Monday, March 30, 2020

Happy Homemaker Monday

Happy Homemaker Monday

Hello Friends!

Happy Monday to you. How is everyone holding up through everything? 🙏 We are doing well over here. No one with any symptoms at this point, even after scare a week or so ago. We're just staying home and monitoring things. I would ask how your weekend was, but the days just kind of blend, don't they? I have to work to remember what day it is. Lol  Although kiddos are back to online school during the week, so it gives everything a feeling of more structure. My cop friend, Scott, is stuck up in AK. He was doing his 2 weeks up there but with things as they are he won't be traveling back to MN anytime soon. I continue to worry and pray for him going out and responding to calls etc. We talk/text several times a day so that helps me feel a bit better 😊 ♥️ 

I've been staying connected with family and friends mostly through phone calls and group texts. We send each other uplifting things. Joke around. Send funny things. Get deep about things. All the normal wonderful things....just from afar. 



leftover apple cinnamon muffin, berries, coffee


Awake & motivated and have been accomplishing chores while kids are off in their spaces doing schooling. Annie cleaned her room really well and set up a school space for herself in there. So she has been doing school in there and Aaron downstairs in the media room. So the main floor has been all mine to be able to play my music and clean and got about things. 


The obvious worries, concerns, and caring for what is happening in our world. And thinking about how the kiddos' school things will finish up this year. It will be interesting to see how this is all going to play out


Pretty tidy from the cleaning we all did over the weekend. I know as the week goes on it won't last! Lol 😂 


A lot of the usuals this week



Still deciding which book is up next. Working on magazine catch up


 Spring baking championship,  The Voice, The Good Doctor, New Amsterdam, Greys Anatomy, This is Us,  Will & Grace, The Bachelor, HGTV shows, The Voice, 911 Lone Star, Outlander, When Calls the Heart



There isn't really a purpose for this right now as I'm not planning meals like I used to. I don't want to waste any food and since I don't feel good bringing things to my vulnerable Mom and my FIL - just in case - there are far less items I can make because kids are so fussy.  Plus, now we're even more subject to waiting to see what we're in the mood for day by day based on what I have stocked up. We basically rotate each day some kind of pasta, or breakfast food, or soup/sandwich. The main things both kids will eat. (going to leave this here as standard response for now - but will include a recipe or update each post)

Recently made garlic ranch pretzels for us to munch. Take a 16 oz bag of pretzels and throw in 13x9 pan

Pour 4 oz Orville Redenbaucher butter flavor oil over pretzels and toss to coat

Sprinkle a 1 oz packet ranch mix and 2 tsp garlic powder over pretzels and stir well.

Stir every 30 mins for several hours until the oil fully soaks in.

And store in airtight container. We enjoyed ours one night with root beer floats for a treat. 

Some other recent yummies included homemade chicken noodle soup and mini vanilla malts with chocolate drizzle. 

My Aunt sent me this and said "it's not the freshman 15 it's the covid 19." 😂  Sometimes you have to laugh through times like this. 


take Ruby for a walk in the sunshine, find a good book to curl up with, maybe even take a bubble bath one night


 Keeping the kitchen clean and cozy each day helps me feel better. I burn a candle or do lavender in my diffuser.

Ruby version of nap time!

Spend some time on social media each day - FB always hits my heart going down memory lane. Look how little Annie and Ruby were 💜 

It snowed a little over the weekend and I caught these deer crossing the bay

But it's already been melting away yesterday and today ☀️ 

Our power was out a bit yesterday and during that time Aaron taught me how to play some chess. Lots of brain power! 🌟 

A friend sent this and I thought it was funny 

My sweet special needs Uncle is in an assisted living facility. I've been sending him cards and fun things - all in the family have. But he's been lonely too. So my Aunt was able to go visit him and made him so happy!! 😊 🙏 

I saw this and loved it. I just want to crown and shower every amazing health care worker, fighting so hard for the lives of others, with love and gratitude and God's peace and grace. ❤️ 


All of the responders, grocery store workers, caregivers, all those sick and suffering through this, and those who have lost loved ones. I pray psalm 91 over all every day. Prayers for all of us my Friends. We are all in this together. 🙏 💜 


My devotional this AM. I'm linking with Sandra of Diary of a SAHM for Happy Homemaker Monday.


  1. I must say when I say your temperatures and saw your snow photos I was thinking wow...I loved reading about your day.

  2. What a wonderful devotional. Hope and pray your family continues to stay healthy and safe. We must be on somewhat of the same wavelength from afar...I made my boys root-beer floats one day last week and the next we had homemade chocolate shakes. Have a wonderful week!

  3. I'm surprised you still have snow. Ours is gone!
    I would be cooking just like you with kids home and no place to bring it. It sounds good - I may need to cross the lake!
    Your kitchen looks great. I always feel better when mine is neat and tidy too.
    I love the pic of your uncle. We're trying to do fun things with our residents, and there are several that I am taking pics of and messaging to their families. It's hard to be separated.

  4. pretzels look good. you guys seem to be keeping busy. I too am more on FB with all that is happening, and we have to laugh at the jokes so it's not depressing

  5. Gosh, that is quite a good snow fall when it is close to Spring, and it is always so pretty. It sounds like you are keeping busy, as we are also in our isolation. I am finally set up for online grocery shopping, and now hope to find a bit of time for sewing and painting. Keep well and safe. xx

  6. Love your new wallpaper. I'd love a top with that pattern to wear with beige slacks. Reminds me that summer is coming. Feels as if we're going to jump over spring altogether. In the 40's here today (Saturday), gray, gloomy, drizzly.

    I scarcely know what's going on outside as I'm still working, working, working on the family tree. You get so absorbed, you're blind to the world around you. Look how long it was before I remembered to check for your Monday blog post.

    After 14 days of isolation, I did have to finally go out for groceries and cat food. Now I'm set for another two weeks.

    I keep wondering. Does 10-day old lettuce have any nutritional value? I know how to keep it fresh, but I wonder whether it's doing me any good.

    So happy to see things are chugging along in the North Woods. I think Ruby has the right idea. Maybe we should all get comfy and take a long nap until this enemy virus thing is gone.

    Stay safe, Dear One, and remember that you're in my prayers, as always. Tons of love, truckloads of hugs, and barrels of kisses, AP

  7. Sorry I'm running so late! I actually seem to be spending less time on the computer through all this! I'm so glad Aaron is home with you and not at school! I pray you are all well and stay that way. Love your pictures - especially that facebook memory of Annie - so cute! Perfect devotional! See you again in a few hours.