Friday, November 25, 2022

Friday Five Senses


Hello Friends! 

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving (if you celebrated it yesterday). As I continue to work on more aftermath clean up from all of our fun yesterday, I decided to take a little break to check in with you and do a quick post. My friend Sandra, whom you can find at the blog Diary of a SAHM, sometimes does a 5 senses post, so I originally got the idea from her. So here's my 5 senses check in this afternoon:


I can hear Christmas music, as that's what I've been listening to as I do the dishes and clean around the house today. We put up one of my trees right before Thanksgiving - with only lights on it. No other decorating yet. But it sure got me in a Christmas mood.


I can feel the warmth from the sun as it's been streaming in the windows this afternoon. It's so warm on my skin when I'm right in a sunbeam. It's pretty mild out...even though there's still a little bit of snow left on the ground. 


Other than the one Christmas tree...I see all of my Fall decorations still up around the house. I'll be working on taking these down over the next several days. Wrap them up and tuck them in bins, cleaning as I go, and I will slowly start putting up all things Christmas and winter holidays. 


As I sit here at the table, I can smell the roses in this gorgeous arrangement Matt sent me for Thanksgiving. I love the perfume roses give off. Sweet, but in a soft way. So fresh smelling....and to me they just smell old fashioned. Like of a time long ago - in such a romantic way. This was such a beautiful centerpiece for yesterday.


As I sit here I can taste the mug of hot apple cider I heated up to sip on. This could really be part of smell too - as it gives off such a spicy aroma. It tastes sweet of apple and bits of orange... and yet really spiced too with flavors of clove and cinnamon. Just a hint of brown sugar. It's pretty in the pitcher I poured the leftovers into with some of the clove studded oranges dancing around in it. I'll soon be making the winter version I call wassail. That will have even more spiced fruity flavors with cranberry, orange, lemon, cinnamon, clove and star anise. 

I hope you enjoyed this little senses break as much as I have. I encourage you to take a moment in your day and pay attention to the senses being triggered by what's going on around you. It's kind of a nice practice for living in the moment. I hope you have a fun and blessed weekend ahead. 


  1. Fun post! Your flowers from Matt are just gorgeous.
    My daughter made a pretty Fall arrangement for me yesterday for my birthday, but we also used it on our Thanksgiving table.
    I'm also listening to Christmas music and putting up some Christmas things. I had to work today, so will have to do more tomorrow.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Christmas music on as we speak! And the tree right in front of me! Lovely post, my lovely friend! Cannot wait to celebrate the season together through our blogs!

  3. Such a fun post! Your tree is so beautiful and I see those candles back there in your windows as well. I'll be right over for some wassail. Hope you are having a great weekend!

  4. This is kind of neat, the five senses. Might have to try this some time. Your cider and wassail sound sooooo yummy!

  5. that is a great way to get in touch with all that is around you and really appreciate it. I love the sun shinning on a very cold day, warming up the house, it always lifts my spirits, your drink sounds very interesting, we have a farm up the road that makes their own apple cider and it is delicious!