Monday, February 10, 2020

Happy Homemaker Monday

Hello & Happy Monday Friends 👋 

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! We had Annie's last hockey game because playoffs were single elimination and her team lost. She still has a few more practices this week, but her team is done with games for the season. 

I caught up on some movies. My Mom came over one night for dinner and some craft time with us. Also, went through my summer clothes to figure out what things I'll want to bring for our FL trip ahead. (And what still fit well 😂 ). And speaking to how things fit....I also joined WW recently. I'm keeping myself accountable for all of my food and activity. It's all on a points basis. I have a plan customized for myself and includes all of the free point foods I can have. I have a certain amount of points allowed per day. I log them in each day and can use from lists they have available or scan with a barcode option. They even have recipes you can look at that are all figured out for points already. 

I'm going to weigh in weekly on my own. You can join with local WW groups and go to weigh ins though if you wanted. You can also use WW coaches available to you. You can post inspirational things and see others inspirational posts. You can even win reward points and can trade them in for actual reward items. 

I never think of dieting. That just sabotages me. But ever since the holidays were over I have been working to be healthier. And I decided that WW would be the kind of tool that would really help me stay focused on that.



peach yogurt with granola, coffee


Awake and refreshed. Since I've upped my exercise I've been sleeping better...however I've been more sore now and then depending on what I'm doing. I did a good workout this AM, ran errands and did housework. I have a lot of running around to do later today for Annie's dentist appt, and a meeting I need to attend at her school.


All the things I want to accomplish this week. And that I need to help my Mom with a few things at her place too.


Pretty tidy. I'm working on this down in our lower level, as we had put a desk down here for our son in the past. Now that he's at college it hasn't been getting used as much, so I thought I'd take advantage of it.


I need to start attacking my craft room that I keep putting off. I also need to do some wiping out of cabinets and reorganizing in the kitchen at some point. 



This is Me Letting You Go by Heidi Priebe


 Kids baking championship, the Resident, The Good Doctor, New Amsterdam, Greys Anatomy, This is Us,  Will & Grace, The Bachelor, HGTV shows, American Housewife, 911 Lone Star, and I watched the Oscars last night. 



MONDAY - budgeted points to grab a sub due to busy night

TUESDAY - tomato soup, crescent cheese bombs, veggies

WEDNESDAY - pancake muffins, fruit, turkey bacon

THURSDAY - spaghetti hot dish, salad

FRIDAY - leftovers


take a bath to help my sore muscles


Got more snow the other day, but then it's just a good excuse to keep the cozy going 

The moon was so full and bright last night

I actually love the FB reminders I get that help me remember such special times as a family. I can look back now and it doesn't hurt like it did.

Here's some screenshots of the WW app


A friend going through a hard time, a friend dealing with stress learning a new job, for our future travel to FL, for my friend that will be making his big trip from AK soon to move back to the midwest, peace and healing for our world


Image result for we are all equal inspirational quote

😊 ❤️

I'm linking with Sandra of Diary of a SAHM for Happy Homemaker Monday.


  1. I'm sorry Annie's hockey team lost. Do you get a break now or has the next thing already started up? Good for you in working on your health! Hope you have a wonderful week!

    1. Hey Sweetie! They still had some reserved ice time, so she has a few practices. But now she'll have a break for a few months until golf starts. Thanks for popping by!! 😘

  2. Awww so sorry her team lost. I'm glad to hear both you and I woke up feeling rested. Good luck with your weight loss. I'm trying to be good as well because I overdid it during the holidays, but it's so hard when you love food, isn't it?

    Have a wonderful week, my friend.

    1. Thanks Sandra! I do love to cook, bake and EAT! Lol But I'm loving WW for accountability now that I've kind of found my mojo with exercise and water. Prayers to both of us for our continued health journeys. 😉

  3. Good job on what you are doing with WW. I keep thinking that I need to get doing something, but not sure what. I have to quit putting it off.
    Your house looks great and I love the throwback photo. Glad you can see those now and enjoy them.

    1. Thanks so much Mari! 🙏 I've been loving WW so far. I had to work on some good exercise and other habits I just wasn't mastering. And since I felt like I adapted that part of my life well, I was ready to add something else - thus the accountability on my calories/food. I do believe you have to find what works for you though. We're all so different. ❤️ I'll pray you find the path that works for you. Thanks for always popping by and being such a light! 😘

  4. Well done for going on to WW. I have been thinking of going back and trying the app, so I'd love to hear how you get on. Actually I became a life member years and years ago, but have not been near them for about ten years. Lovely photos of the snow and your cozy house! xx

    1. Thanks Trish!
      I had been working on my exercise and water since about mid January. Now just recently adding the WW. I am down 4.5 lbs so far! 😊 I really like the app. I had done it years ago, but I would say they make it even easier now. If you liked it before I think you'll love it now! Blessings to you dearest and thanks for stopping by and always being so sweet and supportive. 💜

  5. Okay, My Darling Girl, you've motivated me. I'm going on the Easy Peasy Patsy Diet. I'm going to Ms. Gilmore's Tea Room to celebrate Bev's birthday tomorrow. I'll weigh in the next time you do (let me know the date), and we'll see the difference in our weight loss two months from then.

    Does that sound like fun? But my exercise is rather limited until I'm past these cataract operations - next one is 2-18. If the weather permits, I can walk (no treadmill).

    Can't wait until the new guy interest arrives. And I'm so excited about your trip to FL. Whatever you do, don't miss the French Pavilion at World Showcase in Epcot Center. And afternoon tea at the Grand Floridian.

    Sending hearts and flowers for Valentine's Day, kisses because I love you, and hugs because you're my special girls, AP

  6. Late coming here. Thanks for posting the ww application, always wondered what it looked like. Have fun in Florida.

  7. Hi Carrie, another late one are my first friend to visit :) Been away from the blog for a while. My computer got a virus, my modem went out and then I got sick. Excuses, excuses! Congrats on taking the step with WW and it sounds like a good program and healthy, too. Good for you! Love seeing your cozy home and all that snow outside - so pretty. The Facebook 'look-back' is so bittersweet, I know. Children don't keep....they grow up and even though we are so happy for them as they prepare for their future, it's always a tug on the heartstrings when we realize how fast it went. I do love the woman quote, and isn't it the truth! haha! Hope you have a wonderful time in sunny Florida. Soak up those rays! Sending hugs xo Karen

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