Friday, January 19, 2018

Blogaversary Giveaway Winner!

Hello my dear and wonderful Friends! 

I hope you've been having a wonderful week.  And I hope you have a wonderful weekend planned ahead! We have lots of...yep, you guessed it...HOCKEY!! Lol  And I'm sorry I didn't get to post a recipe yesterday like I often do on Thursdays, but I plan to next week. 

Now on to the matter at hand.  Our giveaway winner! First of all, I want to thank all of you that took the time to comment and say such kind and lovely things. I'm so grateful to have found this blogging space which led me to such wonderful friends in all of you. I love this place as a space of creativity and reflection for myself....but especially as a way to connect with so many wonderful people like you.  And I love coming and visiting you and enjoying some of your world too. So again, thank you so much! ;)  

Okay, drawing time. My Annie was my wonderful helper for it.  This morning she took a break from getting ready for school to assist me to pick someone.  It's quite a technical process with algorithms and formulas...NOT! 

First, all of the names were written on slips....

Then they were all folded neatly and placed in the magical crystal dish (basically a candy dish I've had forever) :P

There's our fresh faced assistant - just out of the shower and ready for school

And in goes Annie's hand and out comes.....

Our winner - Mari!!  She's from the wonderful blog My Little Corner of the World
Congrats Mari! I'll be contacting you to get your info so I can ship your box of goodies. Thanks again to you All! Have a blessed weekend. xoxo


  1. Hooray! I'm excited to win - tell Annie thank you! I'll enjoy every bit of that prize, just like I've enjoyed your blog since the beginning. Thanks so much!

    1. So happy for you and Annie and I both hope you love everything! Thanks for being a wonderful blogland Friend (& neighbor to our East - Lol) xoxo

  2. Congrats to Mari - what a great giveaway Carrie. xx

  3. So happy for you, Mari. And from the looks of Annie, I can tell she's fully recovered from the bout with "the bug".

    Good job, Annie. Do I see a new Vanna in our future?

    1. Yep, all better Patsy! But there's lots of crud going around her hockey team right now. Ugh! Is there any way to wrap kiddos in a bubble?? ;) I could see Annie enjoying the Vanna gig as long as she doesn't need to wear a dress. Still my tomboy yet. xoxo

  4. Congratulations to your winner!!
    But we are all winners...because we have you!!! : )

    1. You are SO sweet Billie Jo! And I return the sentiment right back at ya. xoxo

  5. I'm so glad Mari won! She's been such a loyal follower and deserves it :).

    I was so happy to read your comment last week my friend! I have missed you but enjoy seeing snippets on IG. It really has changed the face of blogging!

    It's warming up here thank goodness. The cold brought some issues including a broken fuel pump in BAM. It will be towed tomorrow and hopefully get fixed. It's always something!


  6. WOW !!! So happy for you, Mari. And from the looks of Annie, I can tell she's fully recovered from the bout with "the bug".