Thursday, April 15, 2021

Fudgie Homemade Brownies


Happy Thursday Peeps! I jus thought I'd pop in and share this really yummy brownie recipe from They turned out so fudgie and delish and I recommend this recipe as a quick easy way to make up some brownies from scratch. 

I made these just how the recipe said. I used hershey baking cocoa - so they had the yummy hershey chocolate flavor. And then I used some of the cup of chocolate chips in the brownies themselves and some sprinkled on top before baking.  

And when you make such delicious brownies... and they're still warm from the oven...isn't the rule to top them with a scoop of ice cream? 😉 

Just sayin 😋 


  1. Yum! Easy and good. But raisins? I love raisins, but can't imagine them in brownies. :)

    1. Thanks Mari - I totally agree...raisins would not work for me! Lol

  2. Those sound wonderful. Now, I'm craving brownies!