Saturday, April 11, 2015

Scraptastic Saturday:Embellishing Cards

I've still been very much enjoying my newly organized scrap space (you can read more about it here.)  So I have been busy catching up on more scrapbooking -- but I like to go off the path now and then.  I think I just get a little attention deficit, at times, on whatever I'm working on so I like the little diversion...and often times that leads to making cards.

It's actually a rather practical and profitable diversion because it is nice to have some cards on hand to send or give to friends and loved ones for various occasions. The latest cards I have been working on are a little different than my usual.

Instead of making cards from scratch (my own card stock) I embellished some cards I already had on hand. I have a couple of packs of cards (I think from Hobby Lobby) which are quite lovely all on their own - and they came with their own envelopes etc. However, I was inspired to jazz them up just a little with bits of scraps & stickers I had around to give them even more of a theme.

For example: here's the back side of one of the cards I'm talking about so you can see what it looked like before. I'm showing the back as I had already embellished the front. But the front looked just like this before I added my touches.  A very pretty card all on its own - I love the blue with the earth tones.

And this is what it looks like now. I added some bright blue and orange touches. Some orange flower brads, white cloth "hi" letter stickers and a brown satin ribbon. It just gives it a little more life and dimension. A perfect card to send to a friend that lives far away to say hello.

Again - the before and after.

This one has a pretty back drop that almost reminds me of floral wallpaper. I used my scalloped scissors and cut a square to hold a pretty pink heart and a cross sticker. Then I tore a little piece of softly patterned paper and added an appropriate sticker. I think this card would be nice to send to someone who may be having a difficult time or just needs a pick-me-up. 

Before embellishing and after.

This last card started out with a soft geometric design. So faded and pretty. I added another torn piece of soft patterned card stock and put a satin ribbon over the top with a soft paper flower I glued on. Then I dug through my letter stickers and found these neat old fashioned looking patterned letters I just L-O-V-E  (Lol) This would be a perfect card to send to any family or friend that is dear to your heart.

Before - and then after my "loving" touches.

I think it was fun to make cards a little differently this time using nice folded cards which already gave me a base to start with, and then inspired me with ideas for using colors and embellishments to make them more my own. It also gave each card that much more identity and personality.

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  1. You are brilliant! That makes those cards so special.

    1. Oh goodness - you're way too kind Mari! Lol But I do like to personalize things....I find such enjoyment in doing those extra touches for others.

  2. Hand made cards are extra special. It's so nice to receive one that a friend has taken the time to make for you xx

    1. I totally agree Alison! I know how much I love receiving something that was thought of just for me, or personalized in some way with extra effort. It means a lot - so I love doing that for someone else so they can feel special too. ;)

  3. What a great idea to add a little pizazz to store bought cards Carrie. Handmade items are most definitely so much nicer to receive than store bought, and it's clear that you make everything with so much love it makes it even more special.

    1. Thanks Doreen! ;)

      It really is a pretty pack of blank cards - but the front of them did need a little more "pizazz" in my eyes.... and adding that bit of love is so fun for me.

      Have a wonderful week ahead Doll! xoxo