Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wednesday Wonder & Happy Thanksgiving!


Wintery sky with full moon out my kitchen window last night. Love how you can see my cozy kitchen counters in the reflection. And from this A.M. -looks like a green Thanksgiving for us, but it's chilly as you can see by the frozen bay.


The day is almost here! I'm busy today cooking and baking away and loving it!! Got my Christmas tunes a singin' away too. Annie helped me with the crust for the pecan pie:

I always like to make Pioneer Woman's recipe for homemade crust and pecan pie filling you can find here and here,

Here's a link to the calico bean dish, that's a family recipe from my hubby's family and we always make for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

I also make my family recipe for broccoli salad. Cut up 4 to 6 heads of broccoli. Take 1 &1/2 cups of mayo and add 3 Tbsp of sugar and 3 tsp of white vinegar. Mix together and pour over broccoli and toss together. Cover and place in fridge overnight. The next day cook up about a pound of bacon and break up over salad. Add raisins and some chopped red onion to taste and dig in. 

I'm also going to be making this food network recipe for cranberry sauce with a few tweaks mentioned  in the rated comments. I'm going to use orange juice instead of water and cook for less time (not add the extra whole cranberries at the end). 

Also, just a reminder about my cozy giveaway. Please click on the link to my post yesterday and leave me a comment to enter the giveaway. All the details are there.  I so love you, my blogland friends, and I'm so thankful for you and want to send one of you some goodies as a way to share my gratitude!! So please please enter my dear Friends!

I'm going to take a little blog break until Monday. Wishing all of my friends in the States a very safe, happy, family, food & fun filled Thanksgiving day! And to everyone else blessings for a wonderful weekend ahead! See you next week. 


  1. Hello there Carrie! It sounds like lots of merriment is underway at your house!

    Enjoy your day tomorrow (and your blog break).


  2. My mom taught me that recipe for Calico Beans! It is a hit with the guys and potlucks.

  3. Happy Happy Thanksgicng, my dear friend!!!!!!
    I'm thankful for you!!!!

  4. Hi Carrie, and Happy Thanksgiving to you. Lovely to see all your family preparation and action. I have subscribed by email and found I could not comment - but now I have managed to figure it out and put you on my blog roll. Technology!!!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


  6. Carrie, I love to hear about what people are cooking! Hope you had a fabulous day!

  7. Hi Carrie - You seem to be having a very busy time. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Joan at

  8. Hope you had a wonderful day!! Was thinking about your family as mine was watching the Bears vs. Packers game, always a good game to watch no matter who wins. :)

  9. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Those pictures look so Walton like and inviting.