Monday, September 11, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday

Happy Monday my Friends ~ 

I hope you had a lovely weekend. We had some pretty lovely weather overall and Hubby and I got a lot of things done around the house. I did some of my "Fall cleaning" - kind of like Spring cleaning. Getting ready to put out all of my Autumn decorations, but haven't done it fully yet. I did put out a few new things I have picked up here and there though. It's my absolute favorite season and I'm ready to be officially done with summer and fully embrace the new season. ;)  

We also went out to dinner as a family, over the weekend, with some dear friends of ours and their kiddos. It was so nice to catch up! Now on to the week ahead.


Cloudy with some sun peeking in and out. Looks like it'll be a lovely start to our week as the next 3 days call for it to maybe hit 80 degrees! Then down to 70's later in the week with chances of rain.


butter toast, blueberry yogurt, coffee with coconut creamer


Listening to Ed Sheeran radio and looking at my planner for what is going on in the week ahead


Watching the garbage trucks take our garbage up at the top of the road.  We had a bear in our garbage over the weekend. Around this time each year the black bears come back into town from being out in the woods all summer eating berries and things. The berries are gone so they come into town looking for the easy pickings of garbage cans. My Hubby had to pick up a big mess the bears left in our yard and now we lock our garbage & recycling up in a shed next to the house until the bears go to hibernate. Such is life in the northwoods folks.


Nice and clean as Hubby and I worked together (he's such a wonderful help around the house - you gotta love that!) and cleaned a bunch - from some paint touch up stuff, to changing sheets, to mopping, scrubbing etc. Feels good. 

ON TODAY'S (& this week's) TO DO LIST:

Appointments for me. Religious education starts back up for kids. Errands. Making dinner for my FIL, visiting my MIL. As well as my usual daily house tasks and projects I've been working on lately.  Kids are in between sports right now, so that has been quieter and nice. My daughter is taking up the cello at school this year (she has played piano in the past) and my son decided he wanted to go back to guitar lessons. So more musical these days I guess (which I love). Both chose not to do Fall soccer this year...and I'm okay with that as it was a busy summer of sports!!


I'm just starting a new series by Louise Penny! I'm on the first book - Still Life. So good so far! (still reading this one)


Outlander is back - yay!!! Watched the first episode good! I'm excited for this season. Big Brother. America's Got Talent. The Profit. Bering Sea Gold. Hollywood Game Night.  Cooking shows. Some movies taped.


MONDAY: Ham & cheese baked roll-ups, cheesy potato soup, veggies, fruit, making brownies with vanilla frosting for dessert

TUESDAY: breakfast for dinner (eggs, toast, leftover ham - fried, fruit)

WEDNESDAY: not sure yet? religious ed so keep it easy - maybe leftovers?

THURSDAY: Annie help cook night: honey mustard pretzel coated chicken tenders, roasted parmesan red potatoes, green beans with lemon & garlic

FRIDAY: maybe out for dinner or order in


Etsy store albums and canvases 

Legacy box stuff  

My Grandpa's heritage album  

My Mom's album & my family album catch up 

(this is my continuing list)


Annie's BBQ chicken pasta bake she made last week was a hit - so I'll probably share that one this week. 


I think this is kind of funny - but makes sense too, doesn't it? 


Seeing bits of color and falling leaves around here already

A few of the new Autumn decorations I've added this year - I love you Fall

I love this new mercury glass pumpkin night light air freshner from Bath & Body that I put in one of our bathrooms. Of course getting out the Fall soaps too. ;) 

Image result for september 11 inspirational photo quotes

Never Forget. xo  

I'm linking with Sandra of Diary of a SAHM for Happy Homemaker Monday.


  1. Your quotes is too funny! Also, your fall decor is sooo beautiful! That's one thing I have always wanted to do, but never seem to get around to doing. Hmm. Maybe this year? And that fall foliage! We moved to the coast from the mountains this year, and I'm so going to miss the color this season! Thanks for sharing! Have a great week!

  2. Hi! I've been thinking about you today. I am somewhere in your neck of the woods, I think? We are vacationing in Door County and are just loving it! Are we anywhere near you? Tomorrow we are leaving for the UP.

    1. That's so cool Mari! It's such a beautiful area. We're about 5 hours north and west of there. We spend time in Green Bay every year visiting relatives there. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!! Xo

  3. I love to see the Fall in North America; thank you for the pretty pictures. Gorgeous red leaves, and beautiful candle arrangements. Hot and dry here today, 32C maximum - Spring was gone in a nanosecond!

  4. So nice to see your touches of fall decorating, Carrie. Your trees are starting to turn and look so pretty. The new school schedule sounds busy and exciting for the kids, too. I am so over this long, dry summer and looking so forward to some crisp fall days. Sweater weather once again! We have to freeze all of our food scraps, even wrappers, or we have the same problem with bears. Enjoy your decorating! Hugs and blessings for your week xo Karen

  5. Lovely pictures and fall is my favorite time too. We've been told by our neighbors that a bear is in our area but thankfully I haven't seen him yet, lol! Hope you have a wonderful week.


  6. Your breakfasts always sound so wonderful as do your dinner menus. Wow, a bear in the garage? That's exciting and kind of scary. We just have a groundhog taking up residence around here, not nearly as exciting. Hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday!

  7. Hi Carrie! Do you dare go for walks with all those bears around? I'd be a little leery, for sure. Nice that your kids will be involved in music. I'm all in favor of that. :-) I think I saw that very Louise Penny on Netflix or Acorn or something. I liked the story dramatized and I hope they do more of them. As a rule, I go in for the Endeavour type mysteries. (PBS). Have you tried them? So nice of you to stop by today. It has been a very busy summer for us and I'm easily getting behind in blogging. I'm hoping to do better in the winter. The long winter. The very long winter. LOL xoxo

  8. Black Bears-you would not catch me taking out the trash! lol My son has also started up his Religious Formation classes. Your home looks so cozy - Such pretty photos.

  9. It's been a while since I've visited, but I thought maybe you're strictly doing IG. I no longer get your posts in my email for some reason but I'll sign up again.

    The leaves have been turning early this year and some have even fallen. We won't be seeing much foliage where we're headed and I'll miss that! Just keep those pics coming :).

    Nit only did I see a bear last week, but a moose too! Guess they wanted to give me one last thrill lol.

    Take care sweet cheeks and I'll see ya on IG. I might get a post up in a week once we're settled.


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