Monday, January 11, 2021

Happy Homemaker Monday

Hello Friends & Happy Monday! ~

Getting my post in on time this week. Maybe things are looking up for January. Lol I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. It was a good one here. Some productive things around the house. Needed help with a few projects and Ad came over one day and worked on them, along with Aaron and we had a family lunch and that was nice. Spent some time with my Mom safely sharing a dinner and played some cards. Had a long phone call chat with a bestie that lives out in California. Watched some fun shows. Overall a good one and I'm ready for the week ahead.

I also had a special and moving moment when an acquaintance friend I met on instagram (she lives out on the east coast) reached out to me by private message to share that she was losing her hubby to covid. They have been married for many years and have grown children and grandchildren. She knew I did hospice work before and I was honored and touched she reached out to me for comfort. We had a nice conversation and I prayed over her and her family. If I was able to provide even a moment of comfort for her - I am grateful to God. 🙏 






peach yogurt with toppings (see under photos) and coffee with natural vanilla creamer


Continuing to feel really good. I have been doing my exercising almost every day and doing a different focus each day (core, lower body, upper body...) My natural anti inflammatory gummies have helped my arthritis and I have had no aching over the past week. So grateful! 🙏 


All of the pain that unfolded last week. How much our country still needs direction, healing, and unity. I pray for it each and every day. 

Also, thinking about Annie's hockey starting back full swing. Just looking at a busier schedule ahead, and in a way it's nice to have things feel a bit more normal. 

Excited more of my new furniture is coming tomorrow. I was able to give my old couch and coffee table to my gf's son who recently got his own place and needed furniture. So they hauled it all away for me and he gets some free furniture. Win - win! 😊  


I didn't take down all of my Christmas stuff. Keeping up candles and glowy lights, angels, snowmen etc. 
When Ad was here he also helped with measuring so I can get a better idea of what appliances I want to pick out for the kitchen.  Every time I look at my kitchen I try to imagine what it will look like when it gets changed. It's exciting to dream and plan ✨ 

I think I may start Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe  by Heather Webber next


 HGTV shows, kids baking shows,  The Good Doctor,  cooking shows, The Rookie, Escape to the Chateau on HGTV, This is Us, the Resident, The Chase, just finished Sweet Magnolia's on Netflix and plan to start on Schitt's Creek



MONDAY -  leftovers

TUESDAY - sheet pan berry pancakes, breakfast potatoes, bacon, fruit

WEDNESDAY -  chicken tikka masala (HF meal)

THURSDAY - chicken sausage rigatoni with bell pepper & parm (HF meal)

FRIDAY - crispy cheddar chicken, loaded mashed potatoes, broccoli (HF meal)


zoom with my gf's, read, take a bath, walk in the snow with Ruby 


My mind is filled with appliances, light fixtures, granite ideas, storage solutions for cabinets...and on and on. Lol 

I treated myself to a subscription to Quaint Box. It will come each new season. I found her on instagram. This is the winter box and is filled with wonderfully cozy and comforting things. 

I saw this and it made me think of the area where I live. Winters are very long here - but they can still be quite pretty. 

I've been obsessed with yogurt for breakfast with some toasted coconut and walnuts on top 😋 


I pray for an end to this virus. For peace, healing and unity in our world.  I pray for anyone sick, suffering, isolated, and afraid - for their peace and comfort. Please Lord give strength to those fighting the virus on the frontlines.  🙏 I hope this vaccine will be safe and effective and the beginning of the end for this virus. I pray this new year will bring peace of mind and joy to all. 


I'm linking with Sandra of Diary of a SAHM for Happy Homemaker Monday.


  1. I love that your online friend reached out to you. It's a real blessing when someone invites you into such a personal part of their life.
    Glad you are feeling better! Quaint box looks like so much fun. So does a new kitchen. We're getting ready to do some work on our living room, so I'm excited about that.
    Would you share your sheet pan pancake recipe? My hubby loves pancakes so that sounds good.

    1. Thanks Mari! I will absolutely share the sheet pan pancake recipe soon. Hopefully this next week. 😉

  2. How blessed is it that your friend who is suffering reached out to you. I know you gave her some sense of calm, my friend. Not sure if I missed you being sick? I will have to go back and look but am glad you are feeling better! Love Quaintbox! I just got mine today! And yay for a new kitchen. I have to tell you, we got a new gas range, and it has a griddle in the middle of it. We LOVE it! Hugs!

  3. How wonderful you were available to give solace to your friend - now, more than ever, we must care for one another. The Quaint box is so sweet - I looked for it on Instagram. It would be fun to receive one every season. The card is beautiful, and I am sure your area looks just as lovely over the Winter and Christmas season. Be safe xxxx

  4. Hey sweet lady! Glad you are had a great weekend and LOVE that you are getting to plan and dream a new kitchen!

    You are such a blessing to many, especially to those that you offer solace to. I'm sure you were of great comfort to your friend and I will keep her and her family in my prayers also.

    I LOVED Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe - I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! I recently finished her South of the Buttonwood Tree and it was quite good too.

    I was going to do a quaint box, but just wasn't sure so did Marley Spoon instead - now I wish I'd done the quaint box - so comfy cozy!

    Hubby received his 1st vaccine today. He's military and the VA seems a little more organized than regular doctors around here. I'm told by my doctor I'll probably get mine in February because of my immunity/cancer issues. How are they progressing in your neck of the woods?

    Have a WONDERFUL week!

  5. That quaint Box sure looks like a TON of fun to receive.
    I like the update on your kitchen, we will be redoing ours in a few years and I like to see what other people are doing.
    A coworker lost his 37 year old son to covid yesterday, just terrible.

    Have a great week

  6. How wonderful you were able to offer your friend some comfort. THAT light fixture, I like it :) The quaint box looks like so much fun. Might need to look into that one. Hope you are having a great week so far!

  7. I am so sorry for your friend's husband, but so glad she reached out to you in time of need. You are a wonderful friend!!

    The quaint box looks like a lot of fun, I had never heard of that but goodness it is tempting me to subscribe lol

    I hope you have a fantastic, blessed week ahead my friend.

  8. I am so sorry to hear your friend's loss.

    That breakfast looks delicious!

    That Winter picture is perfection. So beautiful.