Monday, November 11, 2019

Yummy Banana Crumb Cake & Apple Cinnamon Bread

Hello Friends! 

Here are the recipes that I have been mentioning that I encourage you to try because they're both really yummy. 😋 

First up the banana crumb cake. This is a recipe I got from one of the cooks at the hospice house where I volunteer. It's so good and a great alternative for using up bananas instead of bread. 

It's a moist cake due to the banana. This crumb topping is everything - it's SO GOOD!! Mine got a little dark because I have a convection oven and I cooked it the full time instead of checking 5 mins earlier. But it was still moist and delish. 🍌 

Here's the recipe. Enjoy!

Another great recipe for this time of year - and if you have apples to use up - is this apple cinnamon bread. 

Layers of batter, cinnamon/sugar & chopped apples...what could be wrong with that? Here's the recipe:

Happy Baking! 🍎 🍌 


  1. Thanks for the recipes. They both look like they would be hits!

  2. Great recipes, Carrie. Just my kind of treat. I love banana cake any day :) xx

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