about me


 Hi I'm Carrie!
 I am divorced after nearly 25 years of marriage. So I am on a new journey of discovery about what I want out of this next chapter of my life. I still enjoy many homemaking activities like cooking, baking, decorating and doting on my kids and my sweet mini golden doodle Ruby. My son recently completed his college degree and is working nearby and planning to get his own home, along with his sweet girlfriend.  My daughter is in high school and loves many sports. We live in a cozy home on a beautiful bay in the northwoods, which I find breathtaking in every season. I love all things vintage and woodsy cottage. I love the outdoors & being active, anything nature, gardening, collecting antique pottery, golf, scrapbooking and other craftsy things. I love to travel as well. My initial career was in social work which I left long ago to be a stay at home Mom. Now that my kids are older I am looking into new passions. I love the Lord and consider myself a very spiritual person, and I enjoy putting my faith to practice by volunteering at a local hospice house. I have my end of life doula certificate and I'm deciding if I want to pursue full certification or use it in other ways that I feel I'm being called. I follow the Lord's voice in my heart and I always ask Him to guide me where to go next! 

The newest chapter in my life is finding love again after being on my own for 4 years. His name is Matt and he brings absolute joy to my world. We met on a dating app and he lived a distance away. But he recently got a job up here and bought a house...so he only lives across town! We have been together close to a year now, and I feel so blessed that we found one another. I can't wait to see what the future will hold for us.

Welcome and thank you for visiting this space where I love to share my home, recipes, crafts, flowers, nature and whatever may be on my mind any given day. I hope you enjoy getting to know my neck of the woods!