 




brunch at restaurant - blueberry pancake, bacon, coffee


errands, colonoscopy this week (ugh!), might be meeting another bestie and her hubby for an evening out (want to meet Matt), home projects, hospice work


How this new decade of age calls for things like a colonoscopy and wondering how I got here? Lol I don't feel old enough for this stuff! 


a new fall cookbook fall 🍁 , magazines


 Grace & Frankie and Virgin River series (both on Netflix) Becoming Elizabeth,  America's Got Talent, Big Brother, HGTV shows


    MONDAY -  





*Because of colonoscopy and getting ready for it involves low fiber diet 3 days before - not worrying too much about menu this week. Tonight making chicken salad sandwiches and Matt will also have veggie side. Once procedure day is done planning to grill burgers & veggies one night and not sure beyond that.


take Ruby for walks, read, scrapbook



Last week I went to lunch with an Auntie and then we walked around a beautiful rose garden that's in our area. The roses are so lovely this year! 🌹 

Around home my lilies have all been blooming and my hydrangeas are going crazy! 

Annie getting ready to head on a fun road trip with her bestie. And Matt's Mom took this pic when we were out to dinner:

Love how summery the bay looks this time of year 😍 

For my procedure to go well this week.  For Annie's health and safety traveling. For peace and healing in our world. πŸ™ 


I'm linking with Sandra of Diary of a SAHM forHappy Homemaker Monday. I hope you have a blessed week. xo

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Summer Peaches


Hello Friends!  

I recently picked up these amazing peaches at Costco. The perfect summer peaches - ripe, sweet & juicy. I made a keto peach cobbler with them that turned out pretty tasty. That was, of course, more for Mr. Matt. I didn't want the rest to go bad so I flash froze them. I have something else in mind for the rest in the future that involves a non keto  recipe - meaning real flour and sugar. Lol I'll share those ideas after the keto recipe. I like posting the keto recipes on here so I can find them later if I want them again. 

peaches all ready for flash freezing πŸ‘ 


I forgot to take a pic until there was only one piece of the cobbler left in the pan - but you get the idea. I found the recipe on pinterest and you can find it under my board "Matt's Keto" that you can find here.  The only thing I would do differently is add a little bit of his keto "healthier" brown sugar into the topping part of the recipe. When I heated up pieces too eat I just sprinkled a bit of brown sugar on it before heating it and then topped with ice cream. It was truly yummy.

But here are a few more ideas for the frozen peaches I have left!:

 I also found all of these recipes on pinterest and they are pinned under my pinterest boards you can find here.  Or you can find my pinterest on the side bar on this blog page.  I think they all look so good! I have a feeling I'll either make the streusel muffins - or that amazing sounding cake! Which would you pick? 

I hope you're enjoying all the fruits of summer! πŸ˜‹