Friday, May 26, 2017

Flower Season

Hello Friends! 

Thank goodness for Fridays, right? Especially when they fall on a nice extra long Memorial Day weekend here in the states.  Life has still felt kind of crazy, so I'm looking forward to a lovely weekend with not so much on the agenda. 

We've had quite a bit of rain....but seem to be slowly heading back to warmer temps again. It's making me have nothing but flowers on the brain and wanting to get planting and playing in the dirt. I've picked up a couple of palettes, but I'm hoping to pick up some more this weekend and some dirt so I can get started! Thought I'd share what I have so far for my five on Friday today... and to share the flower love with you Friends! Happy TGIF!!


Bleeding hearts have begun to bloom! I just love how dainty and adorable they are in their pretty little row.


Some miniature shrubs and other cute fairy plants for the fairy pots this year.


The hangers on our deck now hold pretty burgundy petunias.  Around the deck the lilies leaves are starting to get taller and there are dandelions all over yard.  ;) 


I picked up several packs of beautiful pansies!! Love their sweet little faces. 


And one of my favorites - begonias. They are so elegant. And yet pretty fragile and like their shade too. They'll go in the front of our house where it's more sheltered. 

I hope you get to have fun digging in the dirt - and have a wonderful weekend. I'm sharing this with Tricky of the FAST blog for Five on Friday.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday

Hello Dear Friends! 

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. We had a bit of rain, so worked on house projects and did a family night out to dinner and the movie Guardians of the Galaxy. Good fun popcorn kind of movie. And I love that one of our local theaters has the new recliner seats. It was wonderful to cuddle with my hubby like we were on our own comfy reclining couch & hold hands like when we were high schoolers. Lol Just fun! 

I kind of eased in last week - but feeling better about getting more balance this week and getting back on track in blogland. Still have other fun endeavors I'm working for myself and will share all in the future. Wishing you a blessed week ahead!


Gray, windy. Looks like it could rain more. Low 50's for temp. Midweek should start seeing more sunshine an looks like temps get to upper 50's. 


Honey nut chex cereal and coffee. 


Listeing to Ed Sheeran radio on Pandora while I work on this. I take breaks to do some housework, next load of laundry. Phone call from my Mom. I always start these posts earlier but I get distracted a bit along the way. Lol


I actually saw a muskrat run across our deck a few minutes ago. Living on the bay we see lots of critters and I never know what I'll see out on our hill (or deck) each morning. I really kind of LOVE that! ;) 


Pretty tidy. Some things still laying around from projects worked on over the weekend. My Hubby worked hard painting our kitchen cabinets that had been peeling and really needed it. Some handles still off here and there and he has a few more coats to go on certain areas. Looks so much better though!  Still trying to find some things we want to put in laundry room to finish that up too. 

ON TODAY'S (& this week's) TO DO LIST:

Laundry, little load of dishes to get in dishwasher. Work on some of my personal craft projects. Already did devotional time and exercise time up next. This week both kiddos have soccer practices and my son has a game. My daughter has a little hockey too. Not too bad overall for our usual weeks. Will be running errands and visiting my MIL later in week. Time with my Mom this week too. And I'm hoping to start getting some flowers to plant. 


Some self help books that have been helping me deal with some of the issues I've had going on. Fun magazines too. 


Cooking shows, The White Princess, Call the Midwife, Foodnetwork stars Comeback, a couple movies


MONDAY: leftover chicken almondine I made on the weekend

TUESDAY: ham & swiss sliders, chips, veggies & dip, melon

WEDNESDAY:  pancake variety: cinnamon apple, regular, & maple bacon mini pancakes I'll make in muffin tin - along with sausage & fruit. Easy stuff to heat up after my son's soccer game

THURSDAY: homemade pizza, cheesy bread & marinara (my kids love), veggie salad 

FRIDAY: out for dinner?


Etsy store albums and canvases 

Legacy box stuff  

My Grandpa's heritage album  

My Mom's album & my family album catch up 

(this is my continuing list)


ham & swiss sliders that get baked in the oven (will share later in week)


This just makes me laugh!!


I have been working hard on my health and feeling better. I have currently lost almost 22 pounds and I am almost down 2 full sizes. My goal is to at least lose 40-45 pounds total (or so).  No big secrets. It started from illness, but has since turned into hard work...inluding some isagenix protein stuff, eating healthier and smaller portions overall and a lot of working out and strengthening.  I still cook and bake because I enjoy it and it will always be part of  me. Just finding better balance. Planning to get back to some sports I love playing as well - for more me time. 

 I'm planning to run a 5k this Fall with a friend too. Also, in the Fall I'm signed up for training to volunteer at a local hospice house. And other personal endeavors I'm still working on that I will share in the future. It's been a long time coming - to truly take time for me and figuring out where I want to go!

The bay has been greening up and I'm loving it! 

Annie's Spring concert from late last week. I will share a bit of video below:



Image result for God's grace inspirational quote

I'm linking with Sandra of Diary of a SAHM for Happy Homemaker Monday.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Birthday Fun and Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes

Hello Friends! 

I hope you've been having a wonderful weekend. Life got away from me last week and I meant to post this sooner. I guess I'm slowly easing back into blogland life with how crazy life still feels here. ;) 

I know I shared a bit about Annie's birthday earlier in the week, but I thought I would share a bit more and fun cupcake recipe too.  

As I mentioned before, it was my Annie's "golden birthday" so we also had done a special celebration at home that included her 11 presents from us (for turning 11 on the 11th). I had done this for my hubby WAY BACK - when he had turned 23 on the 23rd. Lol So it was a tradition I had started and enjoy continuing for special golden birthdays like that. ;)  

Annie and her Dad after her fun dinner at home and her 11 presents. ;) 

And then she picked to have an extra special overnight hotel pool party. 

As I showed prior - there was fun snacks that fit our pool theme. As well as lots of goofy hamming it up by crazy Girls. :P

And of course lots of fun pool time!! Annie had a couple of her younger cousins come for that part of the party too. Annie is holding one of her younger cousins in this pic.  I put this caption on this pic as it's a "thank you" that I'm sending to her friends and cousins.

And her other younger cousin is the boy splashing it up on all the girls in this pic! Lol

Of course, what's an overnight pool party without some pizza??

And lovely gifts to open from friends. The Gal in those photo with Annie is another cousin! 

And there was fun new pj's that were specifically made to be ones your friends could write their birthday wishes on. Truly adorable. (I found them at Justice). 

And of course no birthday party night can end without singing "Happy Birthday" and enjoying some yummy cake! In this case: Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes per the birthday girls request. 

Making sweet 11 year old wishes. xo

For Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes:

Take a strawberry cake mix and make according to directions and pour into lined cupcake muffin tins. Bake according to directions. Then you can make homemade lemon frosting like in this post I found on pinterest. Or you can take a shortcut like I did and use store bought lemon frosting, but add a bit of kool-aid lemonade powder to it - to your (or your daughter's) taste. I whisked it together until it was well blended. Then frost cupcakes with frosting. I used some strawberry lemonade licorice as "straws" in the cupcakes. They'd also be cute with a twist of lemon and strawberry slice on top with a fun umbrella too (like they do in those fun fruity drinks). They were a big hit and most of the gals had two!