Thursday, January 29, 2015

Easy Black Forest Cake



Ok - another quick yummy dessert. I know these are not on my resolutions for this year, but I cook for more than just my family so it gets me off the hook a little. I love to make dessert and when I send some to my in-law's & sometimes my Mom than I get to feel a little less guilty, right? 

This cake couldn't be easier as it's one of those awful sounding "dump" cakes. As in dump in all the ingredients - don't stir - bake and voila cake! I found this recipe here. 

just pour 2 cans cherry pie filling in 9x13

"dump" devils food cake mix all over the top

pour melted butter all over the top of that

pour hot fudge over the top of that (you feeling me now?) and bake

don't worry about not mixing and having some dried bits around, it all works out in the end



  1. I do this with yellow cake and it's one of my hubbys favorite! I'll have to try your version. :)

  2. Looks wicked and delightful! delightfully wicked!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks - if you're craving chocolate it hits the spot!! ;)

  4. Oh my word that looks naughty! But very easy to make, I love the idea of literally throwing together! xx

  5. I have never heard of dump cake, but it sounds and looks amazing - especially the making of it!! xx

    1. It's really a rather awful name - but it does refer to how incredibly easy it is to make (any "dump cake" is like this) - just dump in the ingredients and bake....don't even stir!